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Top 9 Apps That Make Life Easier for Women

The basic equipment of the smartphone includes only pre-installed applications, which the manufacturer has chosen for its reasons and advertising obligations. But you can equip your smartphone with the necessary programs and tools yourself, and all of them will be free. Here it is worth noting right away that you should be careful about downloading new problems.

Cybercrime does not sleep, and now and then there are notes in the press about how someone’s files were stolen, someone’s Facebook account was stolen, or 22Bet casino login with all the winnings. So download new applications from the app store, or as APK files from the developer’s website.

Our “Must-have apps” are designed primarily for women who want to monitor their health and know their bodies.


This app creates a complete body map on which to mark all moles. Each mole has to be accompanied by a photo so that the app can identify if it is dangerous or not. There are three degrees of danger, and if the risk is high, a visit to the doctor is recommended. In addition, all moles have a history with dates of change or appearance.


A meditation app helps you relax and get in the right frame of mind. A calm female voice with music, sounds of nature, and beautiful graphics with a campfire or a beach give instructions on how to relax, breathe and turn off your thoughts. The app has dozens of different free versions like meditations to improve sleep, focus attention, or develop self-esteem, as well as paid versions for advanced users.

Outdoor meditation


The forum app is designed to keep track of your health, your cycle, your mood swings, and discuss any pressing issue. Flo’s audience is growing by a million users each month. Statistics say that a hundred thousand girls a month manage to get pregnant.


A simple and handy app to track your menstrual cycle. It tracks ovulation, PMS and predicts the date of the next menstruation. If you don’t forget to fill out anything, the app comes in handy for a doctor’s consultation to analyze possible ailments and weight changes. 


The app determines the intensity of ultraviolet radiation anywhere on the planet. Especially before going on vacation, Ultraviolet gives you advice on what to wear, what SPF to use, and how long to stay in the sun.

Eve Period Tracker

An app from the creators of the popular Glow women’s cycle tracker. Here you can communicate with other users, note the dynamics of mood, well-being, and health. You get a large database of all the changes going on in your body, which will be useful for both you and your doctor.

Breast Check Now

The app reminds you of the importance of regular mammograms. It is important to leave here the data of all breast checks, which will help you at your doctor’s appointment.

Water bBalance

For those who never get used to drinking the right amount of water throughout the day, this is a simple application. The program takes into account the user’s parameters – height, weight, age, and lifestyle – and sends notifications at the right time.


A meal tracker for those who want to lose weight or just eat right and on time. By analyzing the amount of energy the user consumes, the app warns if there are unspent calories ready to turn into unwanted fat. The program will work without errors if the data is filled in on time, and most importantly, it will help to develop the habit of proper nutrition without starvation and exhausting diets.

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