Designed by our National Pro Staff, the Red Eye Shad has incredible action and features some awesome paint jobs. From it's humbled beginnings in 1966, when Bill Spence purchased the Strike King Lure Company for a little under $2500.00 to becoming a major force in the fishing industry. It weighs about 0.64 ounces which is adequate to make a loud splash to attract crappies when anglers cast it. 1 product ratings - Strike King KVD Slash 200 Suspending Jerkbait - Natural Shad, 4 product ratings - Strike King KVD 1.5 Square Bill Silent Crankbait Lure - Select Color(s), 1 product ratings - KVD 1.0 Silent Square Bill - Sexy Blueback Herring, 1 product ratings - Strike King KVD 1.5SH Shallow Crankbait - Choice of Colors, 1 product ratings - Strike King Perfect Skirt w/ Magic Tails Soft Plastic Replacement Skirt, 1 product ratings - Strike King Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig - Choice of Colors and Sizes, 1 product ratings - Strike King Thunder Cricket Vibrating Bladed Swim Jig Select Size/Color(s), 1 product ratings - Strike King KVD 1.5 Deep Diver Squarebill Crankbait - Choice of Colors, 2 product ratings - Strike King KVD 1.5F Flat Side Crankbait - Choice of Colors, 1 product ratings - Strike King Pro-Model Series 10XD Deep Diving Crankbait Bass Fishing Hard Lure. While above the water, you can have a better fishing experience by using crankbaits that have a deeper dive as low as 12-feet. Strike King Thunder Cricket Vibrating Swim Jig. Best Crappie Crankbaits & Trolling Crankbaits for Crappie. You can use them repeatedly to land more crappies because the shiny look will not fade. It comes in forty-one shiny and attractive colors that can help anglers land more crappies, easy to work with; the dive can be estimated to be about six feet which is a fair result. It can be used in both deep seas, and shallow lakes, the shiny colors of these crappie crankbaits make it easier to attract crappies in cloudy waters regardless of the poor visibility. It is easy to use. $3.49 Strike King Mr. Crappie Sausage Head Jig Head. $2.49 . In addition, crappie crankbaits made with high-quality plastics and paints will not fade easily. They are the world leader in soft plastics, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits and boast one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry. It floats after being cast simulating life baits to attract more crappies. These features will increase your chances of having better results while fishing for crappies. Something went wrong. The attached treble hooks are very strong and sharp which is an added assurance of landing more crappies. This attractive, proven crappie catcher is made by Strike King. Strike King Slab Hammer Crappie Cranks The company used their popular Series 3 and Mini 3 cranks to create their crappie cranks. Strike King Mr. Crappie Sausage Heads. If you search the physical markets or online stores to crappie crankbaits, you will see so many brands on sale. 3) Dr.Fish Crappie Fishing Lure Crankbaits. ! Price: $12.99. Discover the best crappie crankbait brands like Sougayilang, Strike King, Dr. It is also available in different colors. The dull thud sound heard when the crankbait strikes the water also plays an important role in attracting more crappies. These crankbaits come with a feather hook and real-life looking fish eyes that attract the crappies in water. $6.49 - $14.99 Strike King Mega Dawg. These crappie fishing lure crankbaits do not have the molded in lips; they look like real fish which attract the crappies in the water because of their real fish-like movements when cast. The Red Eyed Shad has become the standard bearer lipless crankbait on the pro tour. The ease at which this crappie crankbait attracts crappies makes it a good choice for young children or amateur anglers who want to experience landing their first crappies during their first crappie fishing experience. This pro-style softbait features a larger body size that appeals to fish looking for a substantial meal, and its unique profile produces an irresistible quivering action that big fish simply can't resist. To test this tags, you can try out a brand, and if it holds well, you have found a good brand. Hardy construction, lifelike eyes, and ultra sharp hooks make the Strike King® 3XD Series Pro-Model® Crankbait a go-to lure for all bassin' situations, and the colors are hard to beat—there's a pattern to match any type of forage! They are good for freshwater crappie fishing only because the stainless steel treble hooks can be corroded in salt water. Crappies are also attracted to the 3D fish eyes on these fishing lures. The tags to which your hooks are attached should also be strong to avoid them breaking while landing crappies. Crappie crankbaits can be used by experienced and new anglers; they are also used to introduce younger children into the interesting world of crappie fishing. Landing more crappies is easy with this crankbait because it runs deep even when cast or when the angler tries to troll crappies. