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3 Things You Can Find Cheap at Yard Sales

Fashion may change and cycle, but yard sales are forever.  Peaking every spring and summer before they vanish in the middle of fall, these small sales allow homeowners to get rid of things they no longer need and give shoppers the chance to purchase goods at heavily discounted rates.  Instead of struggling to buy things straight from retailers, you only have to deal with the fact that everything is second hand to save some money.  It’s fantastic!  When you hit a yard sale, though, there are some items most people should keep an eye out for.

Here are the top three.


Whether you’re moving into new Halton real estate or you’re moving apartments and need furniture to fill out extra rooms- yard sales are a perfect place to start.  Furniture at yard sales is often exceptionally well taken care of yet still well used.  The best finds are bed frames, tables, and dressers.  You can also find good deals on sofas, mattresses, and other soft furniture, but be careful when purchasing these because of smells and stains.

A new bedroom set, including a dresser, bed, side table, and desk, could cost you somewhere over a thousand dollars.  At a great yard sale, a collection of this size wouldn’t go over a couple of hundred dollars.  Save your money, and you can still get high-quality pieces.

Disc Entertainment

Although the CD and DVD era seems to be coming to an end, that doesn’t mean you should overlook them for their entertainment value!  DVDs can be found for as cheap as three to five dollars each, and CDs are sometimes sold for less than a dollar.  Use these discounts to broaden what you watch and listen to, and you may find something you love and never heard of before!

Disc Entertainment
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Another fun thing to look for in CD lots is old CD-Rom games.  These games were a staple of the late 1990s and early 2000s entertainment, and pop culture.  There are entire communities online built around the nostalgia of these games- and for a good reason!  Not only are these discs fun, but you can also resell many of them for a considerable profit.  A physical copy of Fallout 2, a game that’s widely available as a download, is worth well over four hundred dollars, a giant markup from what it cost to purchase in the early 2000s.


To fill out any kitchen, create any laundry room, and complete any home- appliances are a must.  Whether you’re looking to get a new toaster oven or replace your dishwasher, you’ll be able to find most necessities at yard sales.  When checking these out, the most important thing to consider is to see if they run well and are well maintained.  You don’t want to spend the time or energy of lugging these expensive things home, only to find out they don’t work or aren’t what you needed.  Ask questions, try to run the machine, and possibly try to barter with them if the price is too high.  There’s always some money to be saved.

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