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Practical Tips For Moving With A Large Family

Moving can be pretty stressful even when a person is doing it on their own or in a couple. The pressure of the move can seem to be growing exponentially the larger your family is, though. If children are involved, you are already familiar with the necessity of everything going smoothly. You also know about staying flexible enough to adapt to the surprises the experience might throw at you. Luckily, as a mom of a large family, you have probably become proficient in these skills. You probably have to use them every day. All you have to do is take what you are already good at along with these practical tips for moving with a large family and you will be all set.

Planning is Key

This is always true of a move, but especially if you are moving your whole family. You want to carefully think through every part of the move. Talk to your partner and make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to your relocation. You want to have certain things figured out before you go to the rest of the family with your plans.

However, it might not be a bad idea to let your kids know in advance that you might be moving soon. It will help them get used to the idea. What is more, they won’t feel like they are getting uprooted once the day comes. If your children are older, they actually might have their own fears and worries about the potential move. You want to be able to get to these early. Including them into your planning will help them feel more at ease with the move because they will play an active role.

Choosing The Right Time

One of the main practical tips for moving with a large family is picking an optimal moment for everyone. However, this is also the part of the move that you may have the least control over. Most parents with school-aged children try to move during the summer break to make the transition easier for their children. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. You need to take into account when you can leave your current job and when they want you to start at your next one. Furthermore, the moving season lasts from May to September meaning the summer is the time when the move will cost you the most. You simply might not have the budget for it.

If you decide to move during the school year, make sure you coordinate with your children’s teachers on both sides of the move to make the transition as smooth as possible. Once in a new school, pay extra attention to your children and how they’re fitting into their new surroundings. There are bound to be some hiccups so don’t get discouraged.

Moving With Small Children

All of the practical tips for moving with a large family often get thrown out of the window if you have very small children to worry about. If this is the case, asking for and accepting help is of paramount importance. If you can, ask your friends or other family members to watch your kids for a couple of hours. During this time you can commit yourself to packing in peace. Another thing you can do while packing is to keep your children busy in some way. You can give each of them a box and ask them to help out by putting their things in it.

If you are moving with a newborn, you will have to help your baby overcome the stress of relocation. The easiest way to do this is to stick to your routine as much as you can. You should also have a bag full of essentials with you at all times.


Among the most important tips for moving house with a large family is keeping checklists. You can do it on paper, your computer or your phone. Whatever you decide, make sure you always have it with you. This way, you can add to it whenever you think of something else. Hiring movers to help you organize can make your move easier. On the other hand, then you have to add the search for movers to your list. The main thing you can do to help yourself is to try to plan as meticulously as possible, but also stay open to changing your plans along the way.

Whether you are a working or a stay at home mom, you are likely the person most in control of your household. A relocation can present quite a challenge even for you, though. One of the most practical tips for moving with a large family is delegating. Not only should you try to split the workload as much as you can with your partner, but all members of your family should be included in the planning. This will keep certain things off your plate and it will make everyone feel included. If your children are young, they can do some simple tasks with the supervision of an older sibling or your own. You can also turn certain activities into games for smaller kids.

Packing Tips For Moving With A Large Family

Packing is definitely one part of the move that the whole family can take part in. It doesn’t really matter how young or old. It is one of the most time-consuming parts as well so it is lucky that this is where you can delegate the most.

  • De-Clutter

Before starting with packing, make sure you go through your belongings and de-clutter. Having a large family, you have probably hoarded a lot over the years and this is a perfect opportunity for a clean slate. Not only will you save money on movers and packing supplies, but you will also be able to start fresh at your new place. You should have three piles while doing this – take, give and throw away. You can limit your children’s number of toys they can bring, let them go through their own things and later review.

  • Make An Inventory

While going through your belongings, make sure you come up with a moving inventory. This will help with packing as well as unpacking. Make sure to also set aside things that you will have on you as well as things you will want to unpack straight away once you have moved.

  • Label Everything

This is another one of the practical tips for moving with a large family that can really make your life easier. Come up with a system for packing and labeling that will help with unpacking as well. Many people decide to color-code their packing by getting tape or labels of different colors and assigning each child and room a different color.

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