However, doe urine and other scents may be used to attract deer while hunting, as long as the scents are not used on or with grain or other food products. During the 2019 early youth portion, young hunters harvested 18,158 deer. See Rifle, Shotgun, and Bow Areas for where these implements are allowed. Youth 16 and younger, who possess a valid deer permit, may hunt during this special deer season only while under the immediate supervision of an adult 18 or older. 2020-21 MAINE HUNTING SEASONS 2020-21 MAINE HUNTING SEASONS 2020-21 MAINE HUNTING SEASONS DEER WMDs SEASONS LIMITS FIRST DAY LAST DAY DAILY BAG & POSSESSION Firearms Season All November 2, 2020 November 28, 2020 1 Deer Per Year** Maine Resident Only Day* All October 31, 2020 Youth Deer Day All October 24, 2020 Archery/Crossbow All October 3, 2020 October 30, 2020 … Youth free hunting days in 2020 are Sept. 5-6 and Nov. 28-29. Click here to view the list of public land sites open to hunt the 2020 Illinois Youth Firearm Deer Season. Julie Woodman of North Bend bagged this blacktail deer in the Evans Creek Unit. Free Youth Hunting: Hunters ages 15 and younger may hunt deer free (no license or permits required) Dec. 26-27 using any legal method (including centerfire rifles), and may hunt or trap other species currently in season Dec. 26-Jan. 1. Only one antlered deer may be taken during the entire firearms season (all portions combined). Q Quota Hunt c Check-In Hunt s Sign-In Hunt Q Quality Deer Symbol C Youth Hunt C YOUTH HUNT: DEER/BEAR Quota Application Deadline: Sept. 1 for designated quota hunts only One adult may supervise one child. The adult must be 18 or older and hunter-education certified or born before Jan. 1, 1967. Permits are available at participating locations throughout the state, or online HERE. 31. Elk Species Page. Cottontail Rabbit and Snowshoe Hare: Sept. 15 - Mar. Hunting Seasons. To participate, the youth must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years of age. South: Nov. 7 - Jan. 17: Youth-only: North: Oct. 31 - Nov. 1 & Jan. 4-17: South: Oct. 31 - Nov. 1 & Jan. 4-17: Special Late: North: Jan. 4-17: South: Jan. 18 - Jan. 31: Archery: 252 of 254 counties: Oct. 3 - Nov. 6: Muzzleloader: 90 of 254 counties: Jan. 4-17 Summary of 2020-21 Hunting Seasons (PDF). 1 bearded or male turkey per hunter in youth/spring season Youth Apr. Seasons that have ended for the year will not be shown. MDC notes the antler-point restriction does not apply to youth hunters using a firearms deer hunting permit during the youth portion. 2020-2021 Deer Hunting Seasons Youth Season: Sept 19 - Oct 4 Regular Gun 1: Dec 5-9 Regular Gun 2: Dec 12-20 Bow: Oct 1 - Dec 4 & Dec 21 - Jan 10, 2021 Early Muzzleloader: Oct 17-25 Muzzleloader: Dec 21-Jan 10, 2021 Disabled Hunter: Sept 19-Oct 4 Nonresident Holiday Antlerless-Only: Dec 24-Jan 2, 2021. 27-28, 2021* Daily bag: 1 bearded turkey per day. 36 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<15E9FA7309C4A14EB26485BE31294E08><86B75B2CAB22EB4098C6B58FE6704457>]/Index[7 78]/Info 6 0 R/Length 127/Prev 60153/Root 8 0 R/Size 85/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream endstream endobj startxref Crow: Aug. 1 - Sept. 30 and Feb. 1 - Mar. COUNTY Archery Season Firearms Season Muzzleloader Season Lands Open Sept. 13 Sept.20 Sept. 27 Oct. 4 Oct. 11 Oct. 18 Oct. 25 Nov. 1 Nov. 8 Nov. 15 Nov. 22 Jan. 3 Jan. 10 Jan. 17 Jan. 24 Nov. 15 (jJr. Home; Seasons; Deer - Firearms, Youth; Deer - Firearms, Youth . Bait includes grain or feed placed or scattered to attract deer or turkeys. Sept. 26 - 27, 2020 View Squirrel Youth-Only hunting regulations for your county. Deer. White-tailed deer season dates; Season Zone Dates; General: North: Nov. 7 - Jan 3. 2020–2021 Hunting Seasons Delta Zone: Areas west of I-55 and north of I-20 plus areas south of I-20 and west of U.S. Highway 61, excluding the South Delta Zone. Additional information on hunting seasons and regulations can be found in MDC’s 2020 Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations booklet HERE. 2020-21 General WMA Regulations; Hunter Education; Wildlife Management. Migratory Game Birds (2020/2021) Waterfowl zones map Goose zones map. Bear: See season dates in the Michigan Bear Hunting Digest. Deer Species Page. The adult must be 18 or … Exceptions: Additional deer may be taken by participating in the Expanded Archery Season, or by anyone possessing a bonus antlerless deer permit or superpack antlerless deer permit. Dec 26 2020 to Jan 05 2021 Dec 25 2021 to Jan 04 2022. MDC reminds hunters the use of bait is illegal while hunting. Between August 4, 2020 - August 31, 2020: … Hunt) Holiday Antlerless: December 18, 2020 to December 31, 2020. Hours: One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset . The newly created zones D and E will allow hunters to gun hunt before and during the peak of the rut (deer breeding season) in those locations. %PDF-1.6 %���� These youth hunting events