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6 Best Graphic Novels Written By Women

Women have a unique ability to tell stories. Their writing captures your imagination in a way that is rare for male writers. They seem to have a personal connection with the actors, scenes, and descriptions they make when writing their novels. As a woman who has taken to online writing jobs as a reviewer, it is interesting to view the world from a feminine perspective.

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A lot of women have written graphic novels around the world and over generations. However, a few of these novels standout and can be used to tell the unique story from their perspective. Here is a list of the best graphic novels written by women and making headlines around the world.

  1. The House that Groaned

A lot of people would be uncomfortable looking at themselves on a mirror. The negative feeling has crushed the hearts of a lot of people because it elicits a terrible feeling of failure. People are uncomfortable with their bodies, choices in life, achievements, and more. The House that Groaned by Karrie Fransman brings a fresh perspective into how people see themselves.

The novel tells the story of six houses forming one apartment. You are taken through six stories that gel into one about the lives of people living in the houses. All the inhabitants have individual dreams but the reality of the place they live appears to provide a common fate. Since their paths have crossed, each will change the destiny of the other.

  1. Through the Woods

Emily Carroll has written for readers who love horror stories. The novel tells about the possibilities that lie beyond the woods. What appears like a fairytale will go terribly wrong in this collection of five stories. A normal act of traveling to your neighbor’s house will turn out to be a horror experience. The visual comic in these stories is exciting to read. It is an anthology worth every second.

  1. Fun Home

Alison Bechdel has produced one of the most fantastic graphics novels of all time. The book is written with such expertise that it has already been turned into a Tony-Winning Broadway Musical. What is your idea of the relationship between a lesbian woman and her father? Alison uses flowery descriptive words to give you a glimpse into this relationship. It is a powerfully human novel that will change your perspective about life.

  1. Bitch Planet

The world is considered generally patriarchal. The largest percentage around the world has conformed to this world-view. Kelly Sue DeConnick has written this novel in order to compel women to be comfortable with this tag. She wants women to do whatever ‘bitching’ it takes to reclaim the power lost in patriarchy.

  1. This One Summer

Jillian and Mariko Tamaki have chosen the shade of purple to narrate about the tragedy ladies face at adolescence. The narratives are extremely sensitive, evocative, and emotional. The girls have to deal their first crushes, emotional turmoil, and problems at home, among other issues. It is a journey through self discover for the teens or a chance to look back at your teenage worries and laugh.

  1. The One Hundred Nights of Hero

If you were to cut a page of this novel by Isabel Greenberg and frame it because it was captivating, you would end up with the entire book. Cherry is a maid and the secret lover of Hero. Hero will tell you of the tricks made to ensure that a friend to the husband of the house does not seduce Cherry. It is a huge blow to patriarchy yet a mesmerizing read.

Women have produced excellent works for literature lovers. Their graphics novels stand out and will remain to set the standards for years. So, even if for now you’re just looking through the writing samples and dream of becoming a writer one day, this dream may really come true! In fact, it will be interesting to watch future writers pushing the bar higher each day.

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