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How To Improve Home Security With Technology?

Home security and home automation are the new cool. We are seeing a growing consumer trend towards a smart home. Many internet companies are starting to provide home security and home automation technology along with their services. Let us be honest with ourselves. Home security is the need of the hour. No matter how secured your neighborhood is, trespassing is quite common and robbers find a way to get inside to steal your belongings. Therefore, investing in a home security system is quite important.

The only thing holding people back from investing in a home security system is a general perception. Many people are under the impression that security systems require a lot of investment. However, the case is entirely different. The influx of home security and automation industry has made all these systems accessible and readily available. Therefore, you do not have to pay an excessive fee to set up the system. Moreover, you can get home security with your internet, cable, and phone service. For example, Cox internet prices are already quite affordable. You can bundle all four services (internet, cable, phone, and home security) together with a minimum monthly-fee.

Now every other person chases that home security system. We came up with a comprehensive guide to improve home security at your home with technology. Here is how you can improve home security with the use of technology:

Security Cameras

Security cameras are not the same anymore. Back in the past, people have to hardwire their homes to set up a security camera. Now, the scenario has entirely changed. The cameras do not need any hard wiring for your computers. You can just install one on the driveway and you can monitor everything straight from your smartphone. This makes the installation and uses quite convenient.

Secondly, security camera technology has improved greatly. You can HD video reception and night vision. You can store all the data on a cloud. This eliminates the need for a hard drive.

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Motion Sensors

Trespassing has drastically increased in the past few years. Even in a safe neighborhood, burglars find their way inside homes. They can harm you physically and financially. Therefore, intervention is necessary. The best possible way to keep you safe is by installing motion sensors. They can detect slight movements and the alarm goes off. If you have pets at home, you might want to install these sensors to keep them inside the premises. Usually, dogs tend to get out of the premises and we cannot afford to lose our dogs.

The motion sensors can be installed at your doors and windows.

Smart Door Locks

Although the deadbolt on the front door serves the purpose. You can lock the house, unlock the house, and keep the unwanted guests at bay. It seems more than enough. However, you might get tired of leading the door keys under the doormat. Handling multiple keys at once might be very difficult for you. Therefore, investing in a smart lock might be the answer to all your woes. On top, you will get the advantage of extra security. Smart locks can communicate with your smart devices. You can have the keyless entry to your home. Control the ins and outs directly from your phone. You can even share the keys with friends and family if they visit you frequently.

Smart Video Doorbell

Another way to improve your security against your home being invaded, unwanted solicitors, property theft, and porch pirates is by installing a smart video doorbell. With the help of this device, you can ascertain who is at your doorstep even when you are not at home. The smart video doorbell acts as the first line of defense along with the security cameras. You can see and speak to the individual at your doorstep. Moreover, you can record the footage of the visitors while you are gone.

How to keep your smart home safe?

Since smart homes are powered by the internet, hackers can access them. Therefore, you must think about online security after installing smart home products. The safety of these products is quite crucial. You can secure them by following simple steps:

  • Never share your smart keys and passcode to anyone except your family and friends visiting you frequently.
  • Make sure you have a strong password for your Wi-Fi. It must be a combination of upper and lower-case letters.
  • Check your motion sensors every week. Make sure they are working fine.
  • Change your passcodes every two months.

Final Verdict

We invest hundreds of dollars in making a perfect home but we do not do anything for its security. Home security and home automation are quite accessible these days and we should invest in getting one. Cover Image credits

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