It was horrible! I had happily gotten my skin care regimen down to simply soap once, sometimes twice, a day and lotion. From all the comments above, it is evident that the 10% is too harsh for my skin as a beginner. For your morning routine these include: 1. Is it possible my skin and retin a just don’t get along? By speeding up the exfoliating process, retinol unveils it much sooner. Thankfully, there aren’t many large cystic spots, but more small red bumps that are filled with puss. Demo Formula featuring Gransil 530, Granactive Retinoid, Gransil PSQ and Gransil SiW-066. Leonard Shoulders says he suffered serious physical injuries and untold psychological damage from his fall. And you’re not your acne. I used it for a while and it went to trash as it caused me clogged pores and acne (along with strong exfoliation). This is week 5 and the acne is still worsening. Like any other skincare active, retinoid also takes time to adjust as your skin starts getting accustomed to the same; in the first 2-3 weeks of use, your cell turnover increases, causing your pores to purge. I’ve already replied by email but let me know if you need anything else. This past year, I discontinued my use of prescription retinoids all together and switched to The Ordinary’s Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion, and I haven’t had any irritation. I use the tretinoin every other day. I have some breakouts, hoping that the’purging’ period will soon come to an end. You are wrong. To be safe, I initially put it over my moisturizer when I first switched. Hi, So I’ve had fairly decent skin for a while and just a random pimple during the TOTM – my dermo told me to use Soskin C-Vital which has retinol and vit C in it combined. I would also encourage you to try salicylic acid, if you aren’t already using it. Newer retinoids are an alternative to bypass the side effects of retinoids. Acne can really rob you of your self-esteem. I felt like I was my eighth grade self back on Accutane. I started using it daily about 2 weeks ago (whoops.. didn’t know that I should build up gradually) and have broken out in deep, red, painful spots on my chin and forehead that seem to continuously spread and fill up with sebum. It’s annoying as hell but totally normal. Since then, I’ve never looked back, and now use retinol regularly. If you experience them for longer then it means you’re either doing something wrong or your skin can’t tolerate it (some people with sensitive skin simply can’t use it). I see it has soybean oil. In addition, she was prescribed Doxycycline. If your skin is prone to them, chances are your pores are already quiet clogged and would erupt in a breakout later on. Anything longer than that and I’d say you’re doing something that’s making your skin very unhappy. Jordan Firstman, Instagram’s premier impressionist, talks sex, drugs, and getting famous in social isolation. Skin experts say that retinol is the best product for anti aging .. so I’m going to keep on using it . I’m also combining my retinol with Drunk Elephant C firma day serum because I heard retinols work well with vitamin c. Would this be the cause of the bumps? A good number of beauty companies blend them, and thus weaken the formulations. It made my skin itch and left me with red flaky patches at first, but it was gone after a week. If anything, it would prevent the acne. Finally, after years of trying to navigate the waters, I visited a dermatologist for help. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Maybe use retino a two or three times a week rather than every day. Still- it is discouraging to see your skin react this way. Then I switched my products. Why Did Princess Diana’s Hair Look Like That? Her advice: Keep your skin care simple if using it, listen to your dermatologist, and try the trick of using it over your moisturizer when you first start. Do you think mixing it in with a moisturiser so that it’s less concentrated might help? Do you know? I don’t know if it’s worse, but it’s different and still horribly broken out. Benzoyl Peroxide VS Salicylic Acid: Which One Should You Choose? As of late August 2017, The Ordinary's portfolio of retinoids has been extended based on valuable consumer feedback and, as part of these introductions, Advanced Retinoid 2% has been renamed to Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion to align with the new naming direction of the extended range. Neither form is one that you want to see on your face. My entire skin is covered in clumps of cysts. These are the only two exfoliants that can help your cysts heal faster. I’m so frustrated. I had a boss with great skin who once told me it was the best thing I could do to prevent wrinkles, so even when I was still getting zits, I was like, “Hey, at least this’ll benefit me out in ten years.” Now I’m in my mid-30s and my skin is pretty smooth and clear, with small pores and no scars. But I’m still on that pill and my skin is a mess again. Active vitamin A (retinoic acid) is prescription-only, but retinol is available over-the-counter. When the skin heals, you can reintroduce it starting with lower doses and with 1-2 applications a week. So I took a break and have been using Cerave Moisturizing Cream at night to repair and then I will do the retinol twice a week