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How to Pick a Unique Engagement Ring

It is a well-known fact that no two diamonds are alike. This is one of their most appealing qualities, as each stone will boast its own unique personality – (even more unique if you go for a custom engagement ring). So, it only stands to reason that this very same approach should be taken when selecting an engagement ring.

The good news is that there are a virtually limitless number of designs on the market. Unfortunately, this can often lead to confusion if you are unsure where to begin. In order to take much of the guesswork out of the equation, we have put together some useful tips to follow before you commit to a specific ring.

Make Certain that the Measurements are Correct

This is the first step and it is critical to highlight before moving on. It is important to know the exactly intended circumference of the ring. Oversized rings can easily slip off of a finger and narrow designs will become constricting. The easiest way to determine the right size is to surreptitiously take an existing ring that is not often worn to a jeweller.

Selecting the Appropriate Diamond

This next step will involve several factors including price and the preferences of your significant other. Still, keep in mind that you want to select a diamond that works well with the overall design while not appearing overly gaudy. In this respect, carat size and shape (such as pear, round or marquis) are pivotal factors.

Assuming that you have chosen the carat (weight) and shape of the stone, you can then begin to examine other variables such as colour and clarity (these can often be tweaked in order to accommodate your budget). To appreciate some options, take some time to view diamonds from Whiteflash. There is no doubt that you will find what you have been looking for.

The Type of Metal

Yellow gold has always been the traditional type of metal associated with engagement rings. However, remember that there are some other choices to consider such as:

  • White gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
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The hue of the metal will have an obvious impact upon the appearance of the ring and it inevitably affects the price. One interesting option is to choose rose gold; an increasingly popular alternative over the past few years.

The Stone Setting

Make it a point to examine different settings that are used to affix the stone into place. Some common examples include prong, pavé, tension, and cathedral. As each of these will impact the inherent appearance of the ring, it is wise to ask for examples in advance.

Address the Future Wedding Band

It is becoming increasingly popular for brides to wear an engagement ring alongside their wedding band. The styles should therefore work in synergy with one another. For instance, thinner engagement rings are often chosen to complement an equally slim band.

Ultimately, all of the factors mentioned above will also depend upon the personality of the wearer. The primary intention is to select a ring that echoes your sentiments for decades into the future.

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