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8 Great Ways To Style Your Home This Autumn

Lockdown gave many of us the opportunity to spend more time making our homes a little more comfortable, many spent the time decorating or revamping the garden. Some people didn’t get the chance, due to being a frontline worker or having other commitments, so in order to avoid feeling like your home is so 2019 here are 8 great ways to add a little style to your home this Autumn.

Layer Carpets & Rugs

Rugs are a great way to liven up a room or cover a patch of tired carpet. A rug placed beneath a dining table can make even the most mundane table a focal point of your room. A long rug is also a great way to bring some colour to any wooden floors you may have, they also give a little warmth underfoot which is great as the weather begins to get a little cooler.

Display Books In Alternating Ways

Got loads of books you no longer read? These literary masterpieces can also be used as a decoration for your shelves. Neat and organised doesn’t quite bring the style we want, so stacking in unconventional ways is guaranteed to catch the eye.

Use A Conversation Piece

You don’t need to revamp a room to add some style, simply adding in a conversation piece can take your room from the run of the mill to style superstar. Your conversation piece can be anything, from work or art to a statement of your passion or hobbies. There is plenty of statement piece inspiration to get you in the mood or inspire you to try something a little different!

Conversation piece
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Fresh Flower

Fresh flowers are the perfect way to bring a bit of vibrancy to your home, as well as adding a fresh scent. There are plenty of varieties available ao you will be able to find something regardless of your colour scheme and if you fancy a little bit of a change, each season brings a new colour palette to your home.

Fresh Folded Towels

Ever noticed that a hotel always looks so neat and tidy? This is often a result of a freshly made bed and clean folded towels. A stack of fresh cotton towels is a perfect way to give an extra touch of style and class to your home. If you want to add the extra style you can add some of your own personalisation with Banana Moon Clothing.

Paint Furniture

If you have an old tired piece of furniture that is taking up space, or destined for the tip then before you take action consider using a tin of paint to add a new lease of life to it, creating a one of a kind statement piece for your living room.

Placemats On The Table

Keeping your dining table made up with placemats give an illusion of style, and if you get creative it can be another simple yet eye-catching piece for your home. Matching your table setting with the rest of your room will create a complete look and wow your guests.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants
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Nothing adds style and sophistication to your home like indoor plants do. The variety that is available means no matter how good, or terrible, you may be at looking after plants there will be something that can survive your touch. Plants are also a great way to de-stress and provide a healthy supply of fresh oxygen in your home. If you want to keep your house free from flies and other pests then a carnivorous plant is a perfect choice!

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