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How to Improve Your Man’s Style (without hurting his feelings)

Whether you’ve been happily married for some years or just started seeing somebody, it’s okay not to like the way he dresses. At first, maybe us ladies found it kind of cute or endearing how he dressed because we were in the “honeymoon” phase. When that phase settles down and you decide maybe you want to try to change the way he dresses, it can be hard to break the news to him no matter how subtly you put it. Love and acceptance go hand in hand, but when it comes to men’s style, it comes down to basically 2 categories. The men who are interested and care, and those who simply do not. If your man falls into the first category, then lucky you because you don’t have much to do! However, if your man doesn’t care so much and just throws on a jersey and cargo shorts, well this article is for you. May the force be with you, ladies!

Fit Trumps All

First things first, men tend to HIGHLY underestimate the importance of fit. They tend not to understand when something is meant to fit, how it should feel and look on their bodies, and how they should wear it. Think of how often you walk down the street and see somebody wearing a 2 size two big (and not in a fashionable way) shirt or jeans, it drives me crazy! Tell him that his clothes should complement is amazing body that we love so much and consider taking these clothes to get tailored if he doesn’t want to go shopping or you want to try to be a bit more sustainable. From there, you can hone in on what his real size is.

Take it Personal

Make sure when re-styling your man that you help get things that match HIS personality, not yours. For example, if you are more preppy and wear bright colors, Lily Pulizer, etc and your man like to wear all black, you can’t force him to wear colors if they don’t match his personality. If you want to buy him some new pieces for spring, make sure they are pieces that he’s going to wear and match his personality. Nowadays thankfully, there are so many menswear brands that are allowing men to show their personality. Brands like Amiri for men available on style forward sites such as Luisaviaroma, is one of the many examples of up-and-coming menswear brands trying to dress individualistic and fashion conscious gentlemen. In the end people may notice you left your personal touch on him and in the end it may not be the best. You want to compliment his incredible personality, that is why you are with him in the end, right?! Fashion is one of the best ways to compliment his personality.

Throw Out or Donate Old “Favorites”

That ripped up jersey he wore when he was in a fraternity in college or that awful Hawaiian print bowling shirt, both of those got to go! For men, throwing away things they love even if they are old and ratty is worse than their favorite football team losing the Super Bowl. Don’t be surprised if you find things in your husband or boyfriends closet that are older than your kids, or even you! If the clothes aren’t damaged and just not very tasteful, consider donating them instead of throwing them away.

Suit Up

One of the most important pieces in any man’s closet, without a doubt is a suit. Every man should own AT LEAST one suit. It isn’t uncommon for men’s bodies to change every now and then thanks to aging or lifestyle adjustments. Make sure if he has a suit, that it fits him to a T. If not, it’s time to take him suit shopping. When suit shopping, keep in mind you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a good suit! There are plenty of good brands that are relatively inexpensive and if they just need a bit of tweaking, you could always take them to a tailor. Just ensure when suit shopping, you should also consider getting a black suit, a sports jacket, at least 2 pairs of dress pants, and a few dress shirts. If you want to really spoil him, offer to go halfsies on a beautiful, European cut suit or just offer to pay for it entirely (style note: European style suits are very fitted, hello handsome!)

It’s best to be honest with him and tell him how you feel. Fashion is a very personal choice and it’s important that he feels comfortable with letting you help him. Likewise, it’s important for us women to be open and remember his feelings. The change may be slow and gradual, but it can happen! He is not completely hopeless!

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