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Gifts That Keep on Giving

Gift giving is exciting, not only for the receiver but also for the giver to see how they will react to the gift. Some gifts are temporary such as flowers, food or drink while others can be special gifts intended to last a lifetime like luxury jewellery pieces and heirlooms. A recent trend has been the increasing number of practical gifts being given, offering to pay someone’s bills for a year or paying for them to learn a certain skill that can help with their personal development.

Choosing a gift is quite personal but can be tricky if you don’t know the person very well or if they are a man that seemingly has everything they want and need. Fortunately, the types of gifts we’ve suggested for your inspiration are great gifts, gratefully received by most people and have the added benefit of being a gift that keeps on giving!

A Donation in Their Name                  

Charity donations make all the difference for people in need and while charity makes up the core values of many communities, like those here, there are still millions of families that live in poverty or areas affected by conflict. A charity donation is a heartfelt gesture that has been proven to be good for our emotional and mental health and wellbeing and is a lovely gift that makes both the receiver and giver feel they have made a small amount of difference. There are plenty of different donations available to give as well, from helping to build homes and provide infrastructure to providing food packs and assisting animal charities.

A Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscription boxes started out fairly simple with the most popular being art and beauty subscriptions. Today, you can find a monthly subscription box for almost every hobby from arts and crafts, specialist food boxes including cheese toasties and prime cuts of bacon – perfect for the meat-loving man in your life, luxury coffee boxes and even escape room themed boxes with puzzles and riddles to solve. Your subscription gift can be as short as a one month taster or go for longer gifts with options for 3, 6 and 12-month subscription gifts. If you can’t choose from one box, there are a number of subscription box companies that can provide a gift card, allowing the gift receiver to choose their preferred subscription box gift.

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Socks With A Special Extra

Everyone loves a pair of new socks and they are great for keeping aside for those rough days when you need something to feel a little better. However, by themselves aren’t much of a gift which is why the Odd Sock Company has created a gift series of funky socks that have the added benefit of a charity donation for every box purchased.

If these socks don’t take your fancy but you still want to support a charity with your donations, there are plenty of non-profits that offer a gift-shop with fancy kitchen and home gifts and plenty of presents for pets too.

Classes to Take Them To The Next Level

Classes and training courses are fantastic for learning a new skill or taking a learned skill to the next level. With a variety of different learning styles available, from hands-on training to relaxed learning provided by online learning providers such as Skillshare and Brilliant, you can find the type of classes that meet their needs and tickle their interests. Do some investigating prior to purchasing your gift to find out if there is something they’ve always to learn either by dropping hints or asking their close friends and family.

Gift-giving shouldn’t have to be stressful and should be enjoyable for everyone involved, take your time to find them the perfect present, one that continues to give and take pride in the joy you bring to someone’s day.

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