Damage caused by excessive heat is not covered under warranty. If you want a kitchen that functions as beautifully as it looks, then UltraCraft cabinetry is the right choice for you. Do not use abrasive soap pads, abrasive cleansers, steel wool, bottled spray cleaners, solvent-based cleaners or cleaners containing bleach. This recognizes companies, such as UltraCraft, that use environmentally friendly materials and products that minimize environmental impacts through recycling wastes and using low emission coatings. We know how difficult designing the kitchen of your dreams is, that’s why we have so many customizable options. Further, We shall not under any circumstances be liable for any consequential, indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages or losses, even if this Limited Warranty is deemed to have failed of its essential purpose. All Ultracraft cabinets are KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) approved and CARB compliant. Right Part, Right Time, Every Time! However, it’s not just about increased storage space either. Unlike other cabinets, including designer options, Ultracraft cabinets offer a plethora of exciting features that stand out from the rest. 2. Average turn around time for a quote request is next business day. Whether you're looking to replace the drawers in your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, dresser or nightstand, we have you covered. Dry immediately. Ultracraft cabinets are thermally fused for increased durability. Heritage Parts is a trusted distributor of Mastercraft replacement parts. It doesn’t end there either. UltraCraft Cabinetry is a Norcraft Companies brand. Re-modeling is an expensive and time-consuming task, one that should be rewarded with a 100-year warranty. Ultracraft cabinetry offers up to 15% more usable space than other competitors, allow you to include more storage into your existing footprint. Dry immediately. Depress the valve to start flow of contents. We will re-open on Wednesday 13th January 2021. This Limited Warranty is only applicable to Products sold and used in the applications described below within the United States and Canada. However, it may take as long as two business days due to volume of requests and revisions. If You are a Commercial Purchaser, then the warranty period for Your Product or any components of Your Product is twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. (PDF document) (Form does not retain information – Print as PDF or JPG), If you don’t have Adobe PDF Reader, download and install here. 9 of 10 people found the following review helpful 5 of 5 The perfect replacement April 11th, 2017 by Francis from Clayton, NJ. For inspiration, we recommend browsing through Pinterest or looking at other Ultracraft kitchens with existing cabinets, perhaps implementing the same color, style, or materials as others. Stainless Steel CabinetryStainless Steel cabinet doors should be cleaned using a soft cloth and any stainless steel cleaner available at your local supermarket. UltraLux CabinetryThe high-gloss surfaces of UltraLux are covered with a protective film from the manufacturer. See more ideas about kitchen, kitchen cabinets, kitchen gallery. A. Download and print our Cabinet List template (by clicking here). A “Commercial Purchaser” is any Original Purchaser of a Product that is not a Residential Purchaser. 54 $104.82 $104.82 Click here to contact the Designer Cabinets Online team. If you have difficulty obtaining assis-tance, please write to:UltraCraft Cabinetry, Customer Service Department, 6163 Old 421 Road, Liberty NC 27298Effective date 10/12/17. 1K likes. UltraCraft Cabinetry. Keep all touch-up products out of reach of children. If You are a Residential Purchaser, then the warranty period for Your Product (excluding certain com-ponents discussed in the following paragraph) is for as long as You own the dwelling in which Your Product was originally installed and used as a primary or secondary home. Eurotek doors, drawer fronts, and accessory parts are colorfast and durable, making Vision one of the best values in the marketplace. Remove the film after cabinet installation. My entire experience with cabinetparts.com was outstanding. 1.1K likes. E-Mail or Fax Your List and Plans to Us – You can fax your plans to: (859) 278-1027 or you can email your plans by submitting this form: Upload your cabinet list and / or cabinet plan here. Ultracraft offers precisely over 1,800 door and finish combinations in melamine, high pressure laminate, wood, and thermofoil. Make a List or Floor Plan – We require either a list of cabinets or a floor plan. Valve Markers require shaking to mix the contents. In addition, natural woods may vary in color and characteristics and exhibit subtle changes as they age. If a Product or components are replaced or repaired, We cannot guarantee an exact match with the finish or appearance of other products or fixtures installed at the Your dwelling. Safely remove any adhesive near the edges with mineral spirits. These variations are considered to be the nature of the material in relation to their environmental exposure and are not covered under this Limited Warranty. In addition, every cabinet door had chips and dents along the edges. As we’re sure you already know, the choice of materials to construct the cabinets is paramount, guaranteeing longevity, quality, and … The repair or replacement remedies offered by Us under this Limited Warranty are contingent on the current Product offerings of styles and construction options within our Product line at the time of a warranty claim is made by You. For example, painted doors, drawer fronts, and face frames may eventually have visible cracking around the joint area, and cabinet colors may darken or lighten over time. That’s it! UltraCraft Breckenridge Maple Melted Brie Paint Cambria Bellingham. Materials include