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Here’s Why Respect Is So Important in a Relationship

Each person has dreams about creating a family, happiness, and love. Often our dreams have various forms because everyone sees happiness is his or her own way. But generally, we what the one same thing, we want to be with someone. Loneliness is the worst thing that a human can face in his or her life. Thus, we search for special people in our attempts to have romantic relations or even create families. Unfortunately, too many people forget that respect is the most important factor that determines whether we can create a healthy family or not.

You see, at the beginning of the romantic relations, people often idealize each other, and when they face the shortcomings of a partner, they feel deeply disappointed. At this point, it is important to understand that relationships require hard working throughout life. Only in this case, your family will bring happiness and satisfaction to all its members. And the key to a positive result is mutual respect.

What Does The Word “Respect” Mean?

Often, people don’t understand what does respect in relations mean, and they believe that they would never agree to a date or even to live together with someone if they didn’t respect him or her. As you have guessed, those people are wrong, because only with the time, you can see whether you respect your partner or not. Some believe that their life experience will help them to avoid this mistake, but why in every list of rules of finding love after 60 , and creating healthy relations, you will find a rule about mutual respect?

Respecting the other means accepting the person as he or she is, with all the advantages and disadvantages. Respect must be unconditional, and mutual, like love. But, you cannot respect other people if you don’t respect yourself. In this case, you begin to serve. Such relations can’t be healthy.  So, pay attention to your childhood: how did your parents treat each other, how did they treat you? Did you feel that your feelings and desires are satisfied and respected? Do you respect yourself now?

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How Valuable Is Respect For Relationships?

If the husband and wife respect each other, their relations automatically become more stable and stronger, conflicts become less violent, and the family develops and grows stronger. When you notice that you are increasingly criticizing your partner, pay attention to yourself. Learn to value yourself for personal qualities, appearance, achievements, good deeds. While there is no unconditional acceptance, start with the conditional, and self-respect without conditions will come later.

It is respect that often helps to restrain oneself and allows us to avoid harmful conflicts. When you value and respect your partner, there is always a chance to make peace and defeat problems and nit-picking. In perfect relations, you both can find the strength to ask for forgiveness first, even if you are not formally guilty, or to forgive when a partner offended you. Remember, a relationship is not a competition between two people but is their union and alliance.

What May Destroy Respect In Your Relations?

Often we lose respect for each other when we cease to respect the partner’s right to personal space. After a period of falling in love, we take our pink glasses away and begin to notice that our partners are far from perfect. When this happens, we begin to face problems in our relations. Without respect, the before-mentioned relations will end with a breakup. Also, respect disappears when the husband and wife cease to pay attention to each other, losing control throughout their relations. As a rule, if a person doesn’t receive respect in the family, then he or she tries to find him on the side.

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