After getting Makini to a safe spot, she and Ono go to join the fight. Vampirina Hauntley | Apricot | The Lion Guard takes off to halt the stampede, and while on the run they realize that the bees are attracted to Makini's flower paint. Makini recounts taking a journey to the Tree of Life with her parents, Fikiri and Kitendo. Rapide | Together, they go to Pride Rock, where Kongwe advises Simba and Kion to be patient. Suddenly, Makucha jumps out of the underbrush, and though at first unsuccessful, Fuli eventually manages to fend him off. Whatnaught‎ | Zowie Polie | With no choice but to lead Kongwe through the ravine, Fuli and Makini join her on lower ground and begin to guide her back toward Pride Rock. Otus | Comments Add a Comment. While traveling through the Back Lands, Makini and her friends encounter Makucha, Jiona, and Fahari, who attack in an effort to drive them away. Aunt Tilly | As Queen Janna's time grows short, Makini attends to her, and silently denotes her failing condition to Kion when he arrives with the Night Pride. Penny | The three are honored by Rafiki's offer, but admit that they have found a new home near Big Springs for their family. Despite her efforts, Rani is awakened, and when Bunga demands answers about Kion's recent reluctance to use the Roar, Makini breaks in. In the third and final season, Makini becomes the Royal Mjuzi of the Tree of Life and serves under King Kion and Queen Rani. The Lion Guard: Kion | Bunga | Fuli | Ono | Beshte | Jasiri | Makini | Anga | Tiifu | Zuri | Janja | Rani | Baliyo | Surak | Nirmala | Askari, To learn how to become Royal Mjuzi (succeeded). I Just Can't Wait to Be King (2019 soundtrack), The Lion Sleeps Tonight (2019 soundtrack), Can You Feel the Love Tonight (2019 soundtrack), The Lion Guard (Music from the TV Series), Kitendo had tried to explain the importance of testing the water first, but Fikiri had contested that his way was more fun. Goliath | Landry Bender is the voice of Makini in The Lion Guard. At Mizimu Grove, Rafiki and Simba announce the celebration, and Timon and Pumbaa perform their song ("Tujiinue"). Tunip | Makini uses her Bakora Staff to bring a painting to life, which details how the original Lion Guard, led by Askari, had defeated a great evil by venturing deep into the Lair's chambers. Chrysta | Makini finds Bunga's fur-dyed red by the pandas-cute, and is later surprised by the arrival of the red panda elder Domog. Ned | Anga aids Makini in getting to safety, but Makini loses her newly collected tuliza in the process. Rate. Makini and Ono use echolocation to escape the underground. Enemies Merida Makini and the others race to find and calm him after he's angered by some of the birds. Her hands, feet, and muzzle are pink. When Rafiki brings up the Tree of Life, Makini mentions traveling there in her youth, with Rafiki commenting that the two of them met there. Unfortunately, the group is soon disturbed by a migrating flock of flamingos, whom Makini attempts to steer Kion away from as he tranquilly floats. She then leads them into a chamber where there is a pool of water and yet another painting. Makini does as she is told, clearing a hive of bees from a clump of yellow flowers in order to bring the plants before the elephants. While Anga searches for a new supply, the group runs into an inland sea, which Bunga is quick to name after himself. Coo | Zuzo | Makini thinks back to her original journey to the Tree of Life, when she traveled with her father Kitendo and her mother Fikiri to meet Rafiki for the first time. She’s very talkative (but not annoyingly so) and I love how she’ll just ramble sometimes. thelionking. Osbourne | Makini is later seen being trained by Rafiki, but is unable to process due to her excitement. Spot | The Lion Guard are welcomed by Queen Janna, who asks Makini to remain with her after the rest of the Guard are led away by various members of the Night Pride. Sometime in Makini's infancy, Kitendo and Fikiri took her to the Tree of Life where they met Rafiki and the Tree of Life's queen Janna. When Bunga enters Rani's den looking for Kion, Makini attempts to quiet him to allow Rani some much-needed sleep. Unfortunately, Makini's mad rush leaves the pair separated from their friends in the bewildering marshlands. Calico Jack, Vampirina Makini realizes that they are out of tuliza. As Kion goes against tradition and chooses his non-lion friends Bunga the honey badger, Ono the egret, Beshte the hippopotamus and Fuli the cheetah to populate it, Simba scolds him for not taking his new responsibilities seriously. