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Finding Time To Stay Fit: A Guide To Staying Fit As A New Parent

If you’re having trouble fitting regular workouts into your routine as a new parent, simply continue reading to discover a few simple ways to find time to stay fit

1. Work Out When Your Baby Is Sleeping        

One of the best times to workout is when your baby is fast asleep. As an example, you may want to try getting up a little easier each morning, in order to fit in a quick workout. Especially, if you live with a spouse or partner, who’ll be able to attend to your baby before they head to work. Alternatively, if you’re too exhausted as a new parent to wake up earlier, try to fit in quick workouts such as Youtube workouts, when your baby naps in the afternoon or evening.     

2. Set Up A Home Gym           

As it’s hard to find the energy to drag yourself to your nearest gym, when you’re taking care of a baby, it’s well worth turning a spare room in your home into a home gym.If you don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on purchasing expensive gym equipment such as a treadmill or spin bike, simply purchase inexpensive gym equipment such as yoga mat, a jump rope and a stepper.     

3. Make Motivation Reminders

No matter how well you plan your day, unless you have the motivation to follow through with the plan, it’s not going to end well. Print out a motivating photo and hang it on your wall, something like a fitspo pic or a picture of you enjoying yourself at a physical activity. This will help maintain motivation.

4. Complete Body Resistance Exercise With Your Baby

In order to ensure that your body remains toned, you may want to experiment with completing body resistance exercises with your baby. As an example, try completing squats and lunges while holding your baby.    

5. Sign Up For A Gym Membership At A Gym Which Offers Child Minding Services      

You may be surprised to read that many modern gyms offer child minding services. That you may want to make use of, if you prefer working out at a gym rather than working out in your own home.     

6. Make Plans To Work Out With Other Mothers      

It’s also worth linking up with other mothers, such as the mothers who you would’ve met at your neonatal classes, in order to go for walks together. As if you make set plans with other mothers to exercise together you’ll be less likely to pull out of your workout, and working out with friends is very healthy for many reasons.     

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Accept Help From Your Loved Ones      

If you’re fortunate enough to have your parents, siblings or friends live nearby, it’s well worth asking them to look after your baby for short periods of time, so that you’ll be able to fit in a quick run around your neighbourhood or a speedy trip to the gym.    

8. Search Youtube For Workouts That You Complete In The Comfort Of Your Own Home      

Instead of purchasing workout DVDs, simply use Youtube to search for fun, free workouts. Some examples of workout videos that you’ll be able to complete include dance based workouts such as Zumba routines as well as HIIT workouts and kickboxing workouts. Alternatively, if you prefer more laid back workouts, you’ll also be able to complete yoga and Pilates workouts.One of the benefits of turning to Youtube for workouts, is that you’ll be able to complete brand new workouts on a daily basis. So you’ll never get bored of working out from home.     

9. Sign Up For Group Based Workout Classes At Your Local Gym    

If you work out harder, when you take part in group based fitness classes, it may be worth signing up for a few group workout classes at your local gym. As an example, you may want to sign up for evening classes, so that your partner will be able to watch your baby, while you’re at the gym.

10. Place Your Baby In A Stroller And Head Out For A Walk Or Jog

Another way to fit in regular daily workouts as a new parent, is to go for a brisk walk or a jog, with your baby safely tucked into its stroller. So if you like the idea of getting some fresh air and working out with your baby, it’s well worth taking a walk or jog around your neighbourhood or a nearby park.    

So if fitness is an important part of your lifestyle and you’re interested in finding fuss free ways to work out on a daily basis a new parent, its well worth using some of the handy tips listed above to stay fit and active!

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