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Planning An Intimate Ceremony? Here’s Why A Microwedding Is Just What You Need

Microwedding is a growing trend driven by several factors, including extortionate wedding expenses. With the average cost of a regular wedding at over $30,000, couples often struggle to finance their celebrations, even with the help of family. Furthermore, the guest list is, on average,150 or more, making it harder to manage the event. It may also lack the intimacy that a wedding should have given its size. Enter microweddings – a smaller gathering of 50 people or fewer, enabling couples to share their special moment and make their marriage celebration a truly memorable one.

A Smaller Wedding Is More Intimate

Many couples today realize that a smaller wedding is a practical yet attractive option for an important life event. Mandated lockdowns and restrictions have also affected everyone and contributed to the popularity of microweddings. You either put off your wedding until controls are loosened, or you go ahead with a smaller crowd. Transitioning from a large to a small celebration may not be easy, but it’s certainly possible – and the good news is that microwedding has advantages that you would not get in a larger-sized ceremony.

One of the major values of smaller ceremonies is the level of intimacy. A small ceremony gives you the opportunity to mingle with the people you love and care about more meaningfully than you can when you have to deal with hundreds of guests. Being able to spend time with guests, friends and family at the reception is a big plus and is sure to make your wedding unforgettable. Chat with pals, dance with a favourite uncle, or toast your big day with a childhood friend: devoting time to your guests is easier when you have fewer people at your wedding, and your odds of talking to everyone are much higher than they are at large ceremonies.

Quality Matters

Hosting a microwedding is less expensive than traditional nuptials. The money that you would have spent on elaborate venues, flowers and décor can now be used to pamper yourselves and your guests. If you’re paying less on food or favours, you can redirect that cash and splurge on your honeymoon or a lavish dinner.  In other words, you have the means to shift your expenses and elevate the quality of your wedding.

On the other hand, a smaller ceremony does not mean that you must sacrifice the sophistication of possibly the most important event of your life. Indulge in a luxurious bouquet, hire your favourite crooner, or book a luxurious getaway. It’s also possible to hold on to your full budget and increase spending per guest by paying for hotel rooms and transportation, a move that would not have been affordable if it were a bigger wedding. A fantastic guest experience is as memorable as the ceremony itself, and showing your gratitude to your special guests’ matters.

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Getting hitched does not always need to be on a huge scale. Smaller wedding ceremonies offer advantages too, such as enhancing the level of intimacy between you and guests and improving the quality of everything about your wedding – from guest experience to personal preferences.

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