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How to Make Your Household More Water Conscious

With a significant drop in rainfall over the years, the US water crisis is something that requires conscious efforts from people to reduce their water usage and be more mindful in their habits. It is important that each individual do their part in being more conservative and conscious, as individual efforts within a community and community efforts across state lines really add up.

Here are some ways you that you can become water conscious yourself, and some great habits to instill in your children starting as early as possible:

Turn The Tap Off While Not In Use

When the water isn’t being used, it should be off! This means that while you brush your teeth, shave, leave a hair mask in, etc. your water should be off. While you wash your hands for 20 seconds for proper hygiene and those moments while cooking or doing dishes when the tap is not in use, the tap should be off.

Take Shorter Showers

Many people love a long hot shower, but the waste of water during these long showers is extensive. If you can’t shake the habit of a long shower, practice reducing your shower by 30 seconds-1 minute every time. If you like long showers for relaxation, do some self care before and after a shorter shower to still get the relaxation but in a more water conscious way.

Fix Leaks

Leaks in your home are, of course, a waste of water. Letting leaks go on and on rather than them getting fixed as soon as possible is even more of a waste. So be on top of this both for the health of your home as well as to be more water conscious! It is helpful to have the contact information of a trusted plumber and ‘handyman’ always up to date so you know whom to call. This will help you save water and money on your water bill!

Run The Dishwasher Only Completely Full

The dishwasher is a very convenient appliance, but if you are running it without it being completely full this is a major waste of water. So be mindful to run the dishwasher when it is completely full only.For many people, they have a set of dishes that can tide them over until the dishwasher is full without running out of clean dishes.

Wash Your Clothes With Cold Water

Your washing machine uses electrical power to heat up its water. You can extend the life of your clothes, preserve water, and preserve energy by washing your clothes with cold water.

Catch And Use Rainwater

Rainwater is perfectly good water that you can put to good use! When it rains your lawns, flowers and landscaping get watered, and if you catch some of the rainwater you can make use of it to continue to do so for days to come! You can use the rainwater to continue watering your yard rather than wasting fresh water.

Americans are lucky to have a steady supply of water. Preserving this necessary resource is necessary to prevent making our water crisis worse and facing the effects of that down the road. In terms of water availability (and just about everything else), a preventative approach is better than a reactive one.

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