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. You should look out for features such as the 3D eyes, and bright tiger patterns on the crankbaits. The dive depth is about 6 feet, and the size is just right to catch the attention of crappies in the water. They come with premium hooks, internal free-floating rattles, and are made to handle big slabs. Thus you will have a larger catch during your crappie fishing expedition. Strike King 6XD Crankbait. The Hengjia crappie crankbaits are perfect for crappie fishing in shallow waters because they do not run very deep. They are quite small measuring about 1 inch, and each crankbait weighs about 1.5 grams. View cart for details. Strike King Slab Hammer Crappie Crank - Strike King has developed the all new Slab Hammer Crappie Crank series to help you catch more and bigger crappie! Made with the best components available; Blood Red hooks; Dives 4-6' Premium hooks, 3D eyes and free floating rattles give you the best action and sound of any lipless crankbait on the market. Make Offer - 2 Packs Strike King Crappie Thunder Soft Bait Fish Lure 1.75" Refrigerator White (Lot Of 4) Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. 3.75” 1/2oz Rattle Topwater All New KA1 C $33.21 Fish and Arkie crappie crankbaits. They include premium razor shrp red hooks and colors designed specifically to attract crappie. The Strike King Slab Hammer Crappie Cranks feature colors designed specifically to attract crappie. Anyone who wants to catch true slab crappie should give the Strike King® Mr. Crappie® Scizzor Shad a try. (5) Strike King KVDJ300 Suspending 4.75” 1/2oz Dives 4-7’ JerkBaits Good Mix 11 But if you will be fishing for crappies in shallow waters, smaller and lighter crankbaits will do just fine. They are produced in different designs and color patterns that have proven to be very attractive to crappies regardless of whether the angler is fishing in murky, waters, salt water or fresh water. They all have strong treble hooks attached and real looking 3D eyes that attract the crappies to the bait. Strike King KVD Splash Topwater Popper. Details The Strike King Slab Hammer Crappie Cranks are small-bodied deep diving crankbaits, designed to catch more and bigger crappie. The paint seems to be of high quality because they can be used for a long time by regular anglers. Designed to target the 8 foot depth range. The features are enhanced with bright tiger stripes that can attract more crappies. Fishing the Strike King 6XD with Mark Menendez on Kentucky Lake - Tackle Warehouse VLOG #242 - Duration: 8:16. Bandit 200 and 300 series, Strike King Slab Hammer, Berkley Flicker Shad, Arkie and Jenko Crappie Crankbait are a few good options. The color is a shiny purple which attracts more crappies. Read User Reviews & Check Price on Amazon, White Crappie vs Black Crappie (Differences between White and Black Crappie), 10 Best Crappie Rigs for Shore Fishing Reviews 2020, 11 Best Crappie Tackle Bag and Box Reviews 2020, 10 Best Floating Crappie Light Underwater Submersible Reviews 2020, 8 Best Crappie Underwater Camera Reviews 2020, 4 Best Hand Tied Crappie Jigs Reviews 2020, 6 Best Sickle Hooks for Crappie Reviews 2020, Arkansas Crappie Fishing Tips (Free Guides), Best Ways To Cook Crappie (4 Popular Ways To Cook), Cold Water Crappie Fishing: Useful Tips for Crappie Fishing In Cold Water, Colorado Crappie Fishing Tips (Free Guides). Strike King Mr. Crappie Jighead 1/16Oz 8Pk Lime Model: MRCJH116-93Strike King Lure Company is proud to be partnered with Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall, to bring you the best crappie … The Strike King Pro Model Series 3 is a 2 inch, 1/4 ounce medium diving crankbait. The Strike King Mr. Crappie Slab Hammer Crappie Crankbait has been developed to help you catch more and bigger Crappie! The set contains five silver colored crappie crankbaits without a molded in fish mouth. I still use Rapala baits, and they make a great product, but the Strike King® KVD Series Crankbait is not to be overlooked. You should also look for crappie crankbaits that have the right lead weights because it is the feature that enables a good dive (which should be between 6 – 12 feet deep depending on the size of the river, lake, or sea you will be fishing for crappies. Price: $32.09. ... Strike King Logo Hoodie. