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Tips to Stay in Touch With Your loved Once During COVID 19

Staying in touch with loved ones is more vital now than ever before. But with social distancing measures and quarantine still in place, it’s not like you can just head over to a friend’s house for a visit. Thankfully, there are many ways you can keep in touch with family and friends during this difficult time.

One way to keep in touch with people is through social media. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are all great ways to see how your friends are doing. You can let people know you care just by posting a comment or liking a post. If you want to get more personal, you can also use these platforms to send someone a private message. Posting your own content on social media will also help you connect with loved ones. Post pictures of your dog, your kids, or your latest quarantine creation online so all your family and friends can see it. They will be glad to see you’re doing well and making the most of your time at home. Your pictures of your children and pets may be just the thing to brighten someone’s day. If you want to let a bunch of people know you care, social media is the fastest, cheapest way to do so.


If you live close to family members or friends who are immunocompromised, you can still help them while respecting social distancing. You can ask them if they need any groceries and other essential items, and pick them up at the store the next time you’re out. You can drop the items off at your loved one’s home and text or call them to let them know the things they asked for are on the porch. Your elderly and immunocompromised friends and family will be so glad you were kind enough to help them out.

If technology isn’t your thing and your loved ones don’t live close by, you can always reach out to your loved ones the old-fashioned way. Snail mail is an excellent way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. It takes time to sit down and write out a letter, and your friends and family will be so touched you took the time to do that. You can also add stickers, decorative tape, and other fun goodies to your letter to make it more personal. Getting a letter in the mail instead of a bill is bound to cheer up your friends and family in quarantine.

If you have an important event you want to tell your family and friends about, you can send out announcements via snail mail as well. Graduations, weddings, baby showers, and more have all been postponed due to the pandemic. You may not be able to celebrate these events as you imagined, but you should still let everyone know about your important life milestones. My favorite place to order invitations from is Basic Invite. They have customized thank you cards, wedding invitations, graduation invites, birthday cards, and more. You can customize any of the cards on their site from font to color scheme. They even have foil designs and fonts, and you can choose between gold, rose gold, and silver foil. I use Basic Invite for all my major events. And even though none of us can throw a party, it feels pretty good to at least be able to send out some awesome invitations.

Even though being in quarantine is hard, staying in touch with the people you love makes it bearable. Whether you send out hand written letters or fancy printed announcements via mail, do a few favors for neighbors and friends nearby, or keep up with family on social media, make sure you keep in contact with the people you care about. It could make all the difference during this time.   

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