wood, Thermofoil, metal, and others. WHAT THIS LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER (EXCLUSIONS): The Limited Warranty does not apply to any Product: (1) installed or used outdoors; (2) used for purposes for which it is not designed or intended by Us; (3) which have been subjected to misuse, vandalism, abuse, negligence, accident, or unauthorized modifications; (4) which have been improperly stored (if the Product must be stored, it should be covered and stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment, away from direct sunlight); (5) which have been improperly installed, cleaned, or maintained (for more information regarding the proper use and care of the Product, please consult the applicable Use and Care Instructions that accompanied the Product or that can be found at www.ultracraft.com/about/100-year-limited-warranty(6) which have been subjected to improper temperature, moisture and/or humidity extremes (temperature outside the range of 50-85°F and humidity outside the range of 30-55% are considered extreme);(7) damaged by fire, flood, acts of God, or other external causes beyond our control; and/or(8) exhibiting normal wear and tear. Ultracraft cabinet materials As previously mentioned, Ultracraft adopts an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to beautiful, functional cabinets. If you’re unsure whether or not Ultracraft cabinets can cater to your personal needs, get in touch today and we’ll answer your queries. Visit our showrooms in in Nashville, TN and Apex and Wilmington, NC! Use our templates below or, you can even upload Home Depot or Lowes documents. All cabinets include these performance features. Our high-quality replacement cabinet drawer fronts can be used to replace any type of drawer. (7) damaged by fire, flood, acts of God, or other external causes beyond our control; and/or. Markraft Cabinets, Inc offers custom cabinet design and installs for kitchens and baths. We will be closing on the 22nd December 2020 for the Christmas/new years period. Plywood is mostly recyclable, so should you ever replace your cabinets, you can do so in an environmentally-friendly manner. EUROPA/ULTRACRAFT CABINETS EUROPA is a leading provider of semi custom cabinets in the USA. For more info about EUROPA, click here ACRILUX 3/4″-thick, slab door and drawer front. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets with styles and pricing to match any taste at any budget. UltraCraft Cabinetry. By way of example but not limitation, the following costs and expenses are not covered by this Limited Warranty: (1) labor costs for the original installation, removal, or reinstallation of the Product, or defective part thereof; (2) labor costs or material charges for the removal, reinstallation, repainting, refinishing or replacement of any other items or building materials which must be removed, replaced, reinstalled, or refinished in order to repair or replace the defective Product or component. MARKER: Capillary markers are ready to use, just remove the cap. The absence of a front frame also makes for easier access and potentially more storage space. Certain household cleaners and other substances may also affect the color and integrity of the Product’s finish or appearance over time. UltraCraft cabinets are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential usage for a period of one hundred (100) years from the date of purchase. Since UltraCraft cabinetry offers up to 15% more usable space than manufacturers that rely on framed construction, you'll be able to fit more items into your existing footprint. The design is exactly what we envisioned and the quality of materials is excellent. As a general rule of thumb: Avoid abrasive soap pads and cleaners to maintain the finish and integrity of the countertops. Excessive moisture can damage the finish. REPAIR KITSmall nicks and scratches that occur during daily use can be repaired using the products in the touch-up kit. For example, costs associated with the following will not be reimbursed: counters, sinks, tiles, flooring, accessories, appliances or plumbing fixtures. Should your newly purchased Ultracraft cabinets not live up to the American-made name, let us know and we’ll make the appropriate adjustments or replacements. Thermofoil CabinetryThermofoils, while very durable, can be damaged by excessive heat. As we’re sure you already know, the choice of materials to construct the cabinets is paramount, guaranteeing longevity, quality, and finish of the product.There is a wide variety of different styles, colors, and designs of Ultracraft cabinet, allowing you to create the kitchen of your dreams. Custom bathrooms. Increased base shelves depth for added storage, Standard flush sides for a better, more luxurious finish, Snap-on and off adjustable hinges for quicker installation, Soft close cabinets for increased durability and reduced sound (these are also child friendly), Dowel and glue construction for enhanced strength and stability. This warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts and does not include service, labor, or transportation charges related to the removal or installation of defective parts… Not all cabinets are created equal, but Ultracraft cabinets are functional, beautiful, ergonomically sound, and American-made. Optional plywood construction on wood and doors is also available if you choose, further contributing to increased sustainability. 3. We carry the widest selection of replacement drawer options on the internet. Custom kitchens. B. Download and print our Floor Plan template (by clicking here). Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the warranty periods applicable to the following Product components that were not originally manufactured by Us are as follows: • Lighting, Electronic, and Powered components: 2 years from the date of original pur-chase.