She has played a role of Masooma in Hum TV's acclaim series Suno Chanda and its sequel Suno Chanda 2. Recess Drama? What has happened to our society and why we are so cheap and below the belt? Marriage is then arranged between Areesh and Anya, Altamash's younger sister, who had endured a traumatic past. Daneen convinces Izza to patch things up with Altamash. She rose to prominence by playing supporting roles in high-rated films, Seedlings (2012) and Good Morning Karachi (2013). Waar was the all time grossing pakistani film released on EidulAzha this year, replaced by Jawani Phir Nahi Ani released on EidulAzha 2015. (Not Direct links, b/c videos would be removed)! Areesh and Anya, now a married couple, have a tense relationship since it is clear that Areesh still loves Daneen and has no place in his heart for Anya. Meanwhile, Anya decides to keep her rape story a secret. Featured. Bharaas Episode 38 - Teaser - ARY Digital Drama. Stream songs including "Hamse Aaya Na Gaya (From "Dekh Kabira Roya")", "Sab Kuchh Loota Ke (From "Ek Saal")" and more. comments But Saif clearly says to her that he would not divorce her because that may spoil his image. I love her role in Jackson Heights. Posted By: Brashna Kazi Infuriated, Sadia Begum leaves. Daneen again blinded by the love of Areesh sings a poem for Areesh she was singing it for Saif but everyone knows that Daneen is singing it for Areesh. Browse more videos. Tara Mahmood is one of the famous and oldest actresses in Pakistan. Saif has called up Zahid and Nazia (Daneen's father and Aunt) to talk about Daneen's behavior at the party and in their relationship. Altamash helps Izza in getting a job in a bank. Rachael Mahmood . Daneen helps the two to patch things up. Nazia sends a message about Anya's secret to Areesh and sends Nashwa's picture (which she took from Daneen's phone when she visited her) to Ghazanfar. He also says that it is Izzah’s right to choose her life partner and no one can force her. Suno Chanda OST Lyrics Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Farhan Saeed and directed by Aehsun Talish. And asks Izza to leave. Daneen also shows the tattoo she made on her arm for Areesh to Saif. Meanwhile, Daneen decides to find a man and marry him before Areesh and Anya's marriage to take revenge. They both agree to marry each other, respecting the fact that they are both in love with other people, and will maintain their distance even after getting married. Altamash realizes his mistakes and talks to Izza about it. Altamash then offers Izza a position at his office, but she turns him down. She started way back in 2004 and has been active in one form or another. Report. Dramas. After Aangan, another play with an ensemble cast — Deewar-e-Shab — is in the offing. Back at home, Zahid agrees with Saif's behavior and declares his boycott to Daneen. ARY Digital. Altamash is also present there, but Daneen and Zahid are nowhere to be seen. Tara is a gifted and talented artist who has not only shown her mettle in acting but she has also proven herself as an established singer through sheer hard work. Nazia is Daneen's paternal aunt and was banished from her father's mansion 25 years ago when she chose to marry Waleed's friend Azam. Suno Chanda (TV Mini-Series 2018– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. #OmerShahzad #DureFishan #ZubabRana New Timings : Every Monday to Thursday at 9:00 pm, only on ARY Digital. On hearing this news from Izza, Daneen calls Areesh on which he says that he will never leave her but Daneen assures him that he has already left her. Daneen arrives late, which angers Sadia Begum. Babban Khala ki Betiyan; Bulbulay; Cheekh; Chand Ki Pariyan; Do Bol; Ghar Jamai; Ghalati; Hania; Jalebi; Meri Baji; Namak Parey; Archives. [1][2][3][4] Aamir also made her singing debut, as she performed the series theme song.[5][6]. The most awaited drama serial of ARY Digital is finally out, Bharaas. Meanwhile, Daneen survives and Anya tells Areesh that she helped Ghazanfar in finding Daneen and that she was part of the plan. Meanwhile, Saif insults Areesh and tell his father all the situation and tell Areesh to get out. Sadia Begum cannot forget this and strongly opposes Daneen and Areesh's marriage. Izza fights for Daneen by asking Saif if he had been fair to Daneen in their relationship Daneen would have not thought of going back to Areesh as Daneen must have tried for their relationship to work while Saif hadn't. Community. Listening to this, Azam tells Izza that if she wants to disagree, she can. Anaa boasts a stellar cast including Hania Aamir, Shahzad Sheikh, Areeba Shahood Alvi, Farhan Ally Agha, Shamyl Khan, Raju Jamil, Irfan Khoosat, SeemiRaheel, Tara Mahmood, Noor Hassan, Alamdar Khan, Javeria Kamran, Lubna Shehzadi, Naima Khawar, Zahid Sajjad Akram, Abdul Muqeet Khan and others. Saif is going on a business trip to Murree and decides to take Daneen there too on a 'honeymoon' and Daneen is overjoyed. Meanwhile, the closeness between Izza and Altamash is getting stronger. