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5 Safe Ways to Have Fun with Friends

Having a close group of friends is the key to a happy life. In addition to providing companionship and support, friends just make it a lot easier and fun! Don’t miss out on chances to connect with friends, instead adjust and get creative. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

 Have a Party

 There is just something special about having friends over to the house for a get-together. The music, lights and decorations set the mood for lively conversation and memorable food and drinks. Keeping it small and planning an outdoor event is key if you want an in-person soire or you can plan an elaborate virtual party. Celebrating something special but you can’t be together? You can send money with a mobile app to your loved one along with a grocery list, don’t forget the sparkling wine, so you can celebrate together.

 Go on a Camping Trip

 Camping is a great way to escape the stresses of life for a few days. Spending time in nature really has a way of relaxing the mind. Make the most of the experience by having everyone sleep in tents at the campground and keep the group small. You will also want to take part in a few outdoor activities that cannot be done anywhere else. Hiking, fishing and canoeing are essential activities while camping.

 Host a Video Game Tournament

 The internet has made it easier than ever before to play video games with a group of friends. While this is a great way to stay connected to long-distance friends, it is far more enjoyable to play with everyone in the same room. Invite everyone over to see who truly has the best skills. Since most games are only designed for two or four players, you may need to set up another television to let everyone play at the same time.

 Go to a Concert

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Listening to music at home can be very cathartic, but nothing will beat seeing your favourite songs performed live at a concert. Arrange to view streaming concerts together and set up your screen as much like a concert as you can. Prop it high up so you can dance and hold your phone up like you would at a live event. Dancing is just more fun with other people around.

 Compete Online

 Sports are the perfect activity for a group of friends because you will have fun while also staying active. Now it’s easy to go head to head with your most competitive friends with stationary bike apps, push up challenges, fitness wearables, dance challenges, home item weight lifting, and more.

 No matter what you are interested in, almost every activity is more enjoyable when done with your friends and there is no reason to lose touch when distanced for safety. You just have to make the plans and stick to it. Nurture your close friendships by getting together socially and safely or virtually on a regular basis until we are able to get back into normal routines.

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