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Expert Tips for Budding Fashion Designers or Boutique Owners to Succeed on Instagram

The best way you could consider investing in your fashion business is by having an effective Instagram stratagem in place and you pretty well know that Instagram is free. Whether you are a boutique owner or a lone ranger, it is of pivotal importance to have a killer Instagram profile as that would act as an amazing tool for being visible, heard, and for interacting with your precise target audience. Instagram fame does not, however, come from simply posting a picture, getting some likes, and adding some hashtags. To be successful as a fashion designer on Instagram necessitates a tremendous amount of planning and intention. You need to be involved in researching, stratagem planning, shooting, editing, adding hashtags, captions, scheduling your posts, and all this is not enough. You need to get involved in reporting and ongoing interaction.

It is pretty interesting to note that most female fashion designers have been instrumental in bringing about a fashion revolution. The 21st-century fashion world is ruled and dominated by female power and culture. Young, independent, and self-made female fashion entrepreneurs are steadily working towards transforming the fashion industry towards better. They are steadily getting rid of the fashion world’s old and bad institutional behaviors. Budding fashion designers pay attention! You have awesome ideas and a great sense of style but are you winning on Instagram? Instagram, one of the biggest Social Media Platforms is surely one of your go-tos for design inspiration and we’re sure you know how important the platform is to showcase your designs, win new clients and get a big break. But if you’re struggling with kicking off your IG profile, you probably need a change in strategy. Don’t fret, we’ve already done the work for you! We’ve looked at some of our favourite Indian Fashion Designers On Instagram with expert digital marketing goggles to find the winning strategies that you can use on your IG page.

If you are looking to establish a niche for yourself in the fashion industry, you must initiate your journey with Instagram. However, it is essential to get Instagram right so that you could grow your Instagram followers to make your presence felt in the online circuit. Here are some tips to create, grow, and maintain a slicker Instagram account so that your fashion brand or business could thrive.

Set up Your Profile

Name: It is of prime importance to have a username that seems to be homogenous to your website, brand name, and all other social media profiles. This is simply because your audience could be coming from word-of-mouth or some other social media channels and it makes things a lot easier to locate you while they are looking for you on Instagram. Similarly, you need to be consistent in terms of your profile picture across all your social media accounts. It is a great idea to use your brand stamp or logo as a profile picture. This would certainly make you appear legit and your branding would surely become memorable with your precise target audience. You could buy Instagram followers to boost your brand.

Account Type: It is best to opt for a business account as it offers a host of impressive benefits. You would be having a contact button, as well as, easy and instant access to reports and insights for boosting your career or business as a fashion designer.

Bio: You must convey your brand’s vision and essence of your fashion business within 150 characters. Your bio must be short, crisp, sweet, and enticing. It must contain a tagline or a brief summary of your skills and services. Remember to incorporate your website link into your bio. If you don’t want to create an account from scratch you can always buy one. There are so many sites where you can buy an Instagram account with a lot of followers.

Create Original Content 

Everybody has access to pictures from Pinterest or other Instagram accounts. If you wish to create a mind-blowing account that grabs the attention of your specific target audience, you must focus on creating authentic content. You could consider posting pictures of your latest projects. As a fashion designer, you could post pictures of your latest designs and collection. These pictures could draw the right type of attention. You must be camera-friendly and must possess photography skills. Instagram demands high-quality and high-resolution images. You could consider a professional shoot for creating enchanting visual content. Instagram is a highly-visual platform, giving fashion brands the flexibility and creativity to sell more than just a “look”, but rather a lifestyle.

Shoppers are no longer limited to searching for an outfit by scrolling through endless studio photos on a company’s website.

Many popular fashion brands have even created a “shop our Instagram” section on their website, as their influencers and feed pose as a perfectly-curate look book. You may share some behind-the-scenes video content to engage with your target audience. Not every picture needs to be original but you must have 70 percent original content. Remember the quality of your content is more important as compared to the quantity of your content.

Planning & Stratagem

You must chalk out a rough plan and do some image research that could be used as a rainy-day resource or shoot inspiration. Never forget to acknowledge the original owner of the pictures. Start engaging with individuals and other brands. You must start scheduling Instagram posts once you get the final curation. You may consider using some competent scheduling apps like Schedugram, Planoly, and UNUM. You would come to know the best times for posting simply through trial and error.

Use Perfect Caption

A great collection of pictures must be complemented with an enticing caption. The caption is great for conveying your brand personality, relating to your target audience, and proving that you are indeed a real person. You must maintain consistency of tone. Your choice of words for your caption is of critical importance.

The key is to educate your target audience by revealing something more about your brand, sharing your latest project or even offering expert tips acting as an authority in your genre. Your caption must be able to persuade action. Entice them to promote your latest blog post, subscribe to a newsletter, ask a question or participate in a competition. Your caption must be effective in evoking emotion. Your caption must effectively connect with all your followers.

You must incorporate hashtags that are having your name in them and stick to them. You have the liberty to incorporate more hashtags that are associated with your picture, preferably the comments section. Otherwise, your caption could look slightly wordy if you add to it.

Conclusion: Engaging Is the Key

For attracting dream followers and gaining traction by the day, you must initiate a conversion and demonstrate your support simply by effectively interacting with them. Whenever you wish to put in a comment, ensure you are writing something authentic. It is a really bad idea to be insincere and sound more like a robot offering a generic comment such as ‘love this’ or ‘very pretty’. If you are genuinely interested in engaging with your specific target audience, you need to be seriously interested in their posts. You may consider asking a question or making a customized or somewhat tailor-made comment for demonstrating that you liked that particular picture or post and precisely what they seem to be all about. You must devote half an hour to an hour towards interacting with your target audience on Instagram. This should go a long way in boosting overall engagement and followers.

Author Bio – Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.

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