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5 Profitable Side Jobs You Can Do While You Travel

Many people want to travel more, but their office jobs make their travel goals difficult to achieve. If you love travelling, there are countless job opportunities out there that you can make money from while travelling. Some of the most profitable side jobs allow you to travel and make money at the same time. Additionally, there are travel jobs that offer flexibility, especially for people who do not have any university degrees or professional certifications.

However, you must know that if these jobs were easy to get, everyone would be working and travelling the world. Although many of these jobs don’t require a degree, you must have passion, skills, commitment, and in many cases talent. While it may not be easy to get some of these jobs, it is possible to find a profitable job while travelling.

In this article, we are exploring 5 profitable side jobs that you can do while you travel the world.

Freelance travel writer

Many writers dream about writing about travel. However, it is not a job that anyone can do. You must be good with words, and you also need to learn the business side of the job including networking, pitching your ideas to editors, and many more. The great about the freelance writing job is that there many platforms where you can offer your services to bloggers and news sites who need travel content. The opportunities are endless for freelance travel writers, and you can earn more than a side income from it.

Travel Blogging

This is a highly sought-after side job by many young people who want to make some extra income while travelling. Whether it is just to be able to pay for their accommodation while away or to pay for the experience, a travel blogging job has the potential to become give you a lot of money. But it is not easy building your travel blogging audience. It takes a lot of time, blogging experience, and knowledge of how social media works. And you do not have to write about travel, there are many things to write about including fashion, food, lifestyle, or even a mommy blogger. If you have what it takes, you should start right away and share your travel experience with the world, and you just might be the next big travel influencer.

Become a voiceover artiste

Another profitable side job that you can do while travelling is voice overs. This job requires great voice acting skills and some equipment for recording and editing your voiceovers. You can earn money from your vocals while travelling by uploading your demos to

Become a tour guide

Working as a tour guide for a tour company either on a single location or on multiple cities is the perfect job for anyone who wants to earn extra income while. Another option is to create your custom tours. You can focus on unique attractions that are off the beaten path such as secret caves and hiking paths, and many more.

Travel photographer

Travel photographer
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Similar to travel blogging, a travel photographer travels the world capturing scenic and fascinating. This is a job where you get to sell the prints of images you capture while you travel. However, it is a job that requires some photo editing skills. You use your mobile device since they come with great camera quality. By uploading your photographs to micro-stock sites, or you can sell them directly to clients who need them for their books, marketing campaigns, websites, and magazines. You can become a travel photography influencer who gets hired to travel to different cities in the world.

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