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The Best Plants for a Solarium

If you want to enjoy your favourite flowers and plants all year long, one solution is to add a solarium to your home. This space is perfect for growing plants because it gets a lot of light but keeps out the cold temperatures, snow, and ice that can kill fragile flowers. While many plants will grow in a solarium, there are some that really thrive in these sunrooms. Here are a few plants you might think about adding to your solarium.

What Is a Solarium?

Before looking at these flowers, you may wonder what a solarium is. A solarium, also called a sunroom, is a small building or addition to your home that gives you additional square footage and space. Solarium walls are made up almost completely of windows, so you get a 360-degree view and light from all angles. Some solariums are stand-alone structures that you can add to your backyard, while others are designed to sit up against one of the walls of your home. You can use a solarium as an additional living or dining space that allows you to enjoy nature while also staying comfortable and out of the weather. Since they have so many windows, sunrooms are also ideal places to grow indoor flowers and plants.

Peace Lilies

The peace lily is a gorgeous green plant with small white blooms on it. It’s a very durable plant that is easy to care for. It even makes it clear when it needs water because its leaves will start to droop. Within a few hours of watering it, though, it will have bounced back and looked fine. These plants are also great air purifiers because they consume toxic gases.

Boston Ferns

The Boston fern may not have any blooms on it, but they are perfect for adding some vibrant greenery to your solarium. They do very well in humidity, though, so you may need to spray them down with water during the warm, dry months. You can plant these ferns in regular pots, but they also do very well in hanging baskets. You can hang a Boston fern in the windows of your solarium to add greenery at eye level and to add a touch of colour at another level.


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The bright colours of the hibiscus will make any space look lively and full of life. These flowers are ideal for solariums because they do very well in containers. Like ferns, you can place them in pots on the floor or hang them in baskets. They don’t require a lot of special attention, either.

African Violets

African violets also love growing in containers, which is why many people have them at the office or on their desks. They like room temperature and do very well indoors. One thing to note is that cold water can shock this flower, so you may need to let your water sit for a bit before you pour it on African violets. If you see spots on the leaves, you know the flower is too cold.


The final flower to place in your solarium is the begonia. Many people love these low-maintenance flowers because they provide cute, colourful blooms but don’t require a lot of work. With some water and a little shade, your begonias will thrive in your sunroom.

Want more flowers for your solarium? There are many other flowers and plants that do well indoors. You can ask the experts at your local gardening centre or do more research online to find the right flowers for your space.

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