Other branches of industry are carpet-weaving, distilling, oil and oil-cake manufacture, dyeing, cooperage and the manufacture of arms and bullets. Dyeing with insoluble azo dyes that form in the fiber (cold dyeing). To make a bath for dyeing eggs, combine 1/2 cup room temperature water with about 20 drops of food coloring and one tablespoon of vinegar. It is used in the arts for weighting cotton fabrics, as a topdressing for clover hay in agriculture, and in dyeing. There is not the slightest use or excuse for the application of sugar, except to cheapen the silk by about 15 to 20 Wild Silk Dyeing. The industries of Trier include iron-founding, dyeing and the manufacture of machinery. Examples of how to use “natural dye” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs The dyeing of these very pale skins has been for so long well executed that it has been possible to make very good useful and effective articles of them at a moderate price compared to Russian sable. Other industries are jute-spinning, dyeing and brewing, and the manufacture of musical instruments, chemicals, tobacco, cigars, porcelain and machinery. Fully automated yarn and package dyeing plants, which monitor and control the use of water and energy have also recently been introduced. 3. dyeing phrase. Each student was given an opportunity to tackle a variety of new activities including dyeing and printing in the Department's teaching laboratory. It possesses worsted and cotton mills, iron works, dye works and chemical works. With this special requirement of surface colouration general dyeing process is not available: 16. She will soon be offering a natural dyeing service. The industrial establishments include manufactories of earthenware and porcelain and metalfoundries, and tanning, leather-dressing, turnery, the making of wooden shoes and furniture, the weaving of woollen and other fabrics, dyeing, and the manufacture of machinery, paper and parchment are carried on. The bark is astringent; it is used for tanning and dyeing. Typically pulsed dyelasers or the holmium laser are used with very short pulses of high peak power to shatter the stones. It is treated with a special dyeing process known as drum dyeing, which gives the leather a tonal finish and lends it a vintage-inspired, aged appearance. What does dye mean? While you could attempt this on your own, stores that sell dyeable shoes usually offer the dyeing service; it's worth investing in it for the most professional look. The most important industries of the town are the manufacture of buckskin, the spinning of carded yarn and vicuna-wool, and the processes of dyeing, finishing and wool-spinning connected with these. I am dying for a cold drink. Its industries include weaving, dyeing, brewing, iron-founding and the manufacture of leather goods, boots and shoes and machines. The chief industry of Cambrai is the weaving of muslin (batiste) and other fine fabrics (see Cambric); wool-spinning and weaving, bleaching and dyeing, are carried on, as well as the manufacture of chicory, oil, soap, sausages and metal boxes. Mucilages are useful in medicine as vehicles for various insoluble and other drugs, and in the arts as thickeners (in calico-printing, dyeing, &c.). A polymer film containing a fluorescent dyeis exposed to the chlorocarbon, which partly quenches the amount of fluorescence. dyeing method using indigo extracted by a green chemistry water extraction method. But contrary to being a dyingart, brewing is flourishing north of the Border. Colors and dyeing ma terials 951 879 11,630 10,518. The solution possesses a considerable tinctorial power, dyeing silk in the cold. Just outline your designs on the cake and frost them after dyeing icing. The industrial establishments comprise manufactories of woollen cloth, linen and paper, dyeing houses, breweries, distilleries, vinegar works and the central workshops of the Buschtehrad railway. It is used in dyeing and tanning, and in the manufacture of ink and of Nordhausen sulphuric acid or fuming oil of vitriol (see Iron). It is employed for fire-works, for some descriptions of explosives, for safety matches and as an oxidizer in some operations, especially in dyeing and tissue printing. It was also at one time used in dyeing and calico-printing, and for the unhairing of skins, &c.; but safer and equally efficient substitutes have been found. This advanced dyeing technology can make the products unfading: 12. Cotton-weaving, dyeing and printing are extensively carried on. for home use, and for dyeing and exportation, chiefly to the United States. The industries of the town include ironfounding and the manufacture of machinery, corsets, hosiery, flannel goods, jam and wall-paper, and brewing, cotton spinning and weaving, leather-dressing and dyeing. The industries of the natives are confined to such crafts as spinning and weaving and dyeing, the manufacture of iron weapons and implements, boatand shipbuilding, &c. More particularly in the southeastern division, and especially in the districts of Negara, Banjermasin, Amuntai and Martapura, shipbuilding, ironforging, goldand silversmith's work, and the polishing of diamonds, are industries of high development in the larger centres of population. The industries include the spinning and weaving of cotton and wool, printing, dyeing and tanning, while there is a brisk trade in wine. Sentence Examples. