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Mommy vs Globe: Traveling tips for a solo mother

Traveling is a contagious bug. You scroll down your Instagram posts and instantly feel like taking one of those vacations to an exotic place to get a perfect picture. Solo traveling is a different ball game compared to traveling with family. Single women travelers are such a niche, and so is solo mom travelers. Being a single mom and traveling with kids can be tricky yet very fulfilling. Here are a few tips that can help every solo mom traveler.

1. Travel With Other Single Parents

When traveling solo, surrounding yourself with other single parent travelers is better. The more you surround yourself with single mom travelers, the higher are the chances of your kids getting compatible with other kids. Your kids will be happy and occupied in games. They are less likely to become bored, and you also get more time for yourself.

2. Cruise

Cruises are economical and an excellent option for single mommy travelers. Cruises already have so many things planned for you to do. They have kid-friendly zones that are under the supervision and free to explore. While kids explore and indulge in their activities, you can tension-free and explore other activities. Traveling by cruise is also economical due to their all-inclusive packages and the various destinations you can visit in a single trip. It includes your onboard activities, transport, and excursions that the cruise plans for the entire family. This way, you don’t stress out planning an outing day. You can take out time for yourself, enjoy a glass of red wine with other fellow single parent travelers. You will also save on airfare, as there might be a port close to the place you live. You won’t have to spend money on a flight to go to exotic locations. Do enquire if any other single parent group is traveling on the dates you selected. When you have a group of kids of different age groups having fun together, parents can take time out to mingle with other adults of similar like-mindedness.

3. Vacation Rental

Immerse yourself and your kid in the local surrounding that will help your kids in understanding various cultures. If you are an enthusiast of different cultures and love meeting different people consider a vacation rental. Instead of renting a hotel room, try booking a room through Airbnb or VRBO. These platforms help you in finding accommodations at half the price of a hotel. This savvy financial method can save you money which you can invest in your vacation activities or for your future vacation.

4. Shop Local

Once you decide on the best destination, do your research to find out places where you can shop at low prices. You can also travel light so that you can buy from the location of your visit. This way, you buy some fresh, fantastic items of clothing and accessories that are traditional to the place.

5. It is okay to take help

When traveling as a single mom with your kids, you tend to volunteer help. Don’t hesitate to take advice at that time. You might be self-sufficient, but it is okay to let your co-passengers help you with carrying your luggage while you juggle between a sleeping child, handbag, and boarding a flight. You can also take assistance while visiting hotels, washrooms, and airports. There are services for senior citizens, parents, disabled people, and single parents with young kids.

6. Research

As a single mom traveler, you have to be sure about the location that you are traveling to. Other than this, it would be best if you also asked other solo mother travelers to know their review about the place and its safety. Ask around and find out the favorite locations of other single moms, where they stayed, and what they didn’t like. They can also share with you the itinerary of their favorite places or property visits. If the person sharing the opinion is close to you, then they might also see if their experiences and views are right according to your preferences or not. Even after gathering all the information, be cautious of the decision you make. It will help you in booking your tickets early, saving you from a lot of unnecessary expenditure.


The above are a few tips to help every single mom traveler. Don’t let anything stop you from exploring the world. Remember to keep some safety measures handy. You must download the location of the nearest supermarket and hospital before reaching the place. Once you reach your hotel, note down the contacts of the closest restaurants and taxi services. Calculate an estimate of the money you need to keep and the rest you can swipe. Carry your identification proofs, and booking in one place like a wallet or sling bag so that you don’t have to worry while searching. Once you are back home, ditch the old tickets as you don’t need them anymore.

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