are scheduled one weekend prior to the normal hunting season and are open to residents and non-residents 15 years of age and younger. Search. South Delta Zone: All Mississippi lands south of Bunge Road; south of MS Highway 14; west of MS Highway 149; west of MS Highway 3 to Business 61 and to I-20; and east of the state line (in MS River). There are two ways to hunt big game in Oregon – during a general season or in a controlled hunt. The free youth hunting days for 2020 are Sept. 5-6, and Nov. 28-29. That day is followed by October 10 in the South Zone, and then November 7 in the Coastal Zone. Youth Hunting Information Free Youth Hunting Days. Before the season … SPRING TURKEY S/A Young Sportsman (ages 6-16) Mar. h�bbd``b`f 6 V�� lgA\U ��b9 � "ڀg/���qg ��@B|�����V �� �5�:b� �@�1H��� �> ������a�A�ß��r � )� Youth free hunting days are traditionally set as the first full weekend after Sept. 1 when dove and squirrel season are open, as well as the weekend after Thanksgiving when deer, rabbit, squirrel, and other gamebird and furbearer seasons are open. (Edited News Release) - The Missouri Department of Conservation encourages young hunters to get outdoors and discover nature this weekend for the early portion of youth firearms deer season Oct. 31 – Nov. 1. During the youth portions of firearms deer season, adults who accompany youth hunters do not need a deer hunting permit. The late youth portion of firearms deer season runs Nov. 27-29. Agency constituents are urged to continue complying with required social distancing and mass gathering guidelines when enjoying … Photo by Steve Woodman. The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC) approved notices of intent for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 hunting seasons, 2020-21 general and Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) hunting seasons and rules and regulations, 2021 general and WMA turkey hunting season and rules and regulations, and 2020-21 migratory bird hunting season and rules and regulations at its May meeting. KENTUCKY HUNTING SEASONS 2020-2021 DEEREarly Season Late Season Archery Sept. 5, 2020 - Jan. 18, 2021 Youth/Senior Crossbow Crossbow Sept. 19, 2020 - Jan. 18, 2021 Youth-only Gun Oct. 10-11, 2020 Muzzleloader Oct. 17-18, 2020 Dec. 12-20, 2020 Modern Gun Nov. 14-29, 2020 Free Youth Weekend Dec. 26-27, 2020 man faces charges in death of his son, Proposal calls for Missouri’s first gas tax increase in decades, Arkansas’ Hutchinson praises Trump in signing virus bill, Missouri begins vaccinations at long-term care facilities, Fired Tyson boss says COVID office pool was a ‘morale boost’, Chiefs face Week 17 decisions with first-round bye secured. Counts toward spring season bag of three (3). Only one deer of either sex may be taken during the early youth portion in accordance with permits held. Search this site: Leave this field blank 1806311560 . Deer Seasons The 2020 fall hunting season is on the horizon, so consider and take every health precaution you can if you plan on hunting in Pennsylvania this year. 7 0 obj <> endobj More information on county restrictions can be found HERE. On May 22, Gov. Any resident age 17 or younger on the date of the hunt can take any legal game in season during these youth free hunting days. Elk. Predator Control Permit; Feral Hogs; Where to Hunt. Small Game SQUIRRELS, Red, Gray, Black and Fox (Combined): Special season for eligible junior hunters, with or without required license, and mentored youth – Sept. 12-26 (6 daily, 18 in possession limit after first day). The 2020-2021 hunting season will bring big changes for white-tailed deer hunters in a few parts of Alabama with the creation of two new deer zones. 2020 Oregon Big Game Relations are still available online 2021 big game seasons. Check out the Crossbow Hunting page for license and training requirements and details about hunting with a … %%EOF Print or download a summary of hunting season maps for 2020-21 (PDF). Notes: The season limit is one antlered deer for all portions of the firearms deer season. Dates: Oct 30 2021 to Oct 31 2021 Nov 26 2021 to Nov 28 2021. Below are the seasons and bag limits for most hunting and trapping seasons for from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. Vermont Hunting and Trapping Dates - printable pdf . JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. All resident and nonresident … Following are general dates for hunting season in New Hampshire. DATES TO PURCHASE A PERMIT . Hunting: 2020-2021: PDF: Interactive Flipbook: Web: Recreational Fishing: 2020: PDF: Interactive Flipbook : Web: Commercial and For-Hire Fishing: 2020: PDF: Interactive Flipbook : Trapping: 2020-2021: PDF: Interactive Flipbook : Alligator: 2020: PDF: Interactive Flipbook : Hunting Seasons Quick Reference. Click here to view the 2020 Illinois Youth Firearm Deer Hunting Information Sheet. 