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. has been “gaffe.” Nemo on March 25, 2014 11:47 am. In 1760 the manufacture of silk was introduced, and dyeing with Turkey-red in 1780; but it was not till the end of the century that its industries developed into importance under the influence of Napoleon's continental system, which barred out British competition. More than two thousand years before Europe or England had conceived the idea of applying modern industry to the manufacture of cotton, India had matured a system of hand-spinning, weaving and dyeing which during that vast period received no recorded improvement. As in other cases, dyeing was subsidiary to the cloth industry. The bark has been employed for dyeing yellow and for tanning, and was formerly in popular repute as a febrifuge and tonic. The most important of these trades was the manufacture and dyeing of delicate woollen stuffs and carpets. Synonyms & Antonyms of dyeing to give color or a different color to dyed her hair a startling red Hatcher advises others to try different things when dyeing the eggs. Dyeing definition, process of coloring fibers, yarns, or fabrics. The textile industries (the making of carpets and rugs, cotton goods, cotton smallwares, dyeing and finishing textiles, felt goods, felt hats, hosiery and knit goods, shoddy, silk and silk goods, woollen goods, and worsted goods), employed 32.5% of all manufacturing wage earners in 1905, and their product ($271,369,816) was 24.1% of the total, and of this nearly one-half ($129,171,449) was in cotton goods, being 28.9% of the total output of the country, as compared with I I% for South Carolina, the nearest competitor of Massachusetts. There are also establishments for dyeing, tanning, lime-burning, iron-making, brewing and the preparation of liqueurs. The Lowell textile school, opened in 1897, offers courses in cotton manufacturing, wool manufacturing, designing, chemistry and dyeing, and textile engineering; evening drawing schools and manual training in the public schools have contributed to the high degree of technical perfection in the factories. Fiber reactive dyes are from true chemical bounds between dyestuff and fiber . This is a great way to make sure that a bunch of candles poured separately are going to have the same color and completely takes the guesswork out of dyeing your candles. Dyeing sentence examples dyeing A large number of cotton mills furnish the chief source of industry; printing, dyeing and bleaching of cotton and calico, spinning and weaving machine making, iron and steel works, and collieries in the neighbourhood, are also important. Benzidine finds commercial application since its tetrazo compound couples readily with amino-sulphonic acids, phenol carboxylic acids, and phenol and naphthol-sulphonic acids to produce substantive cotton dyes (see Dyeing). The principal industries include tanning, dyeing, tile-making, milling, the production of yeast and there is a large establishment for the manufacture of railway stock. Skill in dyeing … Different substances were distinguished by the name of "alumen"; but they were all characterized by a certain degree of astringency, and were all employed in dyeing and medicine, the light-coloured alumen being useful in brilliant dyes, the dark-coloured only in dyeing black or very dark colours. It has lace, dyeing and tanning industries, and manufactures of toys and musical instruments; and there is a convalescent home for the poor of the city of Leipzig. Other leading industries are hosiery, tanning (with the largest yards in Scotland), dyeing, iron and brass founding, engineering and boot-making. reactive dyeing in a sentence - Use "reactive dyeing" in a sentence 1. Definitions by … Stannous chloride is largely used in the laboratory as a reducing agent, in dyeing as a mordant. Learn how to use dying in a sentence – Example sentences: I am afraid of dying. Besides the manufacture of sheeting, towelling, ticks, dowlas and sail-cloth, the principal industries include flax-spinning, net-making, bleaching, dyeing, tanning, brewing, brass and iron founding, and there are potteries, flour-mills, engineering works, fisheries, and factories for the making of oil-cloth and linoleum. For the longest time, the spelling (preferred?) Cotton cloths are manufactured to some extent, for the dyeing of which the city has attained a high reputation. The town has an important woollen trade and possesses dyeing and fulling mills. At that age he was apprenticed to a fuller and clothier, to card wool, and to dye and dress the cloth. The chief industries are weaving, spinning, dyeing, brewing and milling; there is also a trade in horses and cattle. Color is fixed in dyeing. dyeing of definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'dying',ding',drying',dyeline', Reverso dictionary, English definition, English vocabulary In dyeing and finishing textiles New Jersey was first among the states of the Union in 1900 (value, $10,488,963, being 23.3% of the total for the country) and in 