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Baby Play Dates

Having a baby is fun, but it also can be overwhelming. Have you ever been in a situation where you are exhausted, but you have a baby that you need to take care of? Are you simply tired and looking for some support perhaps? One of the perfect ways to get some relief from your baby is by having a baby play date.

Age Appropriate Play Dates

The thought of your baby having a potential play date may seem like an awkward idea, but it actually helps out the parents much more than you would think. By the time your baby is six months old, the play date is really more about the parents getting out and spending time with other adults in the same boat. You have been at home dealing with diapers and lack of sleep, so doing a play date when your baby is around six months old can be a breath of fresh air. More than anything, the babies will all still be sitting in your lap, but this can also be an opportunity for all of the new moms to do some light stretching and talk about life in general. It’s a great way to meet new people, but also have conversation about something other than diapers and binkies.

When your baby gets to be over six months old, but still under a year – this is when all of the babies can start socializing together. The babies love to watch each other, so it can be really fun to watch the babies that are able to crawl versus the babies that are into rolling over and even clapping. This is also an age where your baby may have a particular toy that is their own. You might notice that other children will be possessive over their favorite toys, but do not worry. Group involved baby games can began when your baby gets a bit older.

After your baby turns one, you may notice that your baby may have a bit of separation anxiety. This is the point where your baby is learning that independence is not such a bad thing, but meeting new people and going to different areas will perhaps stress out your baby. It is important to teach your baby that it is okay to meet new people by your demeanor. The more relaxed and happy you appear in front of your baby the better.

At 18 to 24 months, this is the time to be ready for action! Your child will be ready to play around other kids and have fun. It is important to teach your child to be nice and share. You will want to watch for any type of behavior that can be aggressive. Observation is important during this time, but you also want to make sure that your child understands that it is okay to go play.

Play dates are important for many reasons, but the socialization is essential in the development of your child. It also provides you and your partner the perfect time to relax and enjoy getting to know all of the other parents.

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