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The 5 Most Sought-After Sex Related Questions in Quarantine

There were many doubts about the social distancing adopted as a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19 around the world. In the midst of days of confinement, the only way out is to seek to be creative to find entertainment and wait for time to pass.


It’s a fact that having to keep a distance even from family and friends causes a bit of disorientation at first. This is because it is a big sudden change, people came out of the daily routine to go into complete isolation, without knowing how to go through the situation and not fall into despair.


Concerns among couples of all kinds were enhanced. However, these were concerns that also haunt the heads of single people. After all, it was time to wait for everything to pass as soon as possible, while looking for the best ways to use the time somehow. 


There are many questions about what are the alternatives to staying healthy by decreasing or eliminating the chances of infection. Doubts about how to have sex without getting infected, if there is a problem in masturbating or can be an ally to help the defenses or even if kissing can become an act that is totally forbidden.

Entering into the terms of social distancing while we effectively combat Covid-19, it is necessary to remember that sex must always be practiced responsibly.


Skokka answers: What are the 5 most frequently asked questions regarding sex during quarantine? 


1- Is it safe to have sex during quarantine?

For those in a relationship, sharing the same space and knowing that the routine of people in the same household is identical, the sex between the couple does not have to change.


Bearing in mind, of course, if either of them has any symptoms, then it must be taken into account the isolation inside one’s own home. 


At the same time, couples in different homes may have more problems. Not by sex itself, but by the fact that, being in contact with other people, kissing, hugging, and touching, can help spread the infection. Therefore, even if everything comes to an end, society for a while will have to maintain precautions because some people may be asymptomatic.


2- Can I kiss someone?


Without giving it much thought, the answer is: better not. The contagion is given by droplets of saliva, therefore, one can be directly contaminated when there are kisses. 

Also it comes into question the fact that some people are presented asymptomatic, so it is a risk regardless of whether symptoms occur or not.


The best option is to wait and kiss the partner or the hired sexy independent escort in Mumbai after a negative antigen test, with all care.

The 5 Most Sought-After Sex Related Questions in Quarantine 3

3- Is it okay to masturbate?


If there is the need to satisfy sexual pleasure, masturbation is a recommended solution. There is no risk of contamination on an individual basis. That’s why Skokka started offering video calls with the escorts in Trichy, with virtual services to fulfill all kinds of desires. There will always be a way to relieve tension. 


In the case of couples, always take care of contact to avoid contamination. 

To keep hands clean before and after is highly recommended. 


For those adepts to erotic accessories with this purpose, it is necessary to take into account that if they are shared, the best thing is to keep the object sterilized. 

To maintain the accessories sanitized, it is recommended to first wash with soap and water (as well as hands, always), then dry it and let the alcohol gel act for 10 minutes. 


4- Anal and oral sex, is it allowed?


It is advisable to avoid saliva and mucus contact. Ideally, always use condoms and try to have sex with the same partner, because the virus spreads fast.


5- How to maintain the relationship in case of being separated in quarantine?


Although it seems difficult to maintain a relationship during quarantine, the time is ideal to stimulate the use of some options that the virtual world offers. Video calls and spicy surprises, a virtual streaptease, watching a porn movie at the same time, virtual sex. All are alternatives to feed the imagination and make the day of the reunion even more desired. Maybe even contact one of the gorgeous Bury escorts.


The most important point of all, is to pay attention to health. Always measure the temperature, observe the body and keep the mind healthy. 

In an ideal overall picture, everyone should keep the recommended distance of two meters, and until life gets back to normal, people also will have to look for information and the best way to entertain themselves, because in the end, things take time.

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