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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Party Bus!

A party bus is a great way out to go out on the town without having to worry about drinking too much, driving, or even making sure you get the last train home. But there are still some things that you must be aware of, no matter how wonderful the occasion or how high your expectations might be! Let us look at some dos and don’ts of party bus hire.

Don’t Disturb the Driver!

While the driver is usually safely away from the noise and action of the party, there is often an intercom system so the host and the driver can discuss the next moves, any traffic issues, and so on. Make sure that the driver is distracted as little as possible, so he or she can focus on driving you about safely.

Don’t Expect Freebies

Yes, it’s your birthday, but everyone who hires a party bus or limo is enjoying a special event! While you might get a free drink, or a special seat, this is something that the limo company will decide to offer, or not, and you should not expect to be given anything you have not paid for!

Don’t Make Last Minute Changes

If you have asked for a night-club experience with no bar, you will most likely be unable to add a bar in the last few hours before the event begins. Drinks must be bought and chilled, added to inventory, and priced up: it is unfeasible to expect this to be done at the last minute.

Don’t Bring Extra People

Party buses are limited to their maximum capacity, and sometimes trying to ‘just squeeze in’ another cousin or friend who’s popped in from out of town can push the bus over its capacity and weight limits, and into illegality and danger to you, your guests and everyone else on the road. Once you have given the party bus company your numbers, you must stick to them! Party buses hold anywhere from ten to fifty partygoers – and they literally cannot go over their maximum.

Don’t Let Minors Drink Alcohol

There are strict licensing laws when it comes to alcohol, and just because you are on a party bus is no excuse. Any party bus with minors on board must have a legal adult, called a chaperone, who explains the laws about underage drinking and the consequences to the party if a minor is caught sneaking alcoholic drinks. The chaperone is legally obliged to tell the driver: and the driver is legally obliged to end the event, returning the party bus to its point of origin. If the chaperone tries to keep it quiet, and the driver spots the alcohol, or drunken behavior, legally, he must take the same steps to end the party bus’s journey.

Don’t Give the Driver a Hard Time

The driver has a job to do and must obey both the rules of the road and his company’s policies. When he flags matters to your attention, listen attentively and take steps to be compliant. Keep an eye on your guests too, remember any damage will be charged to you, and litter and rudeness will be marked down against you should you wish to hire a party bus in the future. Think of your Bergen Limo party bus driver as being like the captain of a ship! What he says goes, even if you are hiring his services!

Bus driver

To Manage Your Expectations

Make sure you know what to expect from a party bus. If at all possible, look at a bus or two before you make a firm decision, and check out pictures of others’ events. And finally, read the fine print of your contract carefully (and there absolutely should be a contract detailing the service you have paid for) and make sure that all the products and services you want are there in black and white.

Do Tidy Up

At the end of the evening, make sure all your guests are off the bus safely, and then, perhaps with the driver, check around the whole bus for lost property, any damage, and litter. Take a big garbage bag with you to quickly pick up any mess. While this is not strictly necessary, it is the right thing to do, and the driver will be appreciative.

Do Have a Good Time!

Finally, enjoy yourself! Remember why you are celebrating and enjoy the moment as it occurs. The best memories are usually of spontaneous events when everyone lets go and commits to their enjoyment!


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