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How To Make Money As A Youtube Influencer

There are a lot of ways to make extra money from home these days. One way that is very effective is to use Youtube and become an influencer.

It sounds like a fairy tale that is reserved for the likes of models and comedians, but the reality is that Youtube is the perfect vehicle for many people to show their expertise to people looking to learn.

You don’t have to even be good looking to make money on Youtube. You just have to be an expert on something and teach people how to do the thing you do.

For instance, a mechanic can start a Youtube channel and show people who have no idea how to fix their own car the tips and tricks to avoid going to a mechanic. There is an audience for that and as this person’s audience grows, so does the influence. And of course, the money follows.

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In this article, I will go over the ways that you can make money on Youtube that can even surpass your full time job.

1 – Sell swag 

No matter what the topic of your channel is there is some apparel that can be sold through your influence.

Going back to the mechanic example, you could wear hats or shirts with some funny sayings about car fanatics as an example. Then you can order up a bunch from a service like RushOrderTees and sell them from a website you’ve linked your channel to.

There are even numerous print on demand services that will print the t-shirt or other apparel with a design you send them so you don’t have to worry about fulfilling it yourself.

2 – Ads

This is how many Youtubers make the bulk of their money, but you have to be bringing in some serious views to make any real money at it. Ads don’t pay much and it does depend on the topic as to how much they pay. A general Youtube channel will pay out much lower than one about a high end luxury product, for example.

But, if you do have the numbers, then you can certainly make money through ads.

3 – Sponsorships

This is another popular way for Youtubers to make money. Brands are always on the lookout for influencers to promote their product or service. As your audience grows and your influence along with it, you can usually end up with brands offering to pay you to promote them.

It can be a one off deal as in you do a review or unboxing of their product in exchange for a set fee. Or, it can be an ongoing relationship where they have you do in video ads for them.

4 – Sell your own product

The easiest way to make money on Youtube is to sell a digital product. If you have a cooking channel, then selling an ecookbook is a great way to make some money. And it takes no effort once the book is written and uploaded.

Then when people go to your link, they can purchase the book directly from your site and download a copy. You don’t need a book deal with a publisher either!

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