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Tips for Healthy and Happy Children and Families

A healthy family is a happy family, wouldn’t you agree? As a parent, you want to make sure your kids get the best care possible, and most of the time, you get to keep them healthy and happy.

Your family home is the place where all of you spend most of your time in, so it’s only logical that’s where healthy habits are formed.

It’s necessary to teach your kids from an early age how to maintain their hygiene and to mind the little things that will improve the health of the whole family.


Hand washing is directly connected to our overall health because it removes germs that could easily enter your body when your fingers touch your mouth or nose. Teach your kids that they should wash their hands when they look dirty but also after they’ve sneezed in their hands, before they eat or drink, after they have touched an animal or after they’ve taken out the garbage.

Bear in mind that you should lather your hands for 15 seconds before you wash them off with warm water. A clean towel should always be within reach to dry hands.

Oral hygiene

All family members should brush their teeth twice a day. It’s best if you all use toothbrushes with soft bristles because they can then easily reach all areas between the teeth. Flossing is also important, as it removes bacteria between the teeth. Too many bacteria in the mouth lead to plaque and tartar build-up, which can damage the teeth over time, as well as gums.

It’s necessary for your kids and you to have a healthy diet to prevent caries from developing. Limit sugar only to certain mealtimes, while kids should have only non-sugary snacks between the meals.

In case you have an older child or a teen at home, teach them about other unhealthy practices that lead to bad teeth and gums. Oral piercings on lips and tongue can chip or wear a tooth, as well as lead to gum infection and bone loss. Using tobacco can stain the teeth, lead to teeth decay and increase the risk of gum disease and oral cancer.

Body odor

Teach your kids to take a shower every day – it removes dead skin cells, sweat, and dirt, which prevents unpleasant body odor from developing. It’s also advisable to change clothes every day for the same reason. Taking a shower every day will also prevent acne but make sure you don’t go overboard with it because it will strip the skin off of its protective natural oils. Make sure that every family member has their own towel, which should always be fresh and clean.

Intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene is highly important for both men and women. It’s a highly sensitive area, so it requires special care. If you really want to improve the level of intimate hygiene in all family members, install a bidet in the bathroom. Intimate parts are much more effectively cleaned with warm water than toilet paper, preventing bacteria from causing serious infections. As many companies like Bidets Online offer various types of bidets, such as those that can simply be attached to the existing toilet, you are free to choose the one most suitable for your family. Not only is a bidet eco-friendly and economic but it will also prevent all of you from using your hands to clean your intimate parts, which usually leads to the spread of bacteria to other body parts. Show your kids how to use a bidet when you install it so that they feel comfortable using it.

Head and hair

Regularly washing the hair and scalp prevents issues like seborrheic dermatitis and folliculitis. It’s normal that hair collects dirt, sweat, and oil, which leads to a dirty scalp. Use gentle shampoos for the family and make sure they are suitable for the hair type of every family member.

Feet and nails

Washing the feet every day eliminates foot odor and improves foot health. Toenails and fingernails should be taken care of regularly with a nail file. It’s important to look for signs of toenail fungus or an ingrown nail – in that case, it’s probably best to consult a physician.

Traveling hygiene

We certainly will agree that now-days is extremely hard to stay fresh, clean and healthy in the same time. We all are living our busy lifes where we have to find space for self care and fitness.

For example, in case you’re traveling with your family overseas, there are special steps you need to take to maintain your family’s health.

First of all, it’s best if all of you drink only bottled water – even if the water in your holiday destination is safe for drinking, it doesn’t mean that its specific compound will suit your stomach. When their cleaning teeth, warn your kids not to use tap water.

After washing hands, make sure your hands are completely dry before you start eating. Also, don’t wash fruit and vegetables with tap water. In case you can’t buy bottled water, boil the water before you drink it. Lastly, make sure all the dishes and glasses are completely dry before you use them.

Keeping pets

If your family has pets, there are a few hygiene rules your kids need to be taught. Besides washing their hands after touching the pet, your kids should not let the pet lick their faces. Don’t let the pet come into contact with your food or utensils, either.

Droppings should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria from spreading. Regarding bathing, it’s important to know that a healthy dog needs bathing only a couple of times a year, while cats need it even less frequently. It’s crucial to keep your pet healthy so that your family stays healthy, too.

Preparing food

Preparing meals for your family involves keeping the work area clean at all times. Any food spills should be wiped clean immediately. Otherwise, they could lead to bacteria spread. Raw meat and fish should be kept away from other foods, and don’t forget to use separate knives for cutting meat to avoid cross-contamination.

When you’re preparing chicken, don’t wash it in the sink because you’ll spread the bacteria from it onto other areas in the kitchen. Every type of food must be properly cooked to avoid food poisoning and other stomach issues.

Be physically active as a family

Physical activity is important for all human beings, so you need to develop this habit in all your family members. So, instead all of you spending the weekend at home, spend some time outdoors being active.

For example, go hiking in the nearest woods or the mountain. At the very least, spend a day in the park, doing some sport or playing outdoor games. Take a walk together in the evening or go for a joy ride around the neighborhood. Make sure you are physically active at least three days a week, one way or another. Your kids need to know the importance of physical activity for their health and they should be encouraged to do it.

Final words

Appropriate hygiene inside your home is very important for the health of your family members. Don’t remember the most important thing here – you need to be a role model for your kids. It’s no use telling them what they should do if you don’t do that very same thing. Show them good practices and you will all be healthy and happy as a family.

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