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. S3, Ep6. Eventually, the group has to stop her from leading them off their path, determined to progress in their journey. 6. R.R. Upon seeing that the Guard opened the pass but obeyed her command not to enter, and hearing Kion's plea for Ono, Rani and the Night Pride welcome the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life. Hearing this news, Kion orders Bunga and Ono to deal with the thieves while Makini collects the flowers. Realizing that Ma Tembo needs silence in order to hear, Makini quiets the crowd, and Ma Tembo is at last able to hear and locate a water source. As the Guard's journey continues, Makini reaches for some tuliza to feed an irritable Kion, only to find that she's run out. Makini and Ono then discover that the tunnel branches off in two directions, and hit upon the idea of trying to use the same method as the bats to navigate. Eventually the tunnel leads them up to the surface, and they emerge from the ground in the midst of their friends. Aurora | After Kion accidentally triggers an avalanche, he entrusts Anga with keeping Makini and Ono safe, which Makini gratefully accepts. Francisco | Unfortunately, after she fails to catch the light or those like it, the pair find themselves even more lost. Tweak Bunny | 6 accounts per household included. Makini is present when Janja and Jasiri, led by Azaad, arrive with news that the Outsiders have invaded the Pride Lands. Scar then calls his army forward, and they corner the Lion Guard at the edge of the lava. Makini gathers yellow flowers for paint for the elephants' sunbursts. With the sole exception of Fuli, none of the Lion Guard ever seems to show concern whenever Kion gets hostile or vicious with other animals, or when he acts dismissive or rude to them in Season 3. However, the Evil Lions of the Past like Scar appear in fire if they are unleashed by the Roar and the bakora staff. SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? She bids a fond farewell to their friends, watching with Rani as they depart to return to the Pride Lands. At the same moment, he sees the hyenas returning to the melon patch with Kenge. With the boulder out of the way, the Lion Guard finds a secret passage leading deep into the heart of the Lair. Before the Lion Guard can reach Rafiki's tree, however, Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha arrive and lead the mandrills to safety. Makini discovers the collapse in the tunnel. Unfortunately, after a false alarm involving Bunga and the partying birds, Makini loses track of Kion. King Roland II | Rex | However, their efforts are interrupted when the Night Pride, protectors of the Tree of Life, arrive and mistake them for invading enemies. Her face is gray, with blue stripes just underneath her eyes. Makini attempts to use her minimal healing skills to revive the Lion Guard from Kenge's venomous bite. At the same time, Bunga arrives and declares that he must face Kenge alone, but the Lion Guard insists that Makini accompany him to the fight. Playing next. Makini engages in a bug-eating contest with Chama, Mzaha, and Furaha. Later, Makini shows Rani the paintings recording the Tree of Life's history, including ones Makini herself made at Janna's direction. Makini later greets the remainder of the Night Pride when they arrive looking for Rani. Makini and Ono fall into a hole after Makini chases some marsh lights. After gaining her first facial markings, Makini was deemed ready by The Great Lions of the Past to begin her Royal Mjuzi training with Rafiki. After Kion apologizes to everyone, Makini offers him some tuliza again, and Kion accepts gratefully. With no option left, Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blow away Scar's army, and the Lion Guard makes a quick escape. Special Agent Oso | Percy Polie | Bucky | Spider-Man has declared that this article is still under construction.Please don't delete or edit this