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7 Ways To Get The Perfect Summer Garden

Find out how to have the perfect summer garden with these 7 easy to apply tips and tricks.

When summer finally arrives it’s a great time to enjoy time outdoors in your own little patch of natural heaven. It’s not so fun spending time in your garden when it’s messy, ugly, or just full of stuff that you don’t really need.

To help you get the perfect summer outdoor space for the warmer months, here are 7 handy and helpful tips:

Have a Clear Out

Removing items that are broken, ugly, or generally not needed in your garden will instantly improve its aesthetic. What can you get rid of right now? That rusty old wheelbarrow, broken plant pots and that rotting wooden bench, perhaps?

Have a Clean Up

It’s easy to underestimate the power of cleaning up the garden. The house seems to get all the cleaning attention doesn’t it but gardens need just as much attention if they aren’t to become mucky places? Get the jet washer out, or just a good old-fashioned bucket and brush, and get cleaning the patio tiles, walls, brickwork, and ornaments. And if you are short of time simply sweep the garden path –  it’s an instant garden facelift.

Weed Removal

If you have borders invaded by weeds and overgrown plants and shrubs, not to mention a lawn that’s a little bit too meadow chic, then now is the time to get weeding and cutting things back. Do be mindful of small nesting birds at this time of year who like nothing better than an overgrown shrub to keep out predators from their little ones.

How Is That Garden Layout Working For You?

A garden that doesn’t have a function for your household will not be a garden that is loved or cared for. It may be that you need to redesign the function of the space so that you can begin to love and enjoy it again. Landscaping can be transformative if your garden really needs it, but sometimes all it takes is some new garden furniture or even old furniture in a new position.

Add Areas Of Interest

Why not add areas of interest that you truly love, rather than just maintaining a garden that was planted before you moved into the house. Consider adding some colourful parts, a veggie garden, some herb planters, and some of your very favourite flowers. Your garden should be cultivated in a way that makes you love it.

Hone Your Storage System

You may not be inclined to look after your garden because it’s too much of a hassle getting out the tools to sort it out. If you add a storage box, or even a small shed, you might find you’re more inclined to get potting and trimming. If your shed is already full of items from inside the house, consider a cheap self storage unit for those household items so that your shed can serve the purpose it was originally intended for.

Make It More Comfortable

Your garden should be as inviting as the most comfortable areas inside your house. Consider being inspired by Hygge which is all about creating social areas and areas that help you create special memories. Chairs around the fire pit, a hammock, a dining area with a pizza oven. Who wouldn’t want to spend time outside with those kind of features?

The 7 tips above are designed to help you gain some inspiration for making your outdoor space liveable this summer. It might take a few days of clearing and a little bit of creativity on your part. Just think, with the right changes, or some new additions, you’ll have your own natural haven to enjoy in the warmer months.

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