• Decorative Hardware: 5 years from the date of original purchase. You may e-mail or fax the list or floor plan to us. Do not use abrasive soap pads, abrasive cleansers, steel wool, bottled spray cleaners, solvent-based cleaners or cleaners containing bleach. Shop and Save on Cabinet Hinges, Cabinet Hardware, Drawer Slides, Kitchen Organizers & more. WHAT DOES THIS LIMITED WARRANTY COVER? When a claim for warpage, joint separation or wood growth is submitted, We may, at our option and after inspection, defer action for up to 12 months to allow the Product to acclimate to the installed environment. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST. Properly installed Heat Shields protect cabinets adjacent to ovens, ranges and dishwashers. To clean, use a microfiber cloth, chamois or other very soft cloth with a non-abrasive soap or detergent. As a manufacturer that focuses solely on full overlay, full access cabinetry, UltraCraft provides you with the look and feel that you desire. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THE LIMITED WARRANTY APPLICABLE TO THE PRODUCT AS STATED ABOVE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. You’ll also benefit from the latest ergonomic and functional hardware and accessories, creating a fun, accessible, and functional space to cook or hang out with friends and family. UltraCraft is recognized as being part of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Environmental Stewardship Program. You can call us toll-free at (888) 565-6106. Jan 14, 2019 - Explore MARKRAFT CABINETS's board "Ultracraft Cabinets", followed by 191 people on Pinterest. ADRIATIC 3/4″-thick, slab door and drawer […] UltraCraft endeavors to provide cabinet products that represent our pride and will provide satisfaction for our customers. Brand: UltraCraft Cabinet Style/Finish: Charlotte Maple Painted Example of a large classic l-shaped medium tone wood floor eat-in kitchen design in Other with a single-bowl sink, white cabinets, white backsplash, stainless steel appliances, an island, granite countertops, subway tile backsplash and recessed-panel cabinets If you want a kitchen that functions as beautifully as it looks, then UltraCraft cabinetry is the right choice for you. Discover Great Prices & Best Customer Service UltraCraft Cabinetry is a US manufacturer of frameless cabinetry providing a contemporary European look with full access to the cabinet interior and additional drawer box capacity. We know your home is important to you, that’s why we offer the Ultracraft difference; affordable, luxury, and functional cabinets at a fraction of the cost of rival cabinets and kitchen designs. Do not use paper towels, brushes, scourers or scrapers and avoid harsh household cleaners and abrasives such as acetone, chloroform, benzene, ammonia, thinners, caustic soda, toluene, xylene, dichloromethane, amylacetate, glacial acetate acid, butyl alcohol, butyl acetate, cellusolve, cresols/phenols, ethylacetate, chlorinated solvents, halogenated solvents, methyl alcohol, methyl ethyl keytone and sink and toilet bowl cleaners. And finally, colors consist of cherry, oak, alder, maple, birch, and others. Commercial Purchasers include remodelers, landlords, leasing companies, and other private or public businesses that purchase and install the Product in a dwelling that will be sold, leased or used as a rental unit or for any non-residential purposes. Door is edgebanded in translucent PVC with an aluminum backer. We initially met with Martin Jimenez, who really took the time to explain and help us with the product selection, describing the installation process and the cost of the project. As previously mentioned, Ultracraft adopts an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to beautiful, functional cabinets. Custom built-ins. Nonetheless, popular styles include traditional, contemporary, Southwestern, and arts and crafts. Our total liability shall under no circumstances exceed the actual amount paid by You for the defective product. UltraCraft Cabinetry (“We” or “Us”) extends the following limited warranty (“Limited Warranty”) to the first purchaser (“Original Purchaser” or “You”) of a cabinet manufactured by Us (each, a “Product”). WHAT IS THE WARRANTY PERIOD APPLICABLE TO COMMERCIAL PURCHASERS? European cabinetry offers the tight tolerances that make cabinets look more sleek and modern than traditional framed cabinetry. We’re here to help you, the Ultracraft way. Also, pull countertop appliances, such as toasters, ovens, grilles or coffee makers, out from under the cabinetry before use. 1. Do not over-flood the felt tip. Browse everything you need to know about UltraCraft Cabinetry Do not leave damp cloths draped over cabinet doors or drawer fronts. To find out more about installation, care, and cleaning, click here. We purchased cabinets for a large kitchen to include the island. This Limited Warranty can also be found online at www.ultracraft.com/about/100-year-limited-warranty [or/and] in the documentation that accompanied your Product. As a precaution, you may wish to open doors and drawers away from oven during high-temperature, self-cleaning cycles. If you prefer, you can call us to confirm we have received your information. Post navigation Now, more than ever, environmentally-friendly products are essential, conserving natural resources and saving the planet. UltraCraft is a full-access European style custom cabinet company. The effect is awful. Wax or polish is not necessary and is not recommended. The foregoing are Your sole and exclusive remedies for any Product defect or non-conformity. Although designed to withstand daily use, moisture, and bacteria, it’s important to treat your cabinets and worktops like fine furniture to ensure a long-lasting, durable product. Remodelers, landlords, and leasing companies will be consid-ered a Commercial Purchasers (as defined below).