article yet because it may contrast with the original author's edits.After I finish this article, the world will be saved! She shows Makini the … La Garde du Roi lion (The Lion Guard) est une série télévisée d'animation américaine, produite par les studios Disney. In Season 3, set a few years after Season 2, an adolescent Makini leaves the Pride Lands with the Lion Guard (including new member Anga, who replaces Ono as Keenest of Sight after he begins to lose his eyesight) to look for the Tree of Life in order to heal Ono and Kion (who was scarred in battle by Ushari). The three admit that they are outcasts, but Rafiki insists that they must return to their families, for it is part of their duty to the Circle of Life. Jasmine | Upon discovering its disappearance, Makini becomes worried, but Beshte helps her to calm down. At the Lair of the Lion Guard, Makini asks Rafiki if there is a way to talk to Scar, and Rafiki explains that it depends on if the Great Lion is good or bad. Janja, Cheezi & Chungu, Nne & Tano, Janja's clan (all formerly), Kiburi, Kiburi's float, Reirei, Goigoi, Young Makini with her parents Fikiri and Kitendo, Makini, Anga, Bunga, Kion, Fuli, Beshte and Ono in a promo picture for Season 3 of, Spider-Man has declared that this article is still. She served as Rafiki's apprentice before becoming the Royal Mjuzi of the Tree of Life. When Makini urges him to take some tuliza, he refuses, having also realized that the plant isn't helping as much as it used to. Bunga and Makini follow Kenge and the hyenas to Embamba Canyon, where Bunga distracts the thieves while Makini steals their melons and hides them behind rocks. Ono | Makini first appears where she hides in a bush and watches the Pride Lands' prince Kion talking to the spirit of his grandfather Mufasa about his concerns about things getting out of hand due to the dry season. Baby Butter Otter, Rolie Polie Olie Our sincerest apologies for not posting this sooner. Rafiki introduces Makini to the royal family. Later, Rafiki takes Makini to Pride Rock to meet King Simba, Queen Nala and Princess Kiara. In the Pride Lands, Rafiki teaches Makini to draw paintings according to the whispers of the Great Kings of the Past. Peso Penguin | Eubie | Rafiki explains that the only cure is volcanic ash, which can be found in the Outlands, and tasks the Lion Guard with retrieving it. Cubby | Rani | 2 years ago | 72 views. What I like about this character: She’s so cheerful and optimistic about everything. Croaky | Stanley Griff | •  Little Makini (by Janna) •  Little mandrill (by Janja) •  Mandrill (by Scar) •  Young Mjuzi (by Kongwe and Rafiki) •  Young one (by Rafiki), •  Tree of Life •  Pride Lands (formerly), •  Anga •  Beshte •  Bunga •  Fuli •  Kion •  Ono •  Rafiki •  Rani. She is one of a few characters who know that Kion speaks to the spirit of Mufasa. Elsie, The Koala Brothers To learn how to become Royal Mjuzi (succeeded) She is Rafiki's young apprentice, chosen by the Great Lions of the Past. 7. Lolly, JoJo's Circus Under Kion's leadership, the team reaches another chamber, where Makini leads them to a painting. Ono praises Makini for helping him, and Makini notes that the pair of them worked well together. Rapunzel | Simba worries that this is too long of a delay, but Fuli volunteers to lend her assistance in order to speed up the trip. Fuli and Makini travel to Urembo River, where Makini confesses that she does not know Kongwe's species. The Lion Guard reaches the inner volcano, where Makini places a pinch of the ash in her gourd. The two renew their acquaintance, having first met when Makini's parents brought her to meet Rafiki at the Tree of Life. 3:18 . In fact, the subject of Ushari's betrayal was never called upon. Rate. She recalls a song they once sang to her ("As You Move Forward"), and confides her doubts about her memories to Beshte. Finlay, Jake and the Never Land Pirates Frank | The Lion King: Simba | Nala | Timon | Pumbaa | Rafiki | Zazu | Mufasa | Sarabi | Sarafina | Pridelanders Charlie Sonner | Determined to find a means of defeating Scar, Kion leads the Guard into the caverns, while Makini stays behind for her own safety. She then joins the others in encouraging Kion to take a rest, in the hopes that it will help alleviate