Chimeras can't be propagated via leaf cuttings as with normal snake plants because the new plants will lose their coloring, turning into all-green versions. It became a competition: my garden vs. his garden. The leaves are overlapping to create almost a vase-like appearance. If you’re wondering how to take care of a snake plant, read on for a few suggestions. If you want to distinguish different Snake plant varieties among them, it is best to use a plant recognition/identification app. Besides having unique evergreen foliage with yellow margins, this snake plant variety has proven to be a really good air purifier plant, according to the NASA Clean Air Study. Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is one of the most popular types preferred worldwide for the unique blade-shaped leaves and its erect nature. Share your Sansevieria care and maintenance tips and tricks with us and other enthusiast gardeners in the comment section below! This privacy policy outlines what info we gather from our visitors and contributors, the tools we use to collect, store, and protect it, and how we use this information. All the varieties are very sturdy, easy to grow and nice looking. Most varieties of snake plant with variegated leaves are actually a chimera, a plant mutation that causes the variegated foliage. Snake Plant Compacta (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Compacta’), 2. To make sure it stays happy, place it in a spot with bright, indirect light and avoid repotting it in large pots, as it prefers to live in groups. There are over 70 recognized subspecies of Sansevieria and hundred of varieties and cultivars of S. trifasciata (snake plant / mother-in-law’s tongue), but the selections below represent a few of the most common ones that you’ll be to find at your local green house or find online to order. It is also suitable for both homes and offices. This plant can grow from 6-12 inches tall. Golden Snake Plant (Sansevieria laurentii superba), 3. A post shared by K.Liu (@loveyaplants) on Nov 1, 2019 at 12:44am PDT. 10″ pot. I wanted one badly. Below are some varieties of this plant that we think will suit your tastes, with their gorgeous color strokes, shapes, and patterns. Usually, new plant parents or really busy people fear the worst: killing their plants due to neglect or lack of know-how for a certain species. It can grow up to 3 feet. This type of snake plant is a great pick for a first-time plant parent or for someone with a busy schedule. While the snake plant is easy to care for, it’s always good to familiarize yourself with a plant’s basic preferences and needs. It is also popular by other names like “White Snake plant”, “White Stripe Mother-in-law’s Tongue” or “White Stripe Snake plant”. A mature ‘Golden Hahnii’ will grow to be 8-10″ in width and, thanks to its robust shape, will look stunning in your home or office. Light green colored horizontal zigzag stripes give them a nice marbled effect. Commonly known as Vipers’s Bowstring Hemp, it prefers warmer temperatures and indirect sunlight but can survive and grow well indoors, making it suitable for indoor gardens. It removes from the air several pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene. Plant care and collection of Snake Plants at, with informative growing guides and 615 images of 140 varieties listed. This beautiful plant is also known by other names such as “Gold Twist”, “Sansevieria trifasciata Twisted Sister” or “Twisted Sister Snake plant”. I’m Denis. ©2018-2020 | All rights reserved. It is an evergreen, mildly toxic plant that is great for beginners because of the ease in which you can grow most any type of Snake Plants. The genus Sansevieria, belonging to the plant family Asparagaceae, know around 70 species of flowering plants. Typically, the leaves stay under about 18 inches in height. It is a great ornamental perennial that has wide, short leaves. It can thrive on irregular watering, no direct sunlight and very less care. A post shared by Oksana (@oksunnywitch) on Jan 20, 2017 at 9:25am PST. This nice looking cultivar is often assumed to belong to the snake plant family. Because of their unique looks, most Sansevieria varieties go by the name of Snake Plants. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Plant care advice and exclusive monthly mails. If you want to distinguish different Snake plant varieties among them, it is best to use a. These stripes can have different width or length and are parallel to the veins of the leaf. Viper’s Bowstring Hemp (Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Black Gold’) If you want more tips and tricks on how to care for your Sansevieria varieties, check out our. Snake Plant Varieties. However, in 2017 botanists discovered that it belongs to the Dracaena genus. Snake plants usually have green banded leaves, while the variety called mother-in-law's tongue typically features a yellow border. We want to know which pages and sections of our website satisfy your needs and are of real value to you and which ones need improvement so we can make the proper adjustments. Plants must be picked up within 5 days of purchase. Do you grow one or more Snake Plant varieties? Because of their unique looks, most Sansevieria varieties go by the name of Snake Plants. The foliage grows erect forming individual divisions of around 3 or more leaves. All information we gather, both personally and non-personally identifiable, is stored in systems and databases managed only by the team. We can help you grow the indoor garden of your dreams. So, make sure they always get enough light. Sansevieria Trifasciata is the most common type of snake plant of all Snake plant varieties on this list. Also, if you’d like to read more about Snake Plant’s growing requirements, you can check out our Snake Plant care guide. The common name for the Sansevieria trifasciata