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The Ideal Way of Keeping Your Artificial Christmas tree Safe for the Next Season

Buying an artificial Christmas tree is a very smart move. Not only does it promote environmental conservation but also you can reuse it several times making your investment work harder. Using artificial Christmas trees can save a lot of money because they can be used for many years. It is also very important to pack and store them in suitable covers or boxes to prevent them from getting damaged in the long months to the next festive season. Some useful tips on keeping away your Christmas tree:

A artificial Christmas tree must be utilized for ten sequential years for limiting the carbon impression when contrasted with a genuine tree. It is very basic to store your artificial Xmas tree with a great deal of care so it glances astounding and in impeccable condition a seemingly endless amount of time after year. According between the main week and the second seven day stretch of December, various American families are caught up with satisfying their yearly custom of going out looking for the best Christmas tree to suit their novel necessities. This could end up being a magnificent family trip for finding and purchasing the best Xmas tree, hauling it home and brightening it brilliantly. Individuals who love the brilliant piney fragrance would choose the genuine tree.

For different families, genuine trees could mean an excessive amount of issue. They might want to make due with a counterfeit tree that should be far less inconvenient or distressing. After Christmas is finished, the phony tree could be put away in a proper pack and left in the basement for the following 11 months. The polyvinyl chloride Christmas tree doesn’t present issues like shedding the needles or placing in endeavors to arrange it on the double. One main consideration that encourages the artificial tree to beat the genuine tree is its sensible sticker price that gives monetary focal points on a long haul premise. On the off chance that you are selecting a phony Christmas tree, you have to save it for the following scarcely any years

Remove All the Ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree with loads of ornaments can be great fun with the kids joining in; however, even though many of them get broken by overenthusiastic children and pets, the rest can still be kept away to decorate the Christmas tree the next time. You need to carefully take down the ornaments and keep them in an ornament storage box or a sturdy bag that can be stowed away in the loft or attic. The fragile ones should be wrapped in tissue paper or polypropylene peanuts to prevent damage.

The Fairy Lights

The fairy lights are one of the biggest attractions of a Christmas tree and can be reused again and again. Check for burned-out bulbs and replace them before winding the strands on to a reel so that it is easy to use them the next time around. You should also make it a point to replace the bulbs that have turned black. If you have purchased a pre-lit Christmas tree, you should also check for burned out lights and replace them with the ones that came free with the tree. The reason you should ensure that the lights are in good condition before storing them away is that when you want to use them the next year, they will be ready for use.

Dissemble It Properly 

Unless the tree is of a modest size that can be stored in one piece in a Christmas tree storage bag, you will need to take it apart into a few sections as per the design of the manufacturer. The process is quite simple; all you need to do is to begin from the top to disconnect the rest of the pieces that can then be kept in a cover or a robust box. Pre-lit Christmas trees require a little more attention because of the electrical connections. You should not attempt to the factory-connected plugs but break it down into the sections as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Remember to fold in the tree branches, again starting from the top where the smallest branches are located and work your way down. Using a plastic wrap to keep the branches tucked in may be a good idea for keeping the tree safe.

Invest in Christmas tree Storage Bags

The Original Box isn’t Adequately Strong: Christmas trees come in cardboard boxes that are not powerful enough to protect your tree for quite a long time. Pulling the first cardboard box each year out of the extra room and afterward again back to the extra room could debilitate and harm the tree over the long run. Additionally, cardboard is known to draw in bugs and it is vulnerable to moist and mold. Hence, your Xmas tree isn’t sheltered in the first cardboard pressing.

Waste Bags and Plastic Storage Bins Could Ruin Your Tree: Do not store your camouflaged Christmas tree in junk sacks or plastic stockpiling containers. These plastic stockpiling canisters don’t appear to be sufficiently large to hold the whole tree while the rubbish packs are not equipped for giving satisfactory insurance.

For Safe, Easy Storage

Christmas tree stockpiling sacks are implied explicitly to keep the Xmas tree protected and secure until the following Christmas for some more years to come. On account of these specific stockpiling sacks, it is undeniably progressively helpful and simpler to move the tree starting with one spot then onto the next as they as a rule accompany haggles handles.


Even though it might be tempting to store the Christmas tree in the cardboard box it was shipped in, you need to keep in mind that these boxes are generally quite flimsy and can break over time besides being susceptible to mold and pests. You should consider buying a storage bag made from a strong and water-resistant material that will last you for years. Keep the bag with the tree in a cool dry place where it will not be knocked into and damaged.

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