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Dresses That Should Be Part of Your Wardrobe in The Year 2020

With the new year, many new trends come to light, and changing your style is a great way to increase your confidence so that you can take the challenge of 2020 head-on. However, shopping for the right outfits can be a bit difficult, especially for women who prefer to wear dresses. There are loads and loads of options which can sometimes get quite overwhelming.

Therefore, in today’s post, we have shortlisted some of the most influential, chic and stylish dresses that should be a part of your wardrobe this year.

A Pinafore Dress:

Pinafore dresses are quite popular, and you need to add one or two your wardrobe for 2020. This dress is comfortable and casual, but it still has an appeal of elegance and class. Pinafore dresses are collarless and sleeveless, with medium-sized straps over the shoulders.

This dress is perfect for summer and spring, but with a few additions, it can also be worn in the winters. You can wear some tights or leg warmers under the dress and throw on a cute denim jacket to complete your winter outfit. You can also go for a leather jacket, with a nipped waist to make your outfit look stylish and vogue. These dresses are mostly worn with blouses or shirts, so they give you a great potential for customization.

Tea Length Dress:

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Tea-length dresses have been in style for a long time, and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down this year either. A tea-length dress makes the perfect attire for both casual and business-casual looks.

The classic style of these dresses originated from Edwardian times. And it was often worn indoors at tea parties. The dress has a silhouette similar to a full circle skirt that sits near the mid-calf. This is the perfect dress for semi-formal occasions like weddings, brunch, or office parties. Therefore, if you want the classic Hollywood inspired look, add some tea-length dresses to your wardrobe.

Blazer Dress:

The blazer dress is the perfect ensemble for a look that says you mean business but are ready to have a fun time as well. As the name suggests, this dress looks like a blazer. To put it, they look like a men’s double-breasted suit jacket, but the shoulders and waist are fitted to compliment a woman’s figure.

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This dress is suitable for any season, and you can pair it with ankle boots, or sneakers for the day, and some high heels for the night.

The hem sits above the knees, at a mid-thigh length as it would if you were wearing a suit jacket, and the prints and patterns are also usually the same. A blazer dress is a classy and versatile outfit that will make you stand out and shine at any occasion.

Peplum Dress:

For ladies that have a fun, energetic and playful style, a peplum dress is a way to go. The detail of these dresses is usually below the waist or at the hips. Peplum dresses have a fit and flare silhouette that is inspired by Greek antiquity.

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Most of the time, these dresses are sleeveless and have a fitted waist, the length of the hem can be different; however, dresses with hems that sit above the knees are quite popular these days.

These dresses give you the perfect appearance for both day and night, but they are more of a summer dress. Peplum dresses are an ideal choice for a casual or work outfit.

T-shirt Dress:

A t-shirt dress is the ultimate casual ensemble; it is comfortable, stylish, unique and expressive. This loose-fitting dress looks like an oversized t-shirt, but they have elastic material at the hips to accentuate your shape and make sure that the dress doesn’t shift. Like a t-shirt, these dresses have round collars and a hem that sits at a mid-thigh length.

T-shirt dresses are perfect for anybody-type, and they can be styled up to make an alluring outfit for any season. You can pair a t-shirt dress with almost any kind of shoes, but thigh-high boots make for the perfect appearance.

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The best feature of these t-shirt dresses is that they are like a blank canvas, you can add an endless variety of prints and designs on them. You can easily have them custom made with any print of your choice.

A-Line Dress:

A-line dresses are very fashionable these days. The defining feature of these dresses is that it is nipped around the waist to accentuate your figure and it flares at the bottom. This makes the silhouette of the dress looks like an A; hence they are named A-line dresses.

The length of the hem and the type of collar can be different, but mostly these dresses are perfect for a casual setting. However, they can be dressed up for a semi-casual look as well. This is the perfect day time dress, for going to brunch with the girls. It can also be worn to work or school.

Therefore, A-line dresses are a must-have for your 2020 wardrobe.

Denim Dress:

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One material that has stood the test of time when it comes to fashion is denim. From the 70s, up till now, denim has always been in style in one way or another. Therefore, you should add some denim dresses to your wardrobe for this year.

These dresses can be stitched in different styles; however, the primary defining feature is that they are made from denim. Denim dresses are perfect for when you don’t want to slip into tight jeans, and they can give you a classic casual look.

You can wear a denim dress to any casual event, or it can even be worn to school or college


As it is quite evident from the name, sundresses are made for summer and spring days. Made with light fabrics, these dresses have lively and floral patterns and pastel colours. They are loose-fitting, with a wide neckline and spaghetti straps over the shoulders.

These dresses are very comfortable, and they can be worn on numerous casual and semi-casual occasions. Sundresses are also a perfect work dress, and they can help you stay cool in the hot summers.

Sundresses especially complement women with slender physiques, and they create the perfect balance between classy and comfortable. Therefore, sundresses should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe this year.

Asymmetrical Dresses:

The primary identifying feature of these dresses is uneven hems. These dresses have shorter hems in the front, with larger ones in the back. These dresses are perfect for women with petite body types.

Depending on the colour and fabric, these dresses can be worn to several occasions. They are chic, comfortable and elegant. Therefore, if you are shopping for your 2020 wardrobe, this dress is a must-have.

To sum it up, dresses are a universal outfit for ladies, though jeans, shorts, blouses and shirts are more common among women these days, there still are a fair amount of dresses that are in style. Dresses give you a specific classy and elegant look that can’t be achieved by any other outfit. Therefore, in this post, we have mentioned some of the most influential dress styles for this year. We hope that you find this post informative and useful.

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