is the snake plant because of the snake-like appearance of the leaves. In suitable conditions, this plant can grow as high as 5-6 feet. By continuing to use this website, you implicitly agree to this policy; if you do not agree to some or all of the procedures listed on this page, you can opt out at any time, however, you might not enjoy the intended browsing experience. Most snake plant varieties have stiff, upright, sword-like leaves that may be banded or edged in gray, silver, or gold. You can find many of the most popular varieties, like laurentii, ‘Hahnii’ and ‘Bantel’s Sensation’ as artificial plants, however, you need to be really bad at gardening to go for this choice, as these plants are extremely low maintenance. I read everything there was to know about roses and how to grow them. In order to run a successful website, we and certain third parties are setting cookies and accessing and storing information on your device for various purposes. These colorful markings are why snake plants got the name Trifasciata. A post shared by Dido Sennahadi (@sennahadi) on Dec 13, 2018 at 5:47am PST. This where it got its common name of ‘Saint George’s Sword’. Our systems gather personally and non-personally identifiable information from visitors of the website. In Nigeria, it is associated with Ogun, the orisha of war. Our team reserves the right to alter this privacy policy with no prior notice to you. The leaves are more fibrous, thinner and narrower than most other Trifasciatas. 40 Common Garden Pests And How To Get Rid Of Them, 12 Most Common Plant Diseases – Symptoms And Treatment, How To Propagate Aloe – Easy Guide For Beginners, A post shared by Mr Cacti (@special_plants_world), A post shared by SugboPlants.Ph (, A post shared by Minimalism & Unique Pots (@aesthetic.houseplant), A post shared by Lacy (@northwoodinteriors), A post shared by ÇᎥndy Hodgdon Barton (@cindersbartonhollow), A post shared by Dido Sennahadi (@sennahadi), It also has an impressive presence and can really change the ambiance in any room. Place it in a warm spot with enough sunlight. My grandpa loved to take care of roses. There are many different names for snake plants such as Mother-in-laws Tongue, Sansevieria Trifasciata, Saint George’s sword, Snake’s tongue, Bow string hemp, Jinn’s tongue or Devil’s tongue. A post shared by Mr Cacti (@special_plants_world) on Oct 26, 2019 at 4:04am PDT. My passion for growing plants started when I was around 10 or 11 years old. Do you have other types you love and would like to share with our community? The Snake Plant, or Mother In Laws Tongue, is an air purifying plant that is native to Asia and Africa. ‘Bantel’s Sensation’ is a long lasting, evergreen cultivar of Dracaena Trifasciata. The newest member of Sansevieria’s genus, this plant is originally from India and it goes by the names of Robusta Snake Plant or Robusta Mother in Law tongue. In Africa, it is also commonly used to remove the evil eye. What is unique about this snake plant variety is its sword-like foliage with both dark and light green leaves with lines and patches crossing the leaf horizontally. Commonly known of the Cylindrical Snake Plant, it’s almost a foolproof plant, as it can thrive even if it’s ignored for a long period of time. Of course, it can live for more than that, but a decade is usually its average lifespan. However, if you are not comfortable with providing your personally identifiable information to us, you can also use an alias instead of your real name and e-mail address without breaking any rules or regulations currently in use. Snake Plant Varieties: FAQs. This Site is affiliated with CMI Marketing, Inc., d/b/a CafeMedia (“CafeMedia”) for the purposes of placing advertising on the Site, and CafeMedia will collect and use certain data for advertising purposes. Snake Plant Care – How to grow Mother In Law’s Tongue, Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii – How to grow and care for the snake plant, Viper’s bowstring hemp – How to grow and cultivate the plant. Learn how to stop killing your plants and turn your garden into a lush, thriving haven. Silver Birds’ Nest (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Silver Hahnii’), 6. These plants can be neglected for weeks at a time; yet, with their strappy leaves and architectural shape, they still look fresh. Also, they can brighten every room, be it at home or at the office. A post shared by kent (@kenny_planty) on Oct 31, 2019 at 11:36pm PDT. Viper’s bowstring hemp is another common name, due to the useful fiber these plants produce. DIFFERENT VARIETIES OF SNAKE PLANT I hope you find this video helpful and interesting! This plant can grow up to 1-1.5 foot in height and width. The gorgeous indoor plant has pale-green foliage with reddish dried margins, aspects that make it an extremely ornamental addition to your indoor garden. Variations of twisted sister are Trifasciata Futura Twisted Sister and Trifasciata Hahnii Twisted Sister. However, the origin of this species is still unknown. Although Sansevieria Trifasciata is a commonly known variety by the name Snake Plant, there are … It is most commonly known as the snake plant, Saint George's sword, mother-in-law's tongue, and viper's bowstring hemp, among other names. Especially when grown outside, it spreads everywhere by way of its underground rhizomes. Common Sansevieria’s foliage consists of dark green leaves with light gray-green cross banding. Also known as Banded Bird Nest, the leaves grow in a rosette and this specific type can become larger than other ‘Hahnii’ types. Sansevieria plant (Aka snake plant or mother in law's tongue) is an easy-care succulent that thrives indoors for years. We also use your information to make sure the website is properly displayed on your device and browser. The Sansevieria or Snake Plant is one of my favorite plants for many reasons.