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Saif gives Daneen punishment by making her do his house chores all day and Daneen still thinks Areesh will come for her rescue. Babban Khala ki Betiyan; Bulbulay; Cheekh; Chand Ki Pariyan; Do Bol; Ghar Jamai; Ghalati; Hania; Jalebi; Meri Baji; Namak Parey; Archives. These were the people who gave a face to the PTV and dedicated their lives. You Will Be Surprised, Interview with Tweep Danielle Khan @daniellealiice, Interview with Tweep Dr Fahad Mirza @Fadiiness, Interview with Tweep Laila @LailaIkramKhan, Interview with Tweep عالمگیر خان مشوانی @ipakistanee, Interview with Tweep Rashid Nasrullah @RashidNasrulah. These were the people who gave a face to the PTV and dedicated their lives. However, Altamash takes Izza away from the job interview as he believes the job was not right for Izza. Saif turns out to be an abusive husband to Daneen. She is best known as a member of South Korean girl group cast includes Iqra Aziz,Farhan Saeed,Jiya,Arsal , Samina Ahmad, Syed Mohammed Ahmed, Sami Khan, Nadia Afgan, Farah Shah, Sohail Sameer, Farhan Ali Agha, Mizna Waqas, Ali Safina, Tara Mahmood, Adnan Shah Tipu, Mashal Khan, Nabeel Zuberi & Others.. OST: Suno Chanda Lyrics Her performance in drama serials Muhabbat Subha Ka Sitara Hai (2014) and Diyar-e-Dil (2015) earned her a wide spread acclaim. Park Ji Yeon, better known by the mononym Jiyeon, is a South Korean singer and actress. Muqeet Khan as Kabir; Izza's paternal cousin. Furthermore, he also gives Izza information about Daneen's worse condition. Meanwhile, Izza is angry at Altamash because she believes he is the one who revealed her secret to Sadia Begum and Ghazanfar. This is a list of Pakistani films released in 2013. VTCT Qualified Make-Up Artist PM for any appointments Bandish; Kaisa Hai Naseeban; KhudParast; Beti; Koi Chand Rakh; Bechari Nadia; Balaa; Haiwan; Dil Mom Ka Diya; See More; Good Morning Pakistan; Jeeto Pakistan; Telefilms; Hot Shots; Ary Special. Anaa (Urdu: انا ‎, lit. Period dramas are all the rage these days. The series was earlier titled Kainaat but was later changed to Anaa. 4.0. This causes a conflict between Daneen and Saif. Tara is not new in this field. Tara Mahmood is a Pakistani actress and singer. According to Wikipedia the episode 1 of the drama will aired on 6 th May, 2019. November 17, 2020. Who is Tara Mahmood and What Has She Done and why Tara Mahmood scandal is making round at the social media where her photos are being discussed with Deepak Parwani? Nazia contacts Sadia Begum's maid and gives her financial advantages to tell her secrets of Shamsher Nagar. After coming from the party Areesh finds about Anya's pregnancy on hearing this news he is overjoyed and is happy with Anya forgetting once again the promises he made with Daneen. Bharas is starting from 28th September and will be aired every Monday to Wednesday at 9:00 pm, only on ARY Digital. ", Who is New Husband of Nadia Khan? The tattoo is Areesh's name. Altamash apologizes to Izzah, says that he truly loves her and she's the most beautiful person he's ever met. "Hania Aamir and Shahzad Sheikh pair up for a love story", "Hania's new drama serial is a story of love and dispute", "Hania Aamir steals the show in the first teaser of upcoming drama Anaa", "Hania Aamir is making her TV comeback with drama Anaa", "Hania Aamir sings title track of her upcoming serial 'Anaa,, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Pyaar Hai Tumse Magar by Sahir Ali Bagga & Hania Aamir. [1][2] In an earlier interview with DAWN, Hania Amir talked about her character, “This one has a journey very similar to a lot of individuals out there who own their individuality and their uniqueness and in return are not very much liked for just being themselves”.