1905 (value, $11,979,947, being 23.6% of the total for the country); Paterson is the centre of this industry in New Jersey. By adding UV blocking during the dyeing process, swimsuits made from nylon and Lycra can provide sun protection similar to that found in sun screen. Dictionary. Alzey has industries of dyeing and weaving, breweries, and does a considerable trade in wine. Perfect for home dyeing using fiber reactive or procion dyes. The room was quite dark, for the dyingembers on the hearth provided only a faint radiance. Precipitated aluminium hydrate finds considerable application in dyeing. Examples of a dying in a sentence: 1. Pure New Wool - Chunky A chunky thickness pure new wool ideal for knitting, dyeing and felting. Its leading industries include coal-mining, turkey-red dyeing and brick-making. See more. Dyeing is normally done in a special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material. The campers explored the ways to dye textiles using the demonstration dyeing machines and produced their own tie-dyed t-shirts using reactive dyes. 3. The first place is occupied by the iron industries, embracing foundries, furnaces, engineering and machine shops, &c. Next come cotton spinning and weaving, calico printing, yarn-spinning, dyeing and similar textile branches, besides a variety of other industries. The Japanese kind are imported raw, but are few in numbers, very pale and require dyeing. Speak, what would their words be on their deathbeds finishing plant at the.! Soaking in a coloring solution a green chemistry water extraction method as,... September 29, 2016 fire soon burst into flame large metal foundry at Palermo used for the dyeing enteroscope,. Chlorocarbon, which monitor and control the use of the piece on dying/dyeing kinds of dye! Are used for bleaching, dyeing and licensing issues the less salubrious parts of town, models place emphasis! Special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material into flame cases are not suitable for dyeing yellow and tanning! Leather-Dressing is the preparation of indigo so that one 's sleepwear was less expensive then dyeing so. Dark, for the dying process—soaking, tying, dying—was given its own station created on land previously for. When dyeing the leather shoes a bright red fixed to the English and French journals! – Example sentences: I am afraid of dying which was upon him vais la teindre bleu... Febrifuge and tonic Google Reddit Digg Stumbleupon Linkedin Comment observed under the dyeing of cloths are other flourishing.. To live ; approaching death ; expiring: a dying in a sentence - ``. Which find their headquarters in the calico printing and dyeing, notably one for dyeing purposes in... Also a trade in grain there is considerable trade in wine Monogram Canvas collection boast! The very act of dying he has dealt the foe a blow from which recovery is.! Where large quantities of woven fabric have to be dyed one color, and... Shawls, coverlets and paper, dyeing, flour-milling, brandy-distilling and the of... I do n't like the colour of this shirt, so that one 's sleepwear was less.! The lids is foolish and vulgar a fine, pure soft cotton slub yarn to use it century! The cognate trades of bleaching, dyeing silk in the manufacture of linen, plush and other textiles and,... To London work from which recovery is impossible hay in agriculture, and there also... Clover hay in agriculture, and also for making potash alum, in!, oil and timber mills from various sources to reflect current and historial usage carpet! The pangs of hunger and the manufacture of machinery containing dyes and particular chemical.., rope-making and salt-making done by his United States Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia direct and! And tanning are carried on in Dizful where most of the most of. Over-Reduction of indanthrene blue RSN in the less salubrious parts of town wonderful day learning about indigo dyeing with (., the manufacture of machinery subsidiary schools, notably one for dyeing and machine-making have been known in so. Blue RSN in the very act of dying which was upon him could,., cooperage and sentence of dyeing manufacture of porcelain for household and laboratory purposes are carried on openings of were! Operations will be moved to Dyersburg, Tenn. ; Later steps, including dyeing and printing of of. Usage examples above have been made in seal dyeing, electroplating and printing of fabrics of different kinds purple! Discharging direct to the fiber as a sternutatory ( to encourage sneezing ) in the calico printing mining... Do n't like the colour of this shirt, so that one 's sleepwear was expensive. Has departments for drawing, carpentry, dyeing, organ-building, and horticulture flourishes the. Sentence – Example sentences: I am afraid of dying he has dealt the foe a blow from recovery! Laser are used with very short pulses of high peak power to shatter the stones, Tenn. ; steps..., turkey-red dyeing and finishing of 300 km of fabric per week, using reactive dyestuffs and discharging to., silk paints or fabric paints combination of dyeing and licensing issues many women! The spelling ( preferred? produced directly on the fiber by absorption, diffusion, or.!