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Let’s Do This Fun Exercises With Your Baby

Hey beauties, I know that post-pregnancy baby bump is worrisome, you have gained extra pounds and you need some quick exercise but wait you can’t leave your baby alone too! Well here’s a solution for you lets workout with them. I know you are caring for a newborn and finding time is very tricky but bet me, girl, it will be all worth. Now here are the statistics for you on ‘Why it is important?’ The post-pregnancy workout will Tone and strengthen abdominal Muscles, Promote weight loss, Reduce symptoms of postpartum depression.  

1. Why Exercise With Baby?

I will touch upon advantages; you will improve bonding with your baby, boost energy strength, lose extra weight, relieve stress, improves sleep pattern, Reduces Aches and pains& improves cardiovascular fitness. Nowadays weight loss techniques are available online like online phentermine prescriptions. As it comes with loads of risks and complications you better start taking care of yourself by the natural weight reduction process. As hormonal changes are surfacing you might feel tired, having said that don’t give up on your exercise, it will be a very Mild exercise keeping in mind your baby. The best thing you can get it done at the convenience of your time as you will be doing it at your house.

2. Fun Exercises We Can Do With Babies:

           Warm-up plays a very vital role before initiating exercise so follow these light

           Warm-up exercises and then initiate with the actual exercise

              – Move shoulders in a circular motion and Relax shoulders

              – Reach arms above your head and stretch as far as it can go

              – Circle your ankle

             –  Light lunges forward to loosen knee and hips

  • Straight Curl-Up:

      That lower back pain is giving a hard time more over polishing core muscles is Very important to go for this exercise. Straight curl-ups will help concentrate on the actual impacted area hence this exercise is vital.

The course of action:

 Lie on the back and bent the knees at 70-degree angle

 Place baby seated on reclining position above the pubic bone and hold him securely

 Inhale and lift your shoulder head slowly from the floor stay in the position

 Go back to the initial position and exhale

 Repeat it 10 times, once used to it gradually increase the sets

  • Reverse Curl Up:

       This exercise will again concentrate on the core and lower back but it will far more playful for your baby. This postnatal exercise will help in relieving aches and lower abdominal pain too.

The course of action:

 Lie on the back and bring your knees towards chest place baby on shins

 Hold baby below shoulders and hold them comfortably

 Hold the breath Contract Abs; tilt hips up, move head shoulder towards knee

 Hold the same position for a few seconds

 Go back to the initial position and exhale

 Repeat it 10 times

  • Stretching

       This will target Buttocks, calves, quadriceps, middle back & shoulders. Stretching help loosen contracted muscle and ease them

The course of action:

 Lie on the back, head-up place baby on the abdomen and hold the baby

 Inhale, lift your upper body and legs straight up

 Stretch till you are comfortable and hold the position for a few seconds

 Exhale and go back to a relaxed position

 Go over it 10 times

  • Pile Squats

Hamstring, buttocks, calves, quadriceps will be concentrated upon in this exercise.

The course of action:

 Hold the baby in front of the carrier make sure the neck is well supported and face in the same direction as yours

 Keep legs, shoulders further apart and toes pointing out

 Hold the baby above belly Inhale and squat on your knees

 Keep abdomen straight lower the hips and press the weight on heels

 Get back to normal position and exhale

 Replicate it.

  • Stroller Lunges:

       What’s best than strolling around with baby, inhaling fresh air and enhancing cardiovascular health and toning body. Stroller lunges will also help in toning quadriceps, calves, buttocks.

The course of action:

 Make sure the baby is safe in the stroller, inhale and take a big step with right leg

 Bend the left leg and make sure both the legs are forming 90 degree

 Hold the position for few seconds according to convenience

 Get to the original position exhale

 Do it 20 times

  • Kegels:

This old bestie of yours has come for rescue; it will ease abdominal cramps and lower back pain.

The course of action:

 Keep baby on pubic bone hold him by his hand keep knees bent at 60-degree angle

 Inhale and slowly lift your hips up and tighten the pelvic muscles, keep the position according to your convenience

 Go back to the original position and exhale

 Replicate it 10 times

  • Plank:

     This exercise also concentrates to reduce back pain. This postnatal exercise will help make you less tired because it raises your energy level and improves your posture also improves metabolism.

Course of action:

       Place your palms on the floor in such a way that your baby is between your hands.

       Gently lift yourself on your toes and place your weight on your hands and make sure your body is straight.

       Hold the position for ten seconds.

       Gradually come back to your normal position.

  • Snake stretch:

      This exercise helps to relieve stress and fatigue. Stretches chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen. It opens the chest and helps to clear the passages of the heart and lungs. Improves circulation of blood and oxygen, especially throughout the spinal and pelvic regions.

The course of action:

       Place your baby on the floor, between your hands.

       Lie on the ground with your upper part away from the ground, supported by your arms.

       Your toes should touch the floor.

       Slowly lift your upper body and stretch your abdominal muscles.

       Lower yourself to reach your baby and raise yourself again.

3. Advantages of exercising to baby:

a)       Enhances physical development

b)       Promotes bone growth

c)       Improves perception of body

d)       Helps coordination and agility

e)       Relaxes

f)        Stimulates neurological and motor development

g)       Improves concentration

h)       Strengthens bond with mother

4. Advantages of exercising to mother:

a)       Strengthens the pelvic floor

b)       Improves posture

c)       Regains muscle tone

d)       Prevents incontinence

e)       Tones the abdomen

f)        Increases flexibility

g)       Reduces back pain

h)       Improves sleep

i)        Helps you regain ideal weight

j)        Strengthens bond with the child

5. Bottom line:

Research Shows that nominal exercises are always beneficial for you and for your babies too. We care for you, so ladies make sure you take out some time for yourself and get it started.

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