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10 Baby Items With the Highest Resale Value

Our children grow up so fast. If you are a parent, then you know how quickly they outgrow their clothes, equipment, and even their toys. In a blink of an eye, the cute outfit that you bought just last month cannot be worn anymore and you need to buy a new one. That is why buying gently used baby items can be a smart decision for your budget. Even though some items are just not practical nor safe to use after somebody else, most baby gear can be reused. That also means that it can be resold too. If your attic is full of such stuff, maybe it is time for you to declutter and get some money. Let us see what the baby items with the highest resale value are.

1. Car seats

Remember all those great family road trips you had with your baby? Now that your little one has outgrown his/her seat, you can pass it to somebody else or you can sell it. A car seat is one of the most important items on any parent’s shopping list when they are getting ready to welcome a new family member. At the same time, it is one of the most expensive pieces of baby equipment, so it should be chosen prudently. Reselling your used car seat can be rewarding, but you should only do it if your car seat is in good condition. Car seats are not to be reused if they have undergone even a minor car accident, or if their expiration date is due. Yes, even the car seats have expiration dates – the materials they are made of cannot last forever since they are exposed to heat, vibrations, and tear. Please bear this in mind and don’t sell yours if you wouldn’t like your child to use it.

2. High chairs

High chairs can be rather expensive to buy and if you are lucky to have yours in good condition, you might be able to sell it at a good price. Those that are in demand these days have a five-point harness and a fixed crotch post for maximum safety. If your old one has those features, you should be able to sell it rather quickly. But, if it is rather worn out due to its constant use, don’t expect to earn much from it unless it’s brand is popular.

3. Strollers

Shopping for strollers can be very stressful, since there are so many manufacturers and so many models to choose from on the market. And don’t get us started on the prices. But you probably remember all that from the time you bought a stroller for your baby. Now that your little one doesn’t need it anymore, you can sell them and make some money. Don’t be sentimental, get rid of stuff in your storage unit and make room in your home and your life for some new memories.

Nowadays there are many safety standards to be met, and the newer models are supposed to be safer for use than the older ones. In fact, all the pieces made after 2015 are OK to reuse and you should be able to resell them at a good price. Of course, the money that you can get will depend on the brand, model, the year they are made in and the general state of your strollers. Having the original instruction manual will help you earn more. Also, if you happen to have kept the accessories (such as the umbrella, trey, or a mosquito screen) made especially for the stroller model you have, don’t forget to include them in the offer.

4. Bouncers

A baby bouncer is one of the most popular gifts that a new baby can get. However, not all babies love them. If you were unfortunate enough to get or buy the one that your precious little one refused to use, now you might be able to resell it. The additional features like music, various attachments, and interesting patterns will add to the value of this baby item.

5. Playpens 

Before reselling your used playpen, you should check a few things. If you want to sell the item that is safe for use it should be made according to safety standards issued in 2013. There should be no dangling cords nor loose mattresses inside the playpen. Exercising with your baby needs to be safe for both of you. Check whether it is folding the way it should and inspect the mesh for holes and tears. Just like with any other baby item you would like to resell, you should try to make the playpen clean and spotless. Many people are OK with buying used stuff, but not many of them would go for stained and messy items.

6. Baby carriers

Whether you used a wrap, ring sling, pouch, buckle carrier, meh dai or a backpack to carry your baby around, there is no need to hold on to these items anymore. If there are in good condition, they can be sold for good value. The brand name will probably play the most important role in setting the price though.

7. Baby monitors

Baby monitors and similar products are great for reselling. You don’t need them anymore and if they work properly, they might be just as good as new. The same goes for sound machines that also serve as a nightlight. The more functions these devices have, the easier they will get resold. If you kept the receipt and warranty paper (if still valid), you will be able to return quite the amount of your original investment in these devices.

8. Baby clothes and shoes

A baby can usually wear a piece of clothing for no longer than a month or two. It often happens that he/she outgrows it without even putting a certain outfit on. Such items that have been gently used or not used at all can be resold or donated. We know that letting go of your baby clothes might be emotional for you, but you should think about the new pieces you will be able to buy for your child after you sell these. Some of the used items people often look to buy online are:

  • Snowsuits, boots and other winter equipment that often remains in good condition even after several babies used it;
  • Halloween costumes – the baby before yours probably wore it once, just like your baby will, so you’ll be able to resell it;
  • Non-walking shoes – probably worn just for taking photos and on special occasions;
  • Hats, scarves, and gloves;
  • Designer clothes – even those pieces can be classified as baby clothes on a budget, if used.

9. Bottle sterilizers

One of the most practical things a new parent might need is a bottle sterilizer. But, let’s be honest, this device can be rather expensive. That is why many people decide to look for already used ones. To get the maximum price for it, make sure that you have all the attachments and the instruction manual. The more functions it has, the better. Apparently, the drying function is something that tops the list of requirements for a bottle sterilizer.

10. Breast pumps

Some new moms won’t be OK with reusing somebody else’s breast pump, and that is fine, especially if we are talking about manual models. These are usually not so expensive to buy new, so you shouldn’t be hoping to resell yours for more than a few dollars. On the other hand, electric models are much more expensive and those can be reused many times. They are among the items with the highest resale value.

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