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How Does A Solar Inverter Battery Help During Power Outrage?

What is solar energy for you?

Is it a means to save the environment?

Or save money?

Or maybe it’s freedom from the use of electricity. Did you know that you can produce cheap, renewable electricity with solar panels? Most solar panel systems are connected to the electric grid. Sunlight reaches the panels, produces electricity, moves it through the inverter, and is used to power your appliances. The extra power is exported into the electric grid when your panels generate more electricity than you’re using. But you cannot export excess electricity generated when there is no grid supply to prevent an electrical shock to the linemen at work.

So, can they help during a power outage?

There is a simple answer to whether or not solar panels can work during a power outage—No. During a power outage, solar panels would not be able to produce electricity for your home or business. Such systems have to comply with the utility laws, which means no power is generated when the grid goes down.

So, how can this be fixed?

You will be able to store unused power generated by your solar system by installing a solar inverter battery. In the event when the energy grid goes down, you will then be able to draw on that power without putting utility staff at risk.

What is a Solar Inverter Battery?

A solar inverter battery is a device that is used to store electricity and discharge power when needed. Once the sun goes down, the stored electricity is consumed, when there is a peak in energy demand or during a power outage.

In off-grid PV systems, solar inverter batteries are used to store excess electricity.

It gives you complete energy independence, meaning that you can use your solar system when the grid goes down. For buildings in remote areas where grid-tied electricity is not available, a system with a solar inverter battery is a good option. An off-grid system may be worthwhile if you have lived in a remote area.

There are trusted and reliable brands like Luminous that have a wide selection of different types of solar inverter batteries.

  • L Series

The L Series are C10 rated deep cycle batteries that provide your home with a long-lasting power backup. This solar inverter battery comes with a 3-year warranty.

  • H Series

H Series solar batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries, that provide a long-lasting power backup for your home. A warranty duration of 5 years comes with the H Series battery.

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There are various advantages you will gain by choosing a solar inverter battery system. You can save money on energy bills, turn to clean and renewable energy, and get power back up if the grid fails by selecting the Solar NXG inverter set from Luminous. Solar batteries can be an ideal addition for homeowners who have equipped solar panels to stabilize the energy supply and to enjoy a more efficient system for years to come.

A solar inverter battery is a great combination that helps reduce your energy bills. And it is easy to install. Using a solar inverter battery is the best way to optimize the use of your solar system. The battery allows you to use solar energy for later use, depending on your needs. As the cost of solar inverter battery decreases, the best alternatives to store the solar energy generated by the PV panels to run your home appliances.

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