[2]. But Izza does not disclose this to Daneen, and the two maintain their friendship. Cast of Drama Serial Anaa. The resurfacing of Rushk is something hardcore Pakistani music aficionados have been hoping and praying for, ever since the band released their first album over a decade ago. Tara Mahmood is a Pakistani actress and singer. Areeba Shahood as Anya; the cousin of Areesh and Daneen. Izza was also present there. Calendar; Lakorns to Watch. In addition to raising Areesh, Saadia Begum also raised two distant relatives of Sadia Begum, Altamash, and his younger sister Anya, both of whom were orphaned when they were young children. Romantic drama (26) Satirical (1) Serial Drama (19) Sisterhood (1) Sitcom (10) Soap (10) Soap Opera (5) Social (22) Social issue (27) Spiritual (4) Sports (2) Supernatural (1) Talk Show (54) Teen (1) Teen Drama (4) Teledrama (1) Telefilm (2) Telenovela (6) Thriller (6) Tragedy (2) True Story (1) Altamash visits Daneen at Izzah’s house. Altamash had said yes for Nashwa to help her get admission to art school but she says that she has fallen in love with him to which he replies that he has never loved her nor he will. Calendar; Lakorns to Watch. So please come back to some senses and appreciate her talent instead of getting into this riffraff. Report. She also appeared in few dramas such as Mohabbat Subha Ka Sitara, JAckson Height, Diyar-e-Dil and Nazr-e-Bad. The drama ends with Altamash teasing Izza and then complimenting her. Altamash gives this news to Izza (who has come into his office to discuss investment). Follow Me (130) United States - Illinois - Aurora. In actuality, Altamash never betrayed her, and he tries his best to clear up this misunderstanding with Izza. I will list links here to use in the future. Anaa (Urdu: انا ‎, lit. Altamash apologizes for Izza for his behavior and promises to support her indecision of supporting Daneen. Izza disagrees with their rules and says the people of Sher Ghar would rather banish their relations and support the wrongdoers. Meanwhile, Areesh recovered from his poor condition. One day, Daneen goes with Areesh to get a tattoo on her right arm. Daneen also tells Izza that Altamash takes good care of the Manager’s wife and kids. Feb 5, 2019 - Explore Uzma's board "Ptv classic dramas", followed by 1161 people on Pinterest. Then Altamash opens Nashwas phone and shows the messages she sent the guy who shot her brother and pregnant sister in law, to Ghazanfar. Her … The show is available on MX Player, iflix(till 2019) and the Hum TV official YouTube channel. Tara joined the band Rushk in 2014 after five years long hiatus as its lead vocalist replacing Nazia Zuberi. Areesh becomes furious about knowing about Anya's past and realizes what a gem Daneen was. Bharaas is the story of lovebirds who often fall prey to jealousy and envy. Saif throws a formal party at which Areesh's family, Izza's family, and Altamash were present among others. Nazia wants Altamash to marry Izza and reject Nashwa to take revenge from Sadia Begum and Ghazanfer for they were the reason behind Azam paralysis (because they shot him) and they also did not let Nazia rejoin her family. Her rythym and her tonal quality is beyond this world. Even though Izza wanted to say yes to his proposal, she denied and told Altamash that her father had already set her marriage with Kabeer. 'Ego'), previously titled Kainat, is a 2019 Pakistani Urdu language television romantic drama. Daneen and Zahid go to Shamsher Nagar to ask Sadia Begum to visit Sher Ghar, as Arshad sorely misses her. Sadia Begum, who had broken all ties with her elder brother, is later devastated and guilt-stricken when her brother dies. The maid told the secrets of Anya (her past story) and Nashwa (that she was caught with her boyfriend by Daneen and Anya) to Nazia. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Izza argues with Altamash that he's misunderstanding Daneen. Daneen's father, Zahid, finds out that Daneen's friend Izza is his niece. On the same day, Areesh's family, along with Anya, arrive at Daneen's house. Teaching Should Be Fun . Daneen escaped from the hospital and hid at Izza's house. Izza wants to work, which is strongly opposed by Nazia, as she thinks this will damage Sher Ghar's pride. Daneen tells him to fix things with Izza and to send her abroad. Daneen insults her since she ruined her brother's last days. Up to this date, she has done more than 20 drama serials and has worked behind the scenes in many others. Anya and Areesh grow closer to each other in terms of friendship though Areesh still loves Daneen just the way he used to. I used to spend hours every week listening to each student's side of the story and helping them to work through all of their problems. she was shifted to ICU, Areesh came to visit her, and fights with Ghazanfar. Nevertheless, Izza finally lands a job interview with the support of her father Azam. Aamir also made her singing debut, as she performed the series theme song. Anaa (Urdu: انا‎, lit. Produced by Momina Duraid under the banner MD Productions. Which was that Manager Saleem raped Anya at a very young age. Areesh became furious and left. Daneen visits Areesh in the hospital and Ghazanfar surprisingly apologizes to Nazia and Daneen that he wronged them a lot and ruined their lives.