his irritability. Princess Elena | Poppy Peepleson | Though Rafiki is hesitant to accept them, he eventually gives in to Makini's pleas and allows them to stay. Over of the course of Season 2, Makini learns to reign in her boisterousness, hone her focus and study diligently to be a good mjuzi, stepping up and putting herself into dangerous situations several times over to help the Lion Guard when they need a shaman's talents. Makini, finding the pandas cute as well, votes to help them deal with their mysterious adversary. Makini greets him enthusiastically, pleased to discover that she was right about the reason for his absence. He later explodes at Yun Mibu, another new friend of Beshte's. In Mizimu Grove, Ma Tembo the elephant directs her herd in preparing for the Ukumbusho Tradition. Michael Darling, Doc McStuffins Peanut Otter | Follow. Sep 30, 2020 - Explore Nadine Gonzales's board "The Lion Guard", followed by 364 people on Pinterest. Along the way, Makini extols the Tree of Life to her companions, only to be overheard by Makucha. After snapping again, he leaves; Bunga once again voices fears that he'll become evil, but Makini and the others respond with a hopeful song ("Friends to the End"). 3. Makini grabs Ono and carries him up a tree to safety, much to his consternation. This will enable them to prey upon the Tree of Life's inhabitants without the Guard's opposition. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. Boris Hauntley, Movies 25 0 1. Kwazii Kitten | Ruffy | Izzy | This inspires the Pride Landers to remain in the kingdom and work together to defeat Scar. Harry | Makini is a young female mandrill and Rafiki 's apprentice in The Lion Guard. However, when she and Makini push on Kongwe's shell, the tortoise topples down the side of a shallow ravine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sasquatch | When she leads them out into a sandy region, Kion mistakenly believes she did so for another fun diversion and becomes angry. While traveling through a forest, Makini notes that the group is running low on tuliza, and asks Beshte's new friend Tenuk about replenishing it. Makini also uses it to wash off some tuliza so she can feed it to Kion. Fa Mulan | Anga | The Lion Guard are welcomed by Queen Janna, who asks Makini to remain with her after the rest of the Guard are led away by various members of the Night Pride. Space Dog | Makini uses her Bakora Staff to awaken a nearby painting, which shows the bravest of Askari's Lion Guard walking in midair across the divide. Beshte comments that Kongwe lives near the Urembo River, which is a half-day's walk from Pride Rock. The battle pauses when Scar appears in the flames and threatens to overtake the entirety of the Pride Lands. June | Atop her head is a slightly lighter yet still dark brown patch of fur. Nearing the end of their journey, the Guard is urged on at a rapid pace by Kion. While the rest of the Guard rescues her, Janja tricks Kion by getting him to use the Roar out of anger, causing the volcano to erupt. Makini brings the painting to life, showing how Askari's Guard had worked together to defeat the evil lions. Gloomius Maximus | Dennis | Just then, Kion notices a boulder blocking a painting and instructs Beshte to move it. Her seventh staff was lost when a frozen lake she was crossing with the Lion Guard began to crack underfoot. In the Outlands, Ushari and Janja decide to use what they have learned to summon Scar. One such holiday intrigues Makini, and Rafiki explains that it is called "Christmas" and that it had been brought to the kingdom by two outsiders, Timon and Pumbaa. This one's more doodling, but I wanted to do some fan art of Kiara and her new friend and future advisor Makini. Space Boy | Naomi Turner | However, Fuli realizes that they cannot move Kongwe around the tree and so leads the team through the Back Lands in order to reach the Pride Lands once more. She loves to learn and looks up to her mentor Rafiki, but has trouble with being calm, and is easy to deceive. She explains that a group of evil lions had attempted to overtake the Pride Lands, but Askari and his Lion Guard had foiled their plans using an unstoppable force. Loretta Callisto | The Guard searches for Makini's stolen staff. 