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Strike King KVD 8XD Crankbait. Available in over 25 great colors. Price: $31.39. They brag on having great crappie colors with baits made for pushing, trolling or casting for crappie. ... Strike King Mr. Crappie Slab Slasher Jig Heads. Other features such as the real looking designs and patterns on crappie crankbaits also help to attract more crappies to your fishing lures. The molded-in lip also makes it easy for children to use this crappie crankbait. Everyone can have an equal chance to land more crappies. Over the past 25 years, Wally Marshall has been honing his skills and knowledge to bring you the best crappie lures money can buy. These packs will give you more value for your money. The Strike King Red Eye Shad is one mean lipless crankbait. Perfect for pushing, pulling, trolling or whatever you have to do to catch the big slabs! They can be used in fresh water and salt water without any threat of damage. The pack contains eight pieces of brightly colored crappie crankbaits which are slightly larger and heavier for a deeper dive. $3.49 . Founded in 1964, Strike King is an iconic fishing brand, offering wire baits, hard and soft plastic lures, terminal tackle, sunglasses, and related fishing accessories. $3.99 Strike King Mr. Crappie Scizzor Shad Body. Using these crankbaits is easy because of the tough tags which hold the treble hooks securely in place while fishing for crappies. 1) Sougayilang Crappie Fishing Craqnkbaits. Strike King Mr. Crappie Slab Slangers. The Arkie Hots crappie crankbaits can be used in fresh water or salt water, so catching crappies in shallow freshwater lakes will be easy for experienced or amateur anglers. $11.80 Shop today! For the best results, you should determine how well the crappie crankbait has been designed to achieve a deep dive when in use, while a good dive depth will help you land more crappies, you should also consider the color of the crappie crankbait you are considering for purchase. The best crappie crankbaits have been designed to have a particular symmetry which allows them to dive very deep to attract more crappies. Strike King KVD Square Bill Deep Diver Crankbait. Anglers who like to try out different designs of crappie crankbaits will like this product because it is a pack of ten crappie crankbaits that have different shiny color patterns. The Arkie crappie crankbait is made from high-quality materials which make it good for use when casting. Designed by our National Pro-Staff, the Red Eye Shad has incredible action and features some awesome paint jobs, premium hooks, 3D eyes and free floating rattles Strike King has a proven stable of productive bass fishing lures. Get the best deals on Strike King Crappie Fishing Baits, Lures & Flies. Strike King Moisture Wicking Long Sleeve. The Strike King is also good for trolling crappies. Strike King KVD Popping Perch. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. These crappie fishing lures can be used in freshwater or saltwater without any fear of damage, a pack contains five pieces, for larger fishing groups. These crappie crankbaits, however, don’t run very deep so they should be used in shallow waters or during the spawning season when crappies come closer to the shore. The deep running ability of this Bandit crankbait makes it a good choice for anglers who need to land more crappies during the crappie spawning season. The second new crappie bait from Strike King is the Mr. Crappie Slabalicious crappie swimbait. Crappies are attracted to the bright colors; there is however only one piece in a pack of these crappie crankbaits. Strike King bass lures have been the affordable, productive choice for more than half a century. You should also consider the effectiveness of the crappie crankbait while casting, to land more crappies, your crankbait should cast well to reach farther regions. The Strike King Slab Hammer Crappie Cranks can be cast as well as … Attractively colored crappie crankbaits will be able to lure more crappies. The most effective way I’ve found for catching big crappie in the fall is to cover lots of water with a crankbait. Designed for casting, trolling, pulling, flipping or pitching, this paddle tailed bait has an action and vibration that is tough to beat. Strike King Mr. Crappie 1/8oz Slab Slasher Jigheads 8ct. Get The Strike King KVD Series Crankbait On Amazon Today! A collaboration between tackle company Strike King and pro fisherman Wally Marshall (better known as Mr. Crappie), the Strike King Mr. Crappie Thunder Bait is specifically designed for targeting these tasty panfish. Whether you cast or troll using push or pull techniques, these Crappie Cranks will help you Hammer some big Slabs! With a medium dive to a depth of about 1.5 meters, this crankbait causes a significant thud when it hits the water surface, loud enough to attract crappies. Strike King developed the all new Slab Hammer Crappie Crank series to help you catch more and bigger Crappie! Relatively small body for a deep diver crankbait, yet is designed to still be very castable despite its small size. Save on all Strike King KVD Series, Rage Tail Series, and More! $1.99 - $2.49 Strike King Mini-King SB ... $2.99 - $3.49 Strike King Mr. Crappie Joker. The painted treble hooks and the brightly colored crankbaits are designed to have a symmetrical body and a lead weight which makes it possible for this crankbait to dive as low as 12 feet when it is cast into the water. A crankbait must have proper action and stay stable at speeds up to 2.5 mph. However the almost real movements in the water attract crappies to this bait. 7) Bandit 