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Back in Style: The Best New Jewelry Trends for 2021

One of the best parts about investing in jewelry is that it never really goes out of style. Even if a particular trend falls out of vogue for a season or two, inevitably, it will come back in style again. That’s the beauty of jewelry the pieces that aren’t trendy one year are all of a sudden back on the runways and magazine covers again before you know it. That reason is precisely why jewelry is such an excellent investment to make. Here are some of the best jewelry trends for 2021 and how they can take a decidedly un-inspired outfit and upgrade it into something super cute for summer!

Don’t Skimp on Quality

One of the most important considerations when buying jewelry is to look for exceptional quality pieces. While costume jewelry has its time and place, don’t buy the cheap stuff if you want long-lasting jewelry. In fact, purchasing cheap jewelry can cause allergic reactions, rashes, redness, itching, even infection. And nobody wants to have the dreaded green color on their skin that’s a clear indication of low-quality, junk jewelry. For the best high-quality pieces, Adina’s Jewels has more options. They have gorgeous jewelry collections, including earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings, and necklaces. Check out their pieces today for some of the trendiest looks for summer 2021.

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Enamel Everything

Enamel is one of the hottest trends this season, whether it’s necklaces, rings, bracelets, or any other kind of jewelry. This colorful trend adds a bold statement to any jewelry. The best part about enamel is that it makes it okay to be kitsch. Also, it comes in virtually any different color, so it’s possible to find something to match any outfit. Some of the trendiest pieces are chains with enamel on the face of each link, including things like watchbands, necklaces, and bracelets.

Hoops of All Shapes and Sizes

Hoops are another staple, but this summer’s trend includes more than the traditional gold circle. Small hoops, large hoops, squares, triangles, diamonds, ovals, virtually any shape you can think of are in vogue for hoops this summer. Don’t be shy, either-; go chunky and oversized, or when you’re feeling dainty, pick a small pair that sit tight against the earlobe. Even the bamboo hoops are making a comeback, so find a pair you love and rock them this summer.

Stack ‘em Up

Stacking is a huge trend for this summer. Necklaces, bangles, rings, and earrings have all been subject to the stacking trend. For this idea, it’s better to use delicate, thin, or plain pieces for stacking to avoid looking busy or too overwhelming. Try a simple gold chain necklace (or two or three) mixed with one longer gold chain with a pendant or gemstone. Stacked necklaces should always be worn at increasingly longer lengths for a neatly layered look that looks super chic and trendy.

Chunky Chains

The chain link trend has been around for a year now, but it’s becoming even more popular for summer ’21. Whether it’s for a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or other jewelry, a chunky chain is a wardrobe staple that’s neutral enough to match with anything while still being big and bold enough to make a statement.

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Beachy-Themed Pieces

This summer, embrace the feeling of the warm weather and look for beach-inspired jewelry. Don’t think of those puka shells from middle school, either. This trend offers much more of an upscale beachy vibe, though vintage jewelry is fine as long as it looks beautiful, has an ocean theme. Also, the most important part should be that you absolutely love the piece you’ve chosen. If the jewelry you pick makes you feel like immediately making beachy and tousled waves in your hair, you’re doing it right.

Hammered Metal Cuffs

Another great trend for summer ’21 is thick metal cuffs that have been crushed, folded, and hammered. Whether they’re made from gold or silver, these textured cuffs are a great way to showcase an outfit. The best part about this trend is that the unique process that hammered jewelry goes through means that no two pieces are exactly the same. Look for thick, yellow gold folded and hammered or a delicate sterling silver cuff with light texturing and tool marks. Choose some with gemstone accents for bonus points and a bright pop of color.

Your Name on a Necklace

This is another summer trend that’s the perfect way to show off personality. Initial and name necklaces are a unique way to show off gold and silver jewelry. They’re also very popular this year, and they make an excellent birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day gift, too. Look for a delicate, thin gold or silver chain with separately secured letters that hang down. With secured letters, they stay in place and won’t become a jumbled mess after a few hours of wearing the necklace or bracelet. For some variations, try a stylized font, cursive letters, or gothic initials to give it some personality.

Bright Jewel Tone Bangles

Summer ’21 is all about bright colors, especially after the drab, dull months stuck in quarantine and lockdown. There’s no better way to handle that trend than with a brilliantly colored, jewel-tone bangle or bracelet. Whether it’s colored CZ, precious gemstones, stone, or crystal, a vivid colored bracelet in jewel tones is super trendy right now. Jewel tone bangles are perfect for wearing with a neutral color palette and offer a bright pop of color that can make any un-inspired outfit really shine.

Animal-Inspired Pieces

Whether it’s a pair of butterfly earrings, a panther pendant on a silver chain, or a beautiful raven’s head ring, animals are ruling the runway and jewelry stores for summer ’21. Animal-inspired jewelry makes the perfect statement piece since most are designed to be attention-getters. Find a piece that you genuinely love, and let your inner wild animal shine through with this fun trend.

Try These New Jewelry Trends for 2021

With the warmer months and summer almost here, it’s time to find some cute jewelry to wear for this year. Even though the pandemic still has everybody working at home, you can still show off all your cutest earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings over Zoom. Whether you like big, chunky chains, animal-inspired pieces, or layered jewelry, these fun trends have something for everyone. Try them all for a stylish and fun way to show off some personality.

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