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How To Make a House Move With a Baby Easier

Family relocations can cause a lot of issues if not done the right way. The entire process is even more difficult if you have a small child to attend to. Traveling or relocating with babies requires a lot of patience and a lot of time. Something that you will not have if you are the one planning the move. Well, if you have concerns about moving with children, I am here to tell you that there are ways to make a house move with a baby easier.

Even though it is not so simple, it can be done with the correct approach.

How moving affects children?

When traveling with a new baby, it is important to look at things from their angle. While you might worry about organization plans, finding a moving company, or packing, children have different concerns. It is crucial to understand that kids have daily routines. If those routines are disrupted, your kids will act differently. In most cases they will:

  • become nervous
  • cry or be clingy
  • there might be some regressive behaviors, like bedwetting, thumb sucking, etc.
  • shyness or aggressiveness might be increased
  • they might manifest anxious habits, like lip licking, twirling their hair, etc.

To make a house move with a baby easier, the first thing you must do is notice those behavioral changes.

How to make a house move with a baby easier?

Well, now that you know what to expect, let us look at the best tips and advice that will make a house move with a baby easier.

Naptime is important

One of the most important routines for babies is sleep time. If they don’t get enough sleep, babies will be cranky and noisy. That will only add to the pressure and stress of relocation. You will have people constantly going in and out of the house, especially on the D-day. There is a lot of noise, and that may result in short naps or no naps at all.

Before the move

When it comes to the period before the move, there are a couple of things you can do.

First, hiring a babysitter is always an option. You can get a couple of hours free to finish moving tasks for that day. I realize that some children are difficult when it comes to babysitting, but you can always give it a try.

The next option would be to ask some friends or family to help you with the baby. You can put her or him to sleep, and have them babysit in case your baby wakes up. I am sure that grandparents can’t wait to spend some time with their little angels.

Also, you must dedicate a small part of the house to the baby’s needs. Inform everyone to be quiet in that part of the house, and move all the moving tasks to other rooms so your baby can have some quiet time.

During the move

Being in a car with a baby is never easy. Babies do not comprehend the idea of traveling, and again they have their routines. If you are a lucky parent with a quiet baby, you won’t have any problems. However, for all the rest, I sympathize with you.

One of the best things you can do in this situation is to carefully plan the entire route. You should schedule stops in advance, and create a nice setting for the baby. Having your baby’s favorite toy at your reach is also important. Children are calm in the presence of something they can understand and relate to.

Another option is to move without the baby at first. It will be a lot easier if you don’t have to worry and stop every 30 minutes to one hour. If you have the luxury of leaving the baby at your parents’ place while the move is done, you should most definitely do it. You can come back later and move with your child without any pressure.

After the move

When the move is done, you have to unpack, make changes in your place, clean everything, etc. The most important part is to first tidy up your baby’s room. Your child or children will probably be tired after the move. You shouldn’t keep them awake for too long; the sooner they go to sleep the better.

The good thing about moving with babies is that they are too young to understand what’s happening. Even though they can attach to certain items like the crib, their favorite blanket or a toy, they will not remember how the old place looked like. They will get used to the new home fast, just make sure to make their room look similar to what they were looking at every day at the old house.

Splitting the chores during the move

Putting your baby to sleep is one thing, but there are plenty of other activities around the baby that will make you more tired. Handling moving tasks and child care is tough for everyone. That is why you should split the tasks evenly, so you can have some rest time.

First things first, think about what are your baby’s needs. Feeding depends on the age of the child. If it is old enough to eat solid food, both the father and mother can feed the child. However, if it is still too young for that, the mother is the one who will feed him or her. The father can help out with changing clothes, taking care of diapers, etc.

If you split baby chores and moving tasks evenly, you should be able to accomplish everything without too much hassle.

Finding a moving company

Without any doubt, moving with children is a lot easier if you hire a professional moving company. Even though there are a couple of things that you will still have to address, the movers will do all the heavy work. Packing, loading and unloading boxes, just name it, they will do it.

Nevertheless, have in mind that hiring a moving company costs money. Sometimes a lot of money. Plan your moving budget and try not to spend more than you initially intended to. When it comes to hiring movers, you must decide what tasks to leave for them, and what to do on your own.

Also, think carefully if what you are buying is worth the money spent. If hiring movers means that your baby will have a pleasant and calm move, that is worth every cent.

That is how you can make a house move with a baby easier!

And there you have it. I truly hope that this article gave you some insight into what to expect when moving with a child. Furthermore, I hope that it helped you understand how to make a house move with a baby easier. Many parents are going through the same problems. With that in mind, if you had similar experiences, or you know someone who did, feel free to share with them or ask. It is a lot easier if you understand that someone else is going through the same thing as you. Also, it is great when you can ask someone for advice, and hear how they handled the situation. There is nothing else to say but good luck and have a happy move!

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Martha Rogers

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