anchor chart which outlines 4 steps of evaluating online sources. Really? We suggest you alternate between asking questions of the whole class and having students talk about their answers in small groups. It is possible they may not be able to partner and discuss their work, but it's ok because the whole class discussion will support their learning goals. This site is the perfect example of false information that you can find on the Internet! I open this lesson with similar enthusiasm as the video to catch their attention as I talk about the tree octopus as if it is real. GUITAR LESSONS AT OCTOPUS. Since then, it has become famous and is used by teachers to … As the discussion progresses, it is my hope that students realize that perhaps the site was not a reliable source. Yes, a tree octopus – an aquatic animal that allegedly lives in trees. Students learn to identify valid resources, skim & scan and explore how to fill out a simple research grid as they research a "tree octopus". Guitar lessons at Octopus Music School are taught using our proprietary OPUS curriculum ... 900 OAK TREE AVE. STE C SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ 07080 (908) 660-0130. I reveal that the tree octopus is a hoax. After all, the point of the lesson is to teach them to EVALUATE websites – not honestly learn about the tree octopus. The partners choose a card from a pile of note cards ( All the cards have the same questions: Do you think a tree octopus is real? This is a request for ideas from Teacher James and others.. James mentioned using the Pacific North-west Tree Octopus site as a good resource for talking about fake news. Students then skim read two webpages. Here’s one of my favourite things to write about – things that didn’t work! After this lesson, students will be able to: 1. identify healthy methods to deal with angry feelings 2. demonstrate an understanding of relaxation strategies 3. explain a personal choice in writing The lesson can help your students develop information literacy through a focused evaluation and analysis of the tree octopus site. In order to access and share it with your students. Construct an argument that plants and animals have internal and external structures that function to support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction. Introduction.Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.Analyze.Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division - dihydrogen monoxide info.Carbon Monoxide - Poisoning Advice, Symptoms & Legal Compensation.Conclusion Tree Octopus – Lesson Learned The site of this unusual creature is often used by many instructors in their classroom to help students distinguish between fake sites and the real ones. The key to this assignment is to be excited about your introduction of this organism and to … The Pacific Northwest tree octopus is a fictional creature created by Lyle Zapato in 1998. I emphasize the concept of thick and thin questions. Let them know! by . I return to the tree octopus website to discuss what gives the site away as an unreliable source. Whenever this site has been used to test the Internet literacy of people, surprisingly a large number of those that took the test believed it to be an authentic site. A short film about a Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus and a traveler who encroached on its territory. The tree octopus does not eat anything, because the tree octopus does not exist. Apply what they have learned about hoaxes by creating an outline of their own hoax website and evaluating the outlines of their peers back to top I rove the classroom to support this research process, monitoring reading strategies and helping those who need support. Lesson Plan: Main Idea About Octopus. The school children then received a short, fictitiou… NGSS standards expects that students develop their own questions, discover and think through their ideas about science. We quickly watch a National Geographic video about octopuses to close our lesson. After all, the point of the lesson is to teach them to EVALUATE websites – not honestly learn about the tree octopus. I ask them what they know about octopuses. Students engage in discussion and questions about the concept of reliable sources. 2. Want your friend/colleague to use Blendspace as well? Many instructors use it to make students aware of their critical thinking abilities. OCTOPUS MUSIC SCHOOL NORTH BRUNSWICK. Leu et al. In many ways the Pacific Northwest tree octopus serves as a reminder of how easy it is for false information to spread online - whether it be political claims or stories of strange creatures. Learn all about the endangered tree octopus and efforts to keep them from extinction at this very realistic fake site. I do a similar lesson with my 6th grades using Dog Island, Tree Octopus and The Foil Deflector Beanie sites by with the 7s. I return to the SB file to page 8 and discuss the last point about the topic being far fetched. Using the Learning To Research Class SB File I lead my students through the research process. 4. “The New Literacies” in this month’s District Administration explains that “25 seventh-grade, high-performing online readers, when directed to the [Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus] site in a recent study by the New Literacies Research Team at the University of Connecticut, all thought the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus was real.” Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus Lesson Plan Worksheet PART 2 The website Look carefully at the Northwest Pacific tree octopus site. I ask them if they have ever seen an octopus out of water? you must purchase it first in our marketplace. Organize students into stakeholder groups (tree octopus conservationists, loggers, hunters, sasquatch, and outdoor enthusiasts) and have them work out a plan to manage a forest reserve for endangered tree octopus.