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10 Essential Telecommuting Careers For Moms

Earning a living is quite challenging when moms have little kids at home. They become torn between having to stay home or having to go to work. Nevertheless, times have changed, and moms now need not leave their homes to generate incomes. With technology advancing each day, work has become flexible subsequently. There are now telecommuting jobs for stay-at-home moms, so they can take care of the kids and earn at the same time.

Now, the next issue that you probably have in mind is what kind of job you can do from home. Do not fret, because there’s a long list of home-based employment from which you could choose. Nevertheless, due to limitations in space, I give you here the ten most in-demand and perhaps the quickest start if you plan to venture into work-from-home.

1. Data Entry

Data entry jobs, as the name implies, encoding data. It also involves checking the integrity of information from a variety of sources. To get into this kind of job, you must have excellent attention to detail, and you must be able to accomplish tasks with little to no supervision. You don’t need a college degree for this job, but a basic knowledge of spreadsheets, like MS Excel, would help, though not a requirement, since many companies have their tools for this job. Of course, you must be a fast learner. Some jobs related to data entry may be called data entry professional, data entry clerk, data entry operator, and data entry specialist.

2. Tutor

Today’s technology has made it easy for students to find tutors online. There are many subjects from which you could choose–you can teach math, science, and the most common, English. There is a high demand for teachers, especially of English as a Second Language, and there’s a wide range of clients, from pre-schoolers to professionals. In most cases, like in the more specialized subjects like math and science, experience in teaching would be necessary. However, for ESL, some companies do not require teaching experience. You only need to be conversant in the English language and be able to know when to correct the student. There are options of video and voice-only classes, and there are times when you would have to record your classes too. That’s when learning how to use some audio and video editor tools would come in handy, but not necessary.

3. Telephone Interviewer

Telephone interviewers gather information from respondents for researches done by certain organizations. Companies that look for such employees would not require college degrees but will look into an exceptional computer, data entry, communication, and interpersonal skills. Since this job will be dealing with calls, a quiet environment would be needed. Other similar jobs would be research telephone interviewer, research assistant, field interviewer, or telephone agent.

4. Writer

Writing is perhaps the best jobs for moms because most of the time, this is output based and free from the constraints of working regular hours. There are many kinds of writing jobs online: content writer or specialist, web reporter, e-book writer, copywriter, and many others. There is a very high demand for writers because every website, for one, will need a writer, and imagine just how many sites there are in the internet superhighway. Then there are even the opportunities for non-online projects like academic writing, book writing, and many others. The schedule also tends to be very flexible; as long as you meet the deadline and the quality, then the hours you work don’t matter. As for quality, proofreading tools like Grammarly would be utterly helpful.

5. Transcriber

A transcriber or transcriptionist would need to transcribe audio files of various topics, from legal to entertainment. Sometimes the materials are reviews or accounts of events, like recordings of doctors making diagnoses or experiments, and sometimes these would be recorded calls from call centers. Depending on the kind of materials that an employer deals, candidates may need basic knowledge of related terminologies, like if the employer mostly has medical materials, then the transcriptionist must have basic knowledge of medical terms, and the same goes for legal materials. Of course, attention to detail and grammar would be needed as well. You’ll know that a job is about transcription if the title is any of the following: typist, patient experience agent, transaction processor, or market research transcriber. Candidates who are bilingual or multilingual would have an edge.

6. Translator

If you speak more than one language, then a job as a translator would be great for you. The upside of this is that since few people speak a second language, there is a high demand for a translator but low supply, and with that comes more than decent salaries. Now, even though fluency in the target style is utterly important, employers also tend to choose candidates with industry experience. In this line of work, success comes if you have exceptional speaking and writing communication skills in the target languages. Translator jobs are also called captioners, interpreters, or language analysts.

7. Proofreader

There is also a significant demand for proofreaders since every organization has written materials to fix, especially with their online content. Proofreaders must have a keen attention to detail and the ability to manage time well. It will also help if there is basic knowledge about the subject matter of materials. For instance, if the site you will be proofreading is legal, then a basic knowledge of legal terms would help considerably. The schedule of proofreaders is often very flexible; that’s why it is one of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms who must work on their own time.

8. Customer Service Representative

There are different natures of customer service jobs. Some representatives might do outbound or inbound calls, or both. There are also email or chat support instead of voice. It is also a flexible job, but it could be taxing as well if you get hold of a busy account. Nevertheless, since many companies have such service, then if you can’t commit to a tight schedule, you can go for companies that have flexible time.

9. Web Search Evaluator

Web Search Evaluators need excellent computer and research skills with a high-speed Internet connection. There is also a high demand for bilingual or multilingual applicants. Some other related jobs would be search engine evaluator, web content coordinator, and web marketing, coordinator. There are part-time, freelance, and full-time positions for this, like in many other home-based jobs.

10. Account Executive

Account executives are needed jobs as many companies must build and maintain relationships with clients. Account executives also manage day-to-day affairs while also making sure that customers are satisfied. It was once a strictly in-office job, but as technology broadens, account executives now have the freedom to work from home, given that they meet their targets. However, most employers would look for candidates with a four-year degree and industry experience.

Ultimately, there is no more stopping modern-day stay-at-home moms from earning their share of the household income. There are many jobs from which they could choose, and they will not have to sacrifice their time with their kids. Working from home is indeed ideal for a harmonious environment.

I hope that this article has helped you decide which job fits you best. If you want to share your experience or if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the box below.

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