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Top 7 Weekend Getaway Places for New Parents in Town

Who does not like a weekend out? Although a weekend is a short duration, you get to rest and meditate or have pleasure before you resume work and regular life for another week. At this time, you would not want even minimal interference at all. But for new parents, you cannot go out and leave your kid behind.

Although they bring joy, young kids can bring even more disturbance to your planned weekend out. You should find a way to ensure that you have a fun-filled off while still taking care of your kid. In this case, you would want an environment calm enough for the baby’s young brains and has immediate access to amenities in case it becomes necessary.

These are the top seven getaway destinations for a weekend off to try with your young family this season.

1. Orange Beach, Alabama

You want to enjoy the beach life for the weekend, but your infant cannot stand the hot sun, water, sand, and everything. You want to find an ideal location where the kid can stay in comfort while you refresh in the breeze away from the tiresome week. It also means easy access to the beach and facilities that enhance your experience with a young baby.

At Orange Beach, you get access to the beach with umbrellas to keep your young baby in the shade. The Hilton Hotel, for instance, offers you quick access to the beach. You can have an excellent view of the beach from the balcony as well. With indoor pools, you do not have to leave your baby alone to go swimming.

2. Washington, D.C.

America’s capital is an easy to access place for parents with infants. Whether you want to take your young company for sightseeing or need hassle-free navigation around town, Washington is the right spot for you. The clean environment and many hiking trails in the parks make your outdoor activities experience remarkable with the children.

Guests with toddlers can lodge at Georgetown Suites. You will find cribs for the babies, bathtubs, and kitchens to fix a quick meal for your baby when necessary. You can carry your wife and kid on your BMW motorcycles model, and head off to the parks for some fresh air.

3. Seaside, Florida

Another top choice destination for beach lovers to take a weekend off. Although it cannot compare to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, the Emerald Coast of Florida is an ideal choice when you have to travel with young ones. There are restaurants right next to the beaches, and you can watch the beach and experience the outdoor warmth from your hostel balcony. The turquoise waters are also the ultimate choice for swimming.

4. Greenville, South Carolina

Eat, drink, dance, make merry – with your kid. Greenville is a must-go for that weekend party. The city of Greenville, located right below the Blue Ridge Mountains. Take a downtown stroll on the streets with your little ones as you head to Falls Park on the Reedy for exceptional sightseeing. The city also gives you an urban experience for a minimal budget.

5. San Antonio, Texas

It is a long time since San Antonio became famous for its family-friendly tours. With your wife and kids, you will experience the best outdoor activities in the city. Precisely, RiverWalk is the legendary destination for strolling with your kids and shop as you maneuver your way through the city.

The DoSeum is a family-friendly exhibition center along the river. It has sections that meet infant needs for the best experience when you are traveling with them. The Westin Riverwalk is one of the best choice hotels to stay for the weekend. It is on the RiverWalk, giving you immediate access and experience of the city’s nature walk.

6. Chicago, Illinois

Another option for a kid-friendly weekend getaway for couples that love the larger cities. The size of the city makes the experience better when you go for a weekend off with your toddler. There are many spots with sufficient parking space, and you would not have to go all around the city looking for an ideal place to rest with your family. There are also many places of interest, including museums, that cater to the needs of young visitors.

The Loews Chicago Hotel would be your perfect stay with young children. You get the cribs, toys, and entertainment facilities to keep your toddler engaged. You can as well ask for babysitting services when you want to take a day to rest or have fun. The hotel is also near the Chicago Children’s Museum, where you can take your kids for exploration.

7. Mackinac Island, Michigan

The island, you need to use a ferry to get there. Cars are not permissible, making access a little bit tougher. However, the restriction ensures that the island is the perfect family destination and is children-friendly. The picturesque and serene environment makes a weekend off with your kids quite remarkable. You can walk around for an exceptional experience of the island with your toddler.

The Island House Hotel offers the best stay for the weekend. The historic building dates back to 1852. However, the hotel offers modern facilities like heated pools and bonfires by night. With the large and extensive porches, you do not need to leave the hotel to play and enjoy the scenery with your kids.

In Summary

Getting a weekend off duty can help to rejuvenate your mind and soul. However, young children may tend to hinder your experience. Finding the best spots for such a short holiday involves research for the best destination that provides facilities and services to enhance the toddler’s safety and experience.

This post is a guideline to the top seven places you may want to consider for your weekend off with your infant. Your best choice depends on the proximity and your needs. You can plan a fulfilling weekend getaway without leaving the toddler behind.

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