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10 Ways To Prepare Your Child For The First Day At School

Schooling is the most important part of raising a child. We always want to have it to be perfect and as I went through a similar experience recently. I can relate to the feeling. But, there are several aspects to the schooling of a child and is not just about finding the right school!

According to Unicef, about 90% of Global children have enrolled in schools worldwide. But, when it comes to sending our children for schooling, it is not a statistic, rather it is an emotional moment and in these moments, certain basics needs attention as you would not want your child to be messy on the first day at school.

These are some important factors in finding the right school or kindergarten, though it largely depends on the age and liking of your child as well as the availability of finances to you, but you can decide to apply for hassle free auto title loans so you do not have to compromise on your child’s education on financial grounds.

So, without any due further, let us explore ten important ways to prepare your child for the big day!

1. Finding The Right School:

The first and most important step is finding the right school for your child and if he or she is yet to go for a preschool or kindergarten than you need to search for a kindergarten with the following attributes. 

  • The most important attribute is the safety of your child.
  • Look for online reviews and do a background check on the management.
  • Examine the environment around the Kindergarten.
  • Visit the classrooms and other amenities to experience what your child will.
  • Find their methods and activities with the children.
  • Try to know more about the faculties if possible.

These are some important factors in finding the right school or kindergarten, though it largely depends on the age and liking of your child too.

2. Daily Routine:

If your child is a late riser and a night owl! Breaking the sleep one fine day to send your child to school will not work instantly. Hence, try and cultivate a daily routine, while you are still searching for the right place for schooling. How can you do it? 

  • Control the day’s sleeping hours.
  • Make them play hard just before they sleep.
  • Keep them fed enough so an empty stomach may not hamper their sleep.
  • Develop a sense of group eating and playing well with others.
  • Teach some manners to respect people. 
  • Often children are accustomed to be with the family all the time and so they need to have an idea about time without family.
  • Allow them to play with neighboring kids they don’t know off, with monitoring from a distance.

3. Dressing For Big day:

If the kindergarten or school has a specific dress code, then you may follow the same or can go shopping for your little one. This can be though planned and you can save on your costs by planning the shopping spree in a sale season or try an e-commerce app developed by a mobile app development company in advance to avoid last time rush.

4. Accessorize your child:

You can be creative with their dressing and overall appearance by adding some useful accessories, to make them look the best on their first day. But, do remember not to go overboard as it will look like a peacock among goose!

5. The essentials:

Note down
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The essentials list must be retrieved from the school or kindergarten based on their learning methods. Else, there are three essentials that any child in the world will need irrespective of the region or culture or any other demographic difference.

  1. A Lunch Box
  2. A Water Bottle/Sipper
  3. A Hanky/handkerchief

You can miss any other essential from your list, but, these three will top your list. 

You can also bring in some creative stuff to enhance the creative skill of your child and nurture early learning.

6. Habits:

What is the biggest issue a mother faces raising a child? A child will always have a bag of tricks to avoid food! Feeding a three-year-old is like slaying a dragon. Imagine the same for a kindergarten teacher, who doesn’t have the kind of persuasion, you might possess with your child.

Cultivating few eating habits is important for schooling as your child will have the food provided by you in the lunch box or from the school based on their method. But, even food from you will be based on a predefined menu decided by the school management, which might not be according to your child’s taste.

Hence, developing good eating habits is vital for schooling day one.

7. Active Communication:

It is important to have an active conversation with your child to understand the standard mannerisms of expression. As the same can be conveyed to the faculties at school for ease of teaching and expression for your child.

While, many parents tend to avoid the importance of their child being vocal enough to express the needs, before their schooling, it is highly recommended to let your child develop enough vocal power before the schooling.

8. Hygiene Training:

Train your child to be more hygienic about manners in which he or she plays, eats and even goes for excretions. Though most parents and teachers advocate the use of diapers today, yet developing the urge of urination to be expressed by your child is important.

Common hygiene markers like, washing hands before eating or after excretion is essential, though there are teachers and other staff to care for your child. Teaching these common traits about daily routines and hygiene can make a different impression of your child and you as a parent.

9. Planning the Big Day:

Plan your work, schedule your meetings and be there with your child on the big day, as there is nothing more important than being with your family. Ultimately, you and your child will have that moment of magic!

Your child may be too young to remember the moment, but, you will never forget those first baby steps to the big world out there! Don’t get too excited to forget the essentials of your child and be there with all your child’s needs and talk to faculties for all the necessary feedbacks and instructions.

10. Capture the big day:

In the digital age, not being able to capture these moments on your smartphone or camera can be considered a crime. Grab these magical moments and record them in your digital device. This is not only for your child when you will grow old, but you will also remember these days and will need these pictures and videos to cherish each moment.

Be there for some time if the same is allowed, don’t get too emotional and weaken your child’s spirits. Let them go and win the world with all the spirited and young dreams they can fathom. 


Children are the most important part of our life and nurturing them for the future will build a better tomorrow. We need to induce humanitarian beliefs and actions in our children, the same old sharing and caring routine has lost its charm and there seems to be a digital curse upon us.

We need to spell the magic of being human on our children and free them from the digital curse to allow them to explore the real beauty of being a human and the real benefit of sharing and caring. Always remember that schooling is just a start for greater things to come and we would want that first step to being the best!

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