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Everything You Should Know About Mini Teeth Implants

It does not necessarily mean that if something is mini it is not good. This statement also works for mini dental implants. Mini teeth implants are a good alternative to the traditional ones. They are typically used when there is a need to fit smaller than average implant into an extremely narrow space. They are mostly used in place of incisors or in people with small teeth. Due to the fact that mini teeth implants are not as popular and know as traditional ones, the vast majority of people do not understand the difference between them. Therefore, the following sections depict the most important information that you should know about this way of dental care.

What Are Dental Implants?

Before diving into the topic, it is highly important to determine what the traditional dental implants are. As you might already know, missing teeth can be replaced either with bridges, dentures or dental implants. Dentures and bridges are fake teeth that are attached to the gum’s surface. On the other side, teeth implants are placed into the jawbone, which makes them irremovable.

The process of placing dental implants works in the following way. A doctor performs a surgical procedure in order to place a titanium post into the bone of the jaw and the bone fuses around the abutment. When the abutment is fused in the bone, the implant is uncovered. The next step is attaching a small post into the implant, which then serves as an anchor for artificial teeth to be attached to. One of the main advantages of dental implants over dentures and bridges is the fact that they do not slip and/or shift. Best results are ensured by having a healthy jawbone.

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What Are Mini Teeth Implants?

Mini dental implants are slightly smaller in size when compared to the traditional ones. They also have the same structure as regular implants. Mini teeth implants involve two parts: a titanium post on the end and a socket with a rubber O-ring that connects the tooth to the post. They are a good option for people that are looking for ways to replace missing teeth but who do not wish or simply cannot get conventional restorations. There are also people who do not want to undergo invasive surgery, which is required for traditional dental implants. Some people might be just lacking sufficient jawbone mass required to hold them.

When Are Mini Teeth Implants Used?

As you might have already figured out, mini dental implants are utilized only on specific occasions. Patients that go for mini teeth implants do not do that only because they like the idea of having smaller implants. The main reasons for making use of mini dental implants are stated below:

  1. Having small teeth
  2. Need for front teeth replacement
  3. Difficult locations of the tooth (very narrow space)

Additionally, it should be also said that mini teeth implants are a lot more secure than the traditional ones. Security, in this case, is referred to as comfort and a more natural tooth usage. Apart from that, mini implants are perfect for front teeth and premolar replacements.

How Small Are Mini Teeth Implants?

It might be quite shocking but mini dental implants are almost the same size as traditional implants. The difference is only in the diameter of a toothpick. Therefore, if you do not have sufficient jawbone or have lost a lot of bone, mini teeth implants are still a great option for you and is definitely a better one than the traditional implants.

What Are The Differences Between Mini Teeth Implants And Traditional Implants?

A lot of people are still confusing these two types of implants. Thus, it is extremely important to know the differences between them. Traditional implants are typically made of two pieces where an external screw goes into the bone having a diameter larger than 3mm. The implant itself involves a thread, which is compatible with a lot of different types of dentures, which allows a multi-feature use.

When it comes to mini dental implants, they are made of one complete piece, which is screwed into the bone with a diameter of less than 3mm, meaning that it is going to take two mini plants to do the job of one traditional implant. It might sound like a bad thing but it is not necessarily true. Sometimes patients are in need of small implants in order to fit it within narrow spaces. A ball-shaped protrusion is located on top of the device, which is aimed to support dentures. In the vast majority of cases, dentures have a rubber O-ring that slides over the aforementioned ball-shaped protrusion.

It should be also mentioned that traditional implants are believed to last longer than mini ones. This is due to the fact that they are able to better distribute the weight of dentures. However, once again, it might be the case that the traditional implant will be too big to fit within the narrow space. Although, specialists claim that mini dental implants can last long if a patient takes care of them in a proper way.

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How Much Do Mini Implants Cost?

This is probably the most common question people have about mini teeth implants. To keep it simple, mini implants are less expensive than the traditional ones. According to the recent study, the average cost of mini dental implants varies between $500 and $,1500. On the other side, the average cost of traditional implants ranges between $4,000 and $5,000.

You might be wondering why mini implants are only half the size of traditional ones but they cost twice as cheaper. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Affordable implant screws: due to the fact that mini implants use smaller screws, which are cheaper than traditional ones. Therefore, it drives the overall cost of mini teeth implants down.
  2. The procedure itself is more simple: the whole process of inserting a mini implant takes less time and is much less invasive without no need for the surgery. Thus, less time and less effort lead to less cost.
  3. Bone grafting is not required: in the majority of cases, doctors do not need to perform any bone grafting on people with a low jawbone density. Fewer processes involved equals less money spent.

You should also keep in mind that even if mini implants are significantly cheaper than the traditional ones the quality of the replacement or procedure is not less than with the traditional dental implants. It is just simply a different process for a different case. Additionally, it is not possible to state the exact cost of mini dental implants. This is explained by the fact that everything depends on your personal situation and the condition of your oral health. However, specialists say that if you thinking about getting mini teeth implants, you should budget for approximately $1,000 to $1,500.

Taking all the aforementioned into conclusion it can be said that mini teeth implants are mainly used for people with small teeth and in order to be able to fit within the narrow spaces. They are also effective for premolar replacement and front teeth. Additionally, mini teeth implants are much cheaper than traditional ones and are also easier to place.

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