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19 Decoration Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom Interior Design

There’s nothing like a welcoming house to come home to, but we believe that the most crucial element to having an inviting home is a warm and cozy bedroom. Your bedroom should be your comfort zone, that one spot in the whole world where you can just be yourself.

The question is, do you think your room has that atmosphere? If you think that it can still be improved, then you’re in the perfect place. Today, we are going to share with you the top decoration ideas in order to achieve that cozy bedroom interior design.

The Paint

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A simple yet drastic change that you can do for your bedroom, or any other room in your home that you want to breathe more life in, is to repaint it. You have three palettes to choose from. You can opt for warmer tones for a cozier feel. You can go for dark walls for a more serene and peaceful place to slumber. Or you can go for an all-white room for a more spa-like feel. 

Carpets and Rugs

Once you’re done with the walls, the next thing that you can improve to create a cozier atmosphere is the floor. You can opt for an area rug to cover a wide space, or you can layer carpets and rugs of different textures for a warmer rustic effect. You can also try layering different patterns on top of each other. Just make sure that they all belong to the same color palette.


The next element that you should definitely consider is the lighting. Remember, your room is for resting, so it doesn’t need harsh lighting. Instead, opt for softer lighting options. If you really must read before you go to bed, then you should choose a focused lighting piece for that like a lamp.

Creating the Perfect Bed

Now that we are done with the walls, floors, and lighting, it’s time to get into the focal part of the room. Here are the ways to level up your bed game:

  • Pillows. Lots and lots of pillows. In fact, the more pillows you pile on top of each other, the more your bed will be more comfortable. What you want, though, is to attain the balance between patterned and plain ones, and that they match the theme of your beddings. Speaking of which…
  • Blankets. Do you know what else should be layered? Blankets. And just like your carpets and rugs, we encourage you to experiment in different patterns and textures, again in your chosen color palette. Remember, in a cozy room, one can never really have an excess of blankets and throws. 
  • A Lacey Canopy. Who doesn’t want to wake up on a lazy Saturday morning to a bed that seems to be floating in clouds because it’s draped in ethereal white lace curtains? It also separates your bed from the rest of the room, and designate is the area strictly for sleeping and relaxing.
  • A Tufted Headboard. Another element that you can add to your bed is a tufted headboard. You can definitely have any other headboard style but it wouldn’t be as comforting and befitting your oasis such as a tufted headboard, won’t it?

Furniture and Accents

The canvas of your sanctuary now has a background and a focal point. The only thing that’s left to do now is to add in the details. Here are some more decoration ideas:

  • Natural Elements. For bigger furniture pieces like your bed and nightstand, we recommend getting them in wood instead. This inserts natural elements into your room that can help further soften up its look. Having plants around the room also helps not only in literally freshening up your indoor air, but it also allows you some green spaces to rest your eyes. 
  • Vintage Pieces. Nothing spells “lived in” than using vintage items as accent pieces to dot your room here and there. You can also use vintage items as part of your DIY projects. For instance, a vintage suitcase secured on top of a stool, filled with your favorite novels within sounds like the perfect nightstand to have during those days when all you want to do is to curl in your bed and read. 
  • Handmade Accents. Fill your room with pieces that spark joy, memory, and love. And nothing speaks of love better than the knitted throw that your grandmother labored on for days, or that decoupaged footstool that your great grandfather did and has been passed on for generations. Or better yet, why don’t you fill your room with your own handmade creations. You don’t need big pieces. Even small crocheted coasters for your coffee and teacups can already make a big difference.  
  • Floral Pieces. Aside from greenery, don’t be afraid to add a spark of color and femininity into your room by dotting it with floral pieces here and there. Nothing beats the scent and delicate vibe of a fresh bouquet of your favorite flowers in a crystal vase, but you can also incorporate the floral pattern into your beddings, wallpaper, and curtains. This leads us to the next tip.


You can have control over your lighting inside your room, but you certainly don’t have much control over external lighting. The only thing that you can do about it is to use the proper curtains. You have two choices for that. You can either opt for a lacey piece like your canopy. You can fall asleep gazing in the moonlight and rise with the sun shining upon you, or you can get thicker blackout curtains so that it’s perpetually the perfect time for slumber in your room.

Special Nooks

Make the room work for you and speak of your personality and the things you enjoy by creating a special nook for your interests. Here are some ideas:

  • A reading nook is great. Fill up a wall with a library of bookshelves, and complete it with a couch you can sink in, a foot stool you can stretch your feet on, a small side table you can put your coffee cup on, and a favorite blanket you can cuddle into especially during chilly days.
  • A meditation spot is a resting spot for your mind. What’s great is that you can fit this even in a limited space. All you need is to choose a corner of your room to place a small altar (Hint: Anything can serve as an altar, even a window. What’s important is to make it personal), a mat or a meditation chair, and some space for your candle, incense or scent diffuser. We put high value over scents because it really changes the mood of the room. 
  • Reserve a place for your furry friend. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cat or a dog person. We just know one thing’s for sure. Having a loyal pet by your side can help heal one’s hurts and relieve mental burdens. That being said, reserve a place for him to cozy into your room as well.

Don’t Digitize

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Finally, there’s no room for gadgets and digital appliances in your sanctuary. In fact, there has been a lot of research that has proven how disruptive the blue screen of your phone is to your sleep quality. If you really must wake up to an alarm, have a small basket away from your bed, and near your door, where you can drop your phone into the moment you enter your room. As an added bonus, getting up just to shut off the alarm can also help you minimize tapping the snooze button.

The Bottom Line

In the end, what’s most important is to make your room more comfortable. Prioritize comfort over style. By choosing each element of your bedroom with love and care, the aesthetic will simply follow. You can be sure of that. 

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