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15 Fashionable Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Shopping for men, especially the ones that are very special in your life, can sometimes be very challenging. Most advice articles out there tell you one thing: men want something they can use. But what if you want something that’s stylish and memorable as well?

Don’t worry, we hear you! In this article, we are going to share with you our favorite and oh so very fashionable gift ideas for your husband, boyfriend, father, grandfather, and just about any man you cherish in your life. Let’s get started.

Men Ritual Essentials

If there’s one thing we’re sure about men is that they all have their personal rituals, and if they do them every day, then sooner or later they’ll need an upgrade or refill. Hence,  let’s take advantage of that. Here are some gift ideas:

Electric Shaver

A true gentleman needs a high-quality wet-dry electric razor. Get one that has a flexible blade for a closer shave and one that comes with different blade attachments for other grooming needs.

If your man is a classic gentleman, then you should definitely consider getting him a straight razor or an elegant kamisori blade, complete with a shaving kit (that comes with a brush, a bowl, shaving cream or soap).

15-Year Old Scotch…Or Older

Allow him to indulge and unwind with a smooth and smoky bottle of scotch. While you’re at it, you can get him the vinyl of his favorite musician, or a book of his favorite author (plus points if you can get the first edition), or his favorite cigar to perfectly pair with this spirit.

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A New Pipe

Speaking of smoking, does your man enjoy meditating with his pipe? There are a lot of gorgeous estate pipes out there, or if you prefer a new piece then Savinelli, Peterson, and Tom Eltang are our favorites. Don’t forget to get a canister of his favorite tobacco blend as well.

Men’s Wallets

Aside from ritual essentials, here’s another prized item that can also use an upgrade: his wallet. Since they are always used, they can get worn down in time. Hence, if you’ve noticed your man’s wallet in desperate need of a replacement, then here are some ideas:

Money Clip Wallets

One of our favorite men’s wallets is a money clip wallet. It has a very stylish and minimalist classic look. By the way, there are two types of money clip wallets. The first one is just a simple clip that comes in different materials. Copper and stainless steel are the most common ones. The second type of money clip is the same clip but with a card holder attached.

You can always invest in a designer piece, but a customized handmade piece is also another option that you can consider.

RFID Wallets

In a world where identity theft is prevalent, it is an absolute must to have an RFID wallet now. It is a wallet that has an RFID blocker. In a nutshell, RFID is the technology used in order to record and transmit information from most IDs and credit cards.

Classic Leather Wallet

Finally, nothing beats a classic leather wallet that grows even more beautiful with its patina as it ages. There’s a reason why designer brands are expensive, but we recommend you to explore the works of master craftsmen. Consider that you have so many options to choose when it comes to leather wallet types.

Fitness Gear

It’s the start of a new decade. Does your husband have any fitness goals in mind to accomplish this year? Then why not give him a boost with these gift ideas:

A Smart Mirror

One of the most in-demand fitness essentials right now is the Mirror. It’s a smart mirror, that doesn’t fog up, and it allows you to stream personalized training sessions that you can follow. It can also show you your fitness stats since it is also Bluetooth enabled. Other features include music streaming, progress tracking, and more.

A Smart Watch

Another must-have is a smartwatch with built-in trackers to sync with his smart mirror. Most smartwatches can track physical activity, calories, sleep, heart rate, and more. There are different brands out there but our absolute favorites are Apple and Fitbit. You can choose the leather straps.

A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Your husband can always rely on his wireless earphones or Airpods when he’s out on his daily run, but why should he settle for his earphones when he’s working out at home when he can play his favorite tracks on a smart portable Bluetooth-enabled speaker? We favor one that’s wireless so that he can bring it anywhere: in his workshop, the kitchen, or out on a road trip with family and friends. Choose one that has a long battery life if you see your husband traveling with it.

Gentleman Weapons

Does your husband enjoy dressing up every once in a while? Then help him bring out that inner Kingsman or John Wick with the following gift ideas:

The Classic Tie

You can always opt for a classic print and designer brand. Stick to neutrals and blues if you’re not sure with the best color that fits him. Here’s a pro tip: get one that matches his eyes. You can never go wrong with that.

There are fun novelty ties that you can get as well, for a geeky husband (or one armed with a sense of humor). We’ve seen neckties with a Millenium Falcon and a Blackbird Spy Plane design, but we’re sure that there are more fun prints to you and your husband’s liking.

A Tie Clip

Your husband’s tie will never be complete without a matching tie clip. We know that we’ve mentioned getting designer pieces above, but this is an accessory that we choose to go simple and minimalist.

You can still get a designer piece, but choose one that doesn’t have the actual brand engraved on the tie bar itself. Remember, a real refined man doesn’t need to show off brand names. If you really must pick one that has a logo, then opt for a small engraving on one side.

Fun Cuff Links

Here’s a pair of accessories where your husband can afford incorporating a bit of fun and interest into a boring suit: cuff links! Cuff links are available in different designs. Choose one that best suits your man’s personality and interests.

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For the Hobbyist

Finally, for our last section of gifts, here are ideas that you can give to a man passionate about a certain hobby:

A Carry-On Cocktail Kit

For your man who knows his favored poison, there are actually small cocktail making kits that you can get. There’s a kit for each type of drink: Moscow Mule, Gin and Tonic, and more. Each kit contains all the non-alcoholic ingredients that one needs to prepare the perfect glass.

A Vintage Record Player

You’ve never heard real music before until you’ve experienced your favorite tracks being played on a record player. Any music lover will surely appreciate one. Don’t forget to get him a vinyl or two as well!

A Multitool

Those who love exploring the outdoors will surely treasure a multitool. You can get the iconic Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox. But there are a lot of other options out there. In fact, you can build a small emergency kit together with your multitool. You can include a portable campfire, a firestarter, a water filter, a powerful flashlight, and a bullet pen. It’s perfect for your man’s outdoor EDC.

The Bottom Line

In the end, what’s important is that you get a gift that’s from your heart. Not only did you consider his personal preferences, but you’ve taken that extra step to get a quality item that can last him for decades. Your man is a very lucky guy!


Mariam Simmons is a Marketing Specialist at Alpine Swiss and fashion enthusiast with a love for writing. She loves traveling to the world’s top stylish destinations and gets inspired to create helpful fashion and lifestyle guides.

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