instead I was doing it 5 days in a row so I think I used to much in the beginning. The "younger" sibling, Granactive Retinoid, is a much newer next-generation advanced retinoid active complex which has been shown to target multiple signs of aging, offering the same long-term benefits as retinol, without any of the drawbacks often associated with retinol use. If you’ve noticed a few fine lines or your skin is a little duller than it once was, then a retinoid will work just fine. The Cut talked to seven people who went through the “uglies” about what it was like, and their advice for getting through it. I have read the entire blog and I have researched if it’s normal to purge with tretinoin cream and I am so confused (very overwhelming reading all these different opinions)! I am a bit vain and now I am ashamed to step out. Sydney, please, don’t feel ashamed. (Don’t use it during the day, as it makes skin super-sensitive to sun exposure! Do you think Differin can actually help? The only thing that helped was slathering copious amounts of Laneige Water Sleeping Mask every night. Hi Tasha, yes, that’s probably it. A White Tank Top With a Certain Subversive Power. Practically, it’s not as common as retinyl palmitate is less powerful than other forms of vitamin A. I have always had relatively good skin, but had a random breakout of whiteheads (closed comedones) on my forehead back in March. That’s where the similarities ends. Give it a couple more weeks and if things doesn’t get better, ditch it. Does the purging always go away after a month or 2? Breakout Vs Purging: What’s The Difference? But a little-known side effect of retinoid is something colloquially known on internet message boards and the beauty world as the “retinoid uglies.” Known as a skin care “coming of age” phase, it’s an adjustment period (the timing is different for everyone) when your skin “purges,” often resulting in excessively red skin and peeling. If you don’t want to wait, I recommend consulting another dermatologist for a different treatment. Try switching to another retinol treatment and see if it helps. Also, take into account that there is a small percentage of people who have extreme reactions to even the lowest dosages and who should avoid it altogether. Claire, it’s hard to tell for sure, but sounds like a purge. The breakouts have been in my T-zone, especially on my forehead, where I am normally most acne prone. It’ll help the breakouts go away faster. Don’t exfoliate with scrubs or do anything else that may irritate your skin. Maybe there was something else in the formula that trigger it. Everything you need to know about the most promising candidates, how they’ll be distributed, and what happens after. Jan, I’m sorry you are experiencing these tiny bumps. Both Paula’s Choice and The Ordinary make good ones. Logan, sorry for my late reply. If retinol doesn’t work as a spot treatment, then benzoyl peroxide is a good alternative. There may be bouts of purging while the skin gets used to an acid or retinoid. My derm prescribed tretinoin .025% to start using every 3rd night, but after everything i have read online, I am TERRIFIED to use it. Moisturize, do spot treatments, use Vaseline, don’t touch your face. My heart breaks for her but I don’t know what to do. My pores were smaller and the blackheads on my nose had disappeared. Another thing, my normal routine for years before this new routine was nightly benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin phosphate application. What should I do now. But if you have oily or acne-prone skin, chances are a breakout is already brewing underneath the surface of your skin. Much like puberty, the “retinoid uglies” feel different for everyone. Hi Ezgi, sorry to hear that! And from your comment, it seems your skin was fine while you were using it, right? Hi! I’m a tell-it-like-it-is skin coach and author on a mission to help you achieve your best skin day ever - every day. Do not rinse off. The Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane is a light-weight solution and absorbs into the skin efficiently, allowing for multiple serums to be applied in your regimen. Not even kidding, I spent over $400 dollars last night on the products. No, not every day. I’ve been using prescription tretinoin 0.025 percent, the generic one, for about three years. A Face Mask Expert on Her Favorite Beauty Products. Hi! I’ve been using it for two months and only seen positive results. I have oily combination skin. 2 questions : Do you know this brand, and does it have any comedogenic ingredients? Not everything works for everyone *sighs* But I’m glad you’ve found something that works now. Sophie, you’re not deformed. This water-free solution contains a 2% concentration of an advanced retinoid active complex called Granactive Retinoid that has been shown to offer better results against multiple signs of aging than retinol without any of the irritation and drawbacks common with retinol. There’s really nothing you can do besides use a thicker, heavier cream than normal. I agree that it’s best to use retinol every few days at first. Still, switching to Paula’s serum is not a bad idea. I had tried retin-a years ago for acne. However, without makeup I’m still dealing with hyperpigmentation in certain areas.