How to Spend a Perfect Day in Brisbane

How to Spend a Perfect Day in Brisbane

Although Sydney and Melbourne are the major Australian cities that receive the most attention, Brisbane is a city that deserves some attention too. It is also a wonderful destination that has so much to offer. It is the capital of Queensland or the “Sunshine State” and was built alongside the Brisbane River. The city hosts countless stunning attractions that are worth exploring and offer the opportunity to enjoy some picturesque moments.

Best time to visit the city

So, what is the perfect time of the year to visit Brisbane? The best thing about Brisbane is that the city enjoys good weather throughout most of the year.  The best time to tour Brisbane will vary depending on the weather you find comfortable. Between December and February, it is summer and the weather is hot and humid. But if you prefer warm and sunny weather, you can visit in spring or autumn which are is October-November or April-May.

A perfect day itinerary in Brisbane

Although the city’s attractions are far apart and it would be best to explore if you hire a car, you can still check out some of the many beautiful places within the city limits on foot. You can access great spots in the city by walking, using taxis, or on public transport.

Here are some activities you can do in Brisbane in a day:

Explore the City Hall

Within the Central Business District, check out Brisbane City Hall, which houses the city council and was built in 1930. Take some minutes to explore the City Hall Clock Tower and the Museum of Brisbane. You can also grab a cup of coffee from one of the great cafes.

Visit the City Botanic Gardens

You can get a perfect feel of nature’s beauty by visiting the city’s Botanic Gardens, but this is not the same as Brisbane Botanic Gardens situated at Mount Coot-Tha. The botanic garden to visit when on a one-day adventure can be found one at one of the Brisbane River’s bends.

The good thing is that the garden has plenty of trees and plants to admire and gives you a good break from the concrete jungle. You can enjoy the gardens in the company of one of the best Brisbane escorts and later have a moment of mind-blowing intimacy or just enjoy other fun activities.

Spend time in the Southbank Parklands

Southbank Parklands owes its creation to the 1988’s World Expo because it was set up to host the event. It has since become a cultural centre and a great place to visit in Brisbane. Some of the facilities within the precinct include theatres, first-class cafes and restaurants, exhibitions and a man-made beach that offer a perfect place to swim and relax.

Also, Southbank hosts the Riverfire Festival which takes place in September, every year. The event showcases a variety of art and entertainment and features an amazing firework display.

Visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

If you follow the Brisbane River southwards, for about 20 minutes by bus or car, you will find the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, a refuge centre for over 400 different animal species. You will get a chance to see such animals as wombats, platypuses, dingos and echidna among other exciting animals.


Brisbane has so much to offer and you are unlikely to run out of exciting things to do. In addition to the above attractions, you can check out the Mount Coot-Tha Lookout, an elevated viewpoint over Brisbane that allows you to catch perfect views of the city—especially after dusk.


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