2020-21 Tennessee Hunting Seasons Summary Please refer to the 2020-21 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide for detailed hunting dates, bag limits, zones, units, and required licenses and/or permits. Hunting and Trapping Seasons. 84 0 obj <>stream General season dates. 17 & 18, 2021 Spring Apr.2 1, 202-May 9 Fall-Archery* Oct.1, 2020-Nov.1, 2020; Dec.5, 2020-Jan.3, 2021 1 bird of either sex per hunter each fall Fall-Firearm* Oct. 21, 2020-Nov. 1, 2020 Valid permits include the Firearms Any-Deer Hunting Permit and the Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permit. … 2020-2021 Seasons, Dates and Limits 2 WEST VIRGINIA HUNTING AND TRAPPING Species Opening Date Closing Date Daily Bag Limit Possession Limit Season Limit *Wild Boar (Gun) October 24 October 31 1 Split Season February 5 February 7 *Wild Boar (Archery and Crossbow) September 26 December 31 Split Season February 5 February 7 *Deer (Buck Firearms) November 23 December 6 See pages 14-19. Special youth hunting weekends for wild turkey, white-tailed deer and waterfowl allow youngsters to hunt and gain valuable experience without competing against adults. View Future Big Game Season Dates to plan for future hunting seasons. In the 2020-21 season there will also be Youth Waterfowl Hunt Days in each of the three hunting zones beginning October 3 in the North Zone. Big Game Select the species name for more details. Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan. Across North Carolina, residents are adapting to social distancing practices and mass gathering restrictions. Shooting hours run one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. **Only deer with antlers at least 3 inches long may be taken from November 2-December 14, except that any deer may be taken in desig-nated WMDs by hunters with any-deer permits. Wildlife Management Areas; General Hunting Regulations. 31. To participate, hunters must be at least 6-years-old and no older than 15 on opening day. If you want to take additional antlered deer, you must hunt on an archer’s hunting permit during the archery deer season or in a managed hunt where antlered deer can be taken. HUNTING Canada Geese Sept. 5, 2020 Sept. 13, 2020 19 Teal (Blue-winged, Green-winged, and Cinnamon) Sept. 5, 2020 Sept. 20, 2020 19 Youth Waterfowl HUNTING Hunters 17 years old or younger Oct. 3, 2020 Oct. 4, 2020 19 Military Waterfowl HUNTING Active duty military and veterans Oct. 3, 2020 Oct. 4, 2020 19 Lake Erie Marsh Zone Waterfowl HUNTING Missouri Department of Conservation MDC Hunting and Fishing. All season dates on this page are effective for the current license year, which runs from September 1 to August 31. The final Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day is in early 2021, on February 6. Hunters may take only two antlered deer during the archery and firearms deer hunting seasons combined. SUNDAY DEER HUNTING 2020-2021 (FOR WHITE-TAILED AND SIKA DEER) Sunday hunting is allowed only on these dates and time during these seasons. 0 Coyote Hunters: Night hunting is CLOSED statewide Dec. 26-27 during Free Youth Deer Weekend. For designated quota hunts, group applications with up to … All other regulations still apply. Any person who possesses a valid deer permit and has a permit to hunt from a vehicle pursuant to KAR 115-18-4 or a disability assistance permit issued pursuant to KAR 115-18-15 may also hunt during this season. WVDNR explains hunting season changes in 2020-2021 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Photo courtesy of the West Virginia Department of Commerce SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.VA. — Several important changes to the state’s fall hunting seasons for white-tailed deer, wild turkey and black bear are outlined in the 2020-2021 West Virginia Hunting and Trapping Regulations, which went into effect July 1. During the youth portions of firearms deer season, adults who accompany youth hunters do not need a deer hunting permit. Roy Cooper issued Executive Order 141 (EO141), which eased prior restrictions on travel, business operations and mass gatherings. Hours: One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Turkey Season Dates and Bag Limits; Turkey Hunting Regulations; WMA Turkey Hunt Permits; Turkey News; Furbearers. Harvest Reports Toolbox. h�b``�f``�� 7'0�F fa�h@��b�d^�U{��=���\��7�1��0����x|�����2j�� 6�� Deer Archery: October 1, 2020 to January 15, 2021. 51 of 254 counties have Youth-Only seasons. 2020-2021 Hunt Season (PDF) Hunting season dates that are shown on this page are either upcoming or currently open. If hunters possess more than one permit, they must use them in another portion. Youth deer hunting season begins Saturday in Missouri, Dallas County, Mo. endstream endobj 8 0 obj <> endobj 9 0 obj <. Each county limits the number of antlerless deer hunting permits you can fill during the entire firearms season. At all other times, hunters must have a filled or unfilled deer hunting permit to assist others in taking deer.