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Advantages of E-Learning during This Pandemic

COVID-19 is a global pandemic where many sectors were affected. One of the sectors was the education sector, leading to the closure of many schools. The impact was on all the education levels and the informal sector. The reason for the closure was to reduce the spread of the virus.

There has been a development of home-based learning to help with the learning process. Students have adapted to video calls via Zoom, Whatsapp, and other online learning platforms. Students can use ERPas software to help schools manage the learning process. Students have the choice and opportunity to interact with their tutors. It is a communication platform to help deliver information and data. All the data is in real-time.

Advantage of e-learning

  • Effective learning: It is possible to share all materials with all the students. Educators can share the information in a virtual set up and then upload all the documents like eBooks or videos. It is possible to set a time and schedule when the papers can be accessed. Students can pay someone to do my assignments online, and it will help when they have challenges with their homework.
  • Monitor activity: When students log in to their class sessions, tutors can monitor their activities. Their login time accounted for as their virtual class attendance. It will help the students to maintain discipline. All students’ activities happen within the virtual class. When the tutors give them the instructions to read, the system can know if they can open the document as instructed. When submitting a task, evaluation, and monitoring happen when they need to complete a task on time. All the log activities are better than in a physical classroom.
  • Practical evaluation: Online studies bring about effective evaluation. Educators can assess the learning process using different means like tests, final exams, and tests. The test can be done in various forms to ease with evaluation. They can be flexible and offer multiple choices, and more. It is possible to attach other media like voice recording, videos, and images. To ensure that the tests are practical, look for software to monitor all the students’ difficulties.
  • Student academic reports: Online education helps to give detailed information on the way students performing. When the students complete their tests, they can get automatic notifications for student development. It will help with different aspects such as presence, punctuality, completion task, test quality, and results. You will a detailed report for the students and educators.
  • Saves time: Students can access information anywhere at any time. The learning process is effective and affordable for both tutors and students. It helps students with knowledge retention with accessibility to interactive content. They can watch a video or a podcast, unlike the traditional learning regime. The content is more engaging for learners to enjoy more information. When students can enjoy learning, it will be easier to recall all the concepts.
  • E-learning is consistent: This form of learning can eliminate any issues. Students can benefit from consistent training and still enjoy the same experience as they would when taking traditional education. It is possible to personalize all the teaching and have a direct relationship between tutors and learners. They can have unique preferences and learning goals. It will be able to cater to all individual means, and students can learn at their own pace.
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Due to the pandemic, students can learn from anywhere they are; they can choose the learning form they prefer. Schools need to invest in different technologies and automate the learning process. Online studies have helped students during the pandemic; even though schools are closed, they can still learn.

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