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8 Safest Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

I have seen some of the females facing problems of deciding upon the destinations that they would feel are safe for traveling. Of course, every time you would not have your partner, or friend, or some of your sibling members to accompany you on your trip. You might have to suffice your wanderlust being a solo traveler out of the last resort. It seems that the world is more cruel to women and more liberal towards men. Things get going easy for male solo travelers, and females face hardships! Well, in my opinion, it’s not that true.

There are a plethora of female-friendly places in this world. The news on social media platforms lags nowhere in threatening females by making aware of the evil that happens in this scoundrel world to other women. I think this article will be a great help to the female solo travelers as they are going to find the top eight safest destinations in the world. If you are planning your next solely female trip, you should assuredly check out these places for once, at least! Let’s take a tour of all of these destinations and find how they are safe and secure for solo female travelers.


Iceland is the place of 15% ice and at least 20 live volcanoes, and hence, its name ‘The Land of Ice and Fire’ is perfect! Despite the fact that it has ice and volcano blended well, it is a very delightful place to visit once. The capital of Iceland is Reykjavík, which is no less in charm from other capital cities in the world. Well, the fact that Iceland has the least crime rate in the world makes it the safest destination in the world. With its first rank in Global Peace Index (GPI), it is suitable for female solo travelers. You can dive the blue lagoon, snorkel or scuba the Silfra Fissure, or visit any of the chilling glaciers!

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You must have heard about the cosmopolitan culture of Geneva or the swiss architecture of Bern, and might have thought to visit it or not! To your comfort, Switzerland is the seventh safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index. (GPI) The heeps of swiss alps and the peaceful pine trees, the breathtaking mountains’ majestic views, diversity in flora and fauna, the Rhône river with its serene waters, and the lakeshores in the country sum up Switzerland to be amidst the fascinating countries for traveling. Female travelers can solely visit the country and give away a jaw drop at the scene scenery in Switzerland for sure!


Have you ever imagined the feeling of having an Irish pub experience with sipping some of the best wines or world-renowned rumchata with you alone? I think this is enough to describe the term – best! I admit that Ireland is infamous for its not too good weather though, it is a place that a female solo traveler like you should not skip at any cost. Fishing at the Emerald Isle town on Bogue Banks Island is an ultimate experience. You can merely be a part of the captivating coastlines, the country holds upright in its lap. The gorgeous greenery of its landscapes and the magnificent meadows will make you feel like you are a native of Ireland. Being a part of ten million glasses of Guinness beer consumed every day is fun. Trying local street food is something heavenly!

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4.New Zealand

The Institute for Economics and Peace ranks New Zealand as the fourth safest country in the world for women! The landscapes of the country get divided into two. To name it for one – the northern island has volcanoes that are alive, beautiful beaches, and lakes, and two – the southern island has all covered under the snow, i.e., glaciers snowy cliffs and ocean housing seals and whales at a majority. The females who love sports and adventures would find the splendid spots in New Zealand to satisfy their wish of a solo trip. The imposing beauty of Queenstown and other ethereal landscapes in New Zealand are enough for backpacking safety of female solo travelers to the country!


Nestled on the cavernous and casual canals, Amsterdam homes painted in multiple pastels take away your eyes in awe! This impeccable destination in the world has a thrilling yet safe vibe, and the lifestyle is calm and composed. Amsterdam is so safe that females can bicycle the streets of the city or rent a bike to tour the town on their own. The food that you will find in the cafes of Amsterdam will make you love more for deciding to go on a solo trip! The city has a unique culture that you should discover on your own. Even though you are a solo traveler, you can still enjoy the nightlife of Amsterdam and booze till the morning chirps in your head!

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Neighboring Brazil, Uruguay is the capital of urbane Montevideo and is home to the urban lifestyle and culture. Punta del Este is the most famous town resort in Uruguay, which can offer you some of the barmy beach parties in the world. To your surprise, Uruguay falls under the lowest crime category countries in South America, and hence, it is unquestionably the safest destination for female solo travelers. Colonia del Sacramento is a smaller place carrying historical charm all along. The country has many places that can relax you while you can enjoy your company. Uruguay is a reliable place to make its locals your new friend!


Australia has an exclusively secluded world of its own on this planet. From its irreplaceable natural landmarks like Uluru rock and the twelve Apostles to its world’s largest Great Barrier Reef, Australia has something from everyone striking on its land. Hiking the Kata Tjuta National Park in on the explore the list of many solo female travelers. Australia is a female-friendly country, and it has some spectacular cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, that will not make a solo female traveler alone! It has diverse wildlife and picturesque waterfalls. A female traveler with passion in her heart will become a fan of this courageous country!

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There is, of course, no doubt that Canada is the safest country in America. Also, Canada holds some of the safest cities in the world for women who prefer to travel on their own. Canada has foggy forests, centuries-old countryside, marvelous mountain ranges, lavish lakes, and, overall, a surreal vibe. The Canadians hold a reputation of being the most familiar and friendly beings on this globe. Every year globetrotters, including solo female travelers, hit the Canadian landscape and experience life in a way better than before! The multicultural characteristic is present in the air of Canada, and it is the strongest reason why you should be going on a solo trip to this country!

Give a phew to your mind, pack your bags, and fly to any of these destinations without compromising your security. Share with me your experience of being safe here!

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