4. The Guard finds another moja kwa moja stone, but discover that the river it depicts has dried up. George | She shows Makini the paintings recording the history of the Tree of Life, and makes Makini a gift of the bakora staff of her last royal mjuzi. Anything is a song from season 3 The Lion Guard episode 5 “Marsh of Mystery” It is sung by Makini and Ono and perfomed by Landry Bender and Atticus Shaffer. M.E.R.C. Makini presents Rani as the new queen of the Tree of Life. Binky Bevel | Makini suggests that Kion may be seeking to master the Roar's full power, and Bunga and Rani head off to investigate. TV Show: The Lion Guard Franchise: Lion King. He nearly bites Janja when a melon is thrown his way, and he turns his attention to Makini. Despite Scar's admission, Kion directs his team to leave, as he is worried about arriving too late to save his father. She is a young mandrill who was Rafiki's apprentice and is training to succeed him as Royal Mjuzi for the Pride Lands' Royal Family. Makini thanks the cheetah enthusiastically; later, she hangs back with Ono on Kion's instructions as they reach the end of the "ghost's" trail. Her sixth staff, which was made of red wood and decorated with flowers, was broken in half when she tried to use it to move. Later, Makini is having a bug-eating contest with Chama, Mzaha and Furaha, when they are approached by the Lion Guard and an annoyed Rafiki. This is due to Kion looking to shorten their route, despite his teammates' worries. She is the daughter of Fikiri and Kitendo. makini thelionguard thelionguardfanart thelionguardart makinithelionguard. However, once at the scene of the fight, she forgets what the antidote, ponya flowers, looks like. Peter Pan | 2. Unfortunately, Kion uses the Roar against one of them, prompting their leader Rani to forbid the Guard from proceeding to the Tree of Life. After Kion's anger leads to an overly powerful Roar, Makini starts to offer him some tuliza, but is forced to retreat as a flood of ocean water rushes in. Makini is puzzled by his references to dragons, having not met any previously, and soon heads off to gather some tuliza. Basée sur les longs métrages d'animation Le Roi lion et Le Roi lion 2 , elle se passe au milieu du second film, pendant l'enfance de Kiara ; la troisième saison fait quant à elle suite au même film.. Kid | Princess Amber | She served as Rafiki's apprentice, before becoming the Royal Mjuzi of the Tree of Life. In Season 2, Makini continued her training with Rafiki and helped the Lion Guard with their battles against Scar and his forces. 5. Jasiri | Comments . Ono attempts it but is unable to do so, but then discovers that Makini-whom he has been telling to keep quiet-has the perfect loud, high-pitched voice to mimic the bats' echolocation. Makini ends up stranded on a floating chunk, but is rescued by Kion and Fuli. But he can not pass down the offer, because being with his mate, everything goes to plan. Her teacher Rafiki, Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Simba, Nala, Kiara, Ushari (briefly), Timon, Pumbaa, Anga, Rani, The Night Pride, Jasiri, Janja, Cheezi & Chungu, Nne & Tano, Janja's clan, Kiburi, Kiburi's float Her teeth, while petite, are sharp. Type of Hero The Lion King ½: Ma | Uncle Max By Zactopus Watch. Makini apologizes for not having explained this earlier, but Kion reminds her that the journey had taught the Lion Guard their value. After Kion and the Lion Guard rescue Kiara, Makini helps Ma Tembo find a water source for the animals. Oxana Hauntley | She is currently training to be a Royal Mjuzi. Through Tupp's advice about looking to the sky for guidance rather than the earth, the Lion Guard realize that they were mistaken about a landmark. After another confrontation, the Guard is able to take shelter from a particularly strong gust of wind that blows away the leopards. Once in the Back Lands, the three are confronted by Makucha the leopard, who expresses interest in eating Kongwe. Janja, Cheezi & Chungu, Nne & Tano, Janja's clan (all formerly), Kiburi, Kiburi's float, Reirei, Goigoi, Scar (deceased), Ushari (deceased), Makucha, Makucha's army In her debut, Makini was very hyper, talkative, overly enthusiastic and self-conscious, all at the same time. Her hands and feet are dark brown.