3D45 300 Series Crappie Crankbait. The led weight of the bandit crappie crankbait is adequate for a good dive; it reaches a depth of about 10 feet after casting into the water, however, when the bandit crappie crankbait is used in muddy rivers there may be a limitation to the depth. $5.99 . is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products. “Really, this is the first crappie swimbait to hit the market,” said Marshall. $13.99 Strike King Mini King Spinnerbait. The great pushing crankbaits for crappie included. The Strike King Slab Hammer 3XD will dive up to 10+ deep. Crappie crankbaits are easy to use as lures when fishing for crappies. Price: $3.49. Make Offer - (10) Strike King Bitsy Minnow 1/8oz Crankbait Crappie Bream Lures All New 48 Strike King Bitsy Minnow Bait Square Bill Crankbait, Brand New Factory Sealed. Strike King Magnum XD Crankbait. These lures feature premium red treble hooks and holographic 3-D eyes. $5.99 . Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. They are brightly colored to attract more crappies in the water, and the lead weight creates a significant thud sound when they strike the surface of the water. Don't miss the Jan. 2nd episode of Strike King Fish Hard on Sportsman Channel. List of best crappie crankbaits and the trolling crankbaits for crappie. The treble hooks are brightly painted in red which attracts crappies. They are good for children who want to learn how to catch crappies with baits. What are the Best Crappie Crankbaits to Buy? Anglers can buy any of the ten colors and get good results when fishing for crappies because they are all bright colors. Tackle Warehouse 46,899 views We won't send you spam. Strike King Lure Company, one of the premiere lure manufacturers in the world boasting the most elite pro staff ever assembled. 10) Hengjia Medium Diving Crappie Crankbaits. Developed in collaboration with Wally Marshall, Mr. Crappie, Strike King Lightning Shad is a soft plastic bait that displays a baitfish profile with a unique tapered tail that causes the bait to quiver and move, garnering the undivided attention of any hungry crappie in the vicinity. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They are good for casting or trolling crappies while fishing. Excellent searchbait for locating deep pockets of actively feeding fish. They also have strong treble hooks to secure crappies that feel like taking a bite. Some crappie crankbaits are sold one per pack, but you can save more money by choosing the crappie crankbait products that offer a selection of about ten in one pack. Features. Unsubscribe at any time. The Strike King Pro Model 3XD Crankbait is a smaller bodied version of the popular XD series crankbaits. They have a real-life look, and the size perfectly matches the features of the small fish baits to attract the crappies. It can be used with a vertical drop shot rig or connected to a jig head for casting, trolling or bouncing along the bottom. 5) Band-it 3D46 300 Series Crappie Crankbait. Strike King is one of the most well known and respected names in bass fishing. 1) Sougayilang Crappie Fishing Crankbaits. They are equipped with premium red hooks and colors designed specifically to attract crappie. It looks very much like the bitsy minnows which are a delight for crappies. It is a good choice for families or a group of friends who want to go fishing for crappies together because there are ten pieces of brightly colored crappie crankbaits in one pack. Price: $8.89. One of the hotly anticipated lures of ICAST 2020 is the Strike King Hybrid Hunter developed with Todd Castledine who has been fishing with a version of it for 12 years. Designed to get down extra deep, it’s smaller profile is perfect for those times when bass are chasing smaller forage or just won’t commit to bigger baits. Strike King KVD Squarebill 1.5 Crankbait Strike King Buzz King 3/16oz Buzz Bait Strike King BleedingBait 3/8oz Spinnerbait Mr. Crappie Lightning Shad Soft Bait Lure Strike King KVD Splash Jr. 1/4 Oz Topwater Bait Clear Ghost Shad, HCKVDSPLJR-500 Strike King … But back on the bass side, their new KVD HC Square Bill Silent 1.5 and 2.5 crankbaits have been hotly anticipated by the crankbait crazies like us. I used to be very loyal to the Rapala brand of hard baits but recently have developed an affinity towards the KVD series of Strike King crankbaits. They include premium hooks and colors designed specifically to attract crappie. They released new crappie baits at ICAST that are already proving to be good quality producers for panfish. Landing more crappies by using the crankbaits will be easier when you choose the most suitable fishing lures that match the river or lakes you intend visiting. Strike King 5XD Crankbait. These baits lure crappies in their numbers helping anglers to land more crappies. $11.99 . The Mr. Crappie Slab-Hammer M3 Crappie Crank is based on the same trusted design of the Strike King Pro Model Mini 3, but